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Bonded Repair of Aircraft Structures

Bonded Repair of Aircraft Structures ebook ISBN: 9789024736065
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: A. Baker,Jones
Number of Pages: 214 
File: bonded-repair-of-aircraft-structures.pdf
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The conventional approach to through-life-support for aircraft structures can be divided into the following phases: (i) detection of defects, (ii) diagnosis of their nature and significance, (iii) forecasting future behaviour-prognosis, and (iv) pre scription and implementation of remedial measures including repairs. Considerable scientific effort has been devoted to developing the science and technology base for the first three phases. Of particular note is the development of fracture mechanics as a major analytical tool for metals, for predicting residual strength in the presence of cracks ( damage tolerance) and rate of crack propagation under service loading. Intensive effort is currently being devoted to developing similar approaches for fibre composite structures, particularly to assess damage tolerance and durability in the presence of delamination damage. Until recently there has been no major attempt to develop a science and tech nology base for the last phase, particularly with respect to the development of repairs. Approaches are required which will allow assessment of the type and magnitude of defects amenable to repair and the influence of the repair on the stress intensity factor (or some related parameter). Approaches are also required for the development and design of optimum repairs and for assessment of their durability.

Modeling of Adhesively Bonded Joints

Modeling of Adhesively Bonded Joints ebook ISBN: 354079056X
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Lucas F. M. da Silva
Number of Pages: 335 
File: modeling-of-adhesively-bonded-joints.pdf
Reads: 2407140


A lot of recent developments have been made about adhesively bonded joints modeling using various methods of analysis. The increasing application of adhesives in industry is partly due to the increased sophistication and reliability of adhesive joints modeling. The book proposed intends to provide the designer with the most advanced stress analyses techniques in adhesive joints to reinforce the use of this promising bonding technique.

Bonded Magnets

Bonded Magnets ebook ISBN: 9781402015342
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: G.C. Hadjipanayis
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: bonded-magnets.pdf
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Adhesively Bonded Joints

Adhesively Bonded Joints ebook ISBN: 9780803109933
Publisher: ASTM International
Author: W. Steven Johnson
Number of Pages: 319 
File: adhesively-bonded-joints.pdf
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Externally Bonded FRP Reinforcement for RC Structures

Externally Bonded FRP Reinforcement for RC Structures ebook ISBN: 9782883940543
Publisher: fib Fédération internationale du béton
Author: fib Fédération internationale du béton
Number of Pages: 138 
File: externally-bonded-frp-reinforcement-for-rc-structures.pdf
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In December 1996, the then CEB established a Task Group with the main objective to elaborate design guidelines for the use of FRP reinforcement in accordance with the design format of the CEB-FIP Model Code and Eurocode2. With the merger of CEB and FIP into fib in 1998, this Task Group became fib TG 9.3 FRP Reinforcement for concrete structures in Commission 9 Reinforcing and Prestressing Materials and Systems. The Task Group consists of about 60 members, representing most European universities, research institutes and industrial companies working in the field of advanced composite reinforcement for concrete structures, as well as corresponding members from Canada, Japan and USA. Meetings are held twice a year and on the research level its work is supported by the EU TMR (European Union Training and Mobility of Researchers) Network "ConFibreCrete”. The work of fib TG 9.3 is performed by five working parties (WP): Material Testing and Characterization (MT&C) Reinforced Concrete (RC) Prestressed Concrete (PC) Externally Bonded Reinforcement (EBR) Marketing and Applications (M&A) This technical report constitutes the work conducted as of to date by the EBR party. This bulletin gives detailed design guidelines on the use of FRP EBR, the practical execution and the quality control, based on the current expertise and state-of-the-art knowledge of the task group members. It is regarded as a progress report since it is not the aim of this report to cover all aspects of RC strengthening with composites. Instead, it focuses on those aspects that form the majority of the design problems. several of the topics presented are subject of ongoing research and development, and the details of some modelling approaches may be subject to future revisions. as knowledge in this field is advancing rapidly, the work of the EBR WP will continue. Inspite of this limit in scope, considerable effort has been made to present a bulletin that is today’s state-of-art in the area of strengthening of concrete structures by means of externally bonded FRP reinforcement.

Corrugated Plastic Ducts for Internal Bonded Post-tensioning

Corrugated Plastic Ducts for Internal Bonded Post-tensioning ebook ISBN: 9782883940475
Publisher: fib Fédération internationale du béton
Author: fib Fédération internationale du béton
Number of Pages: 50 
File: corrugated-plastic-ducts-for-internal-bonded-post-tensioning.pdf
Reads: 7914737


Optimum corrosion protection of post-tensioning tendons has been a priority since the beginning of this technology. The temporary ban of grouted post-tensioning tendons in the United Kingdom, from 1992-1996, has initiated a review of all aspects related to durability of post-tensioning tendons. One of the UK conclusions of this review was to require encapsulation of the post-tensioning tendons into wear-resistant and leak-tight plastic ducts to serve as an additional corrosion protection barrier. Since that time, other countries have at least partially adopted similar approaches. Designs of these plastic ducts may vary significantly between different suppliers. In addition, experience with these systems is still relatively limited. Hence, these plastic ducts cannot be standardised at this time. Therefore, the former FIP Commission 2, and now fib Commission 9 Reinforcing and Prestressing Materials and Systems, has set-up a task group to prepare a fib report on corrugated plastic ducts for internal, bonded post-tensioning. This report is written as a guide for an approval process for such plastic ducts. It shall serve readers such as authorities, and engineers as a guide on how to set-up a formal state approval process for these ducts, or at least allow them to properly assess systems offered for a specific project.

Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics

Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics ebook ISBN: 9780080445052
Publisher: Elsevier
Author: Arun S. Wagh
Number of Pages: 283 
File: chemically-bonded-phosphate-ceramics.pdf
Reads: 2324928


The first chemically bonded phosphate ceramics (zinc phosphate dental cements) were developed over a century ago. However it has only been in the last 30 years that a new breed of materials has been discovered. This book brings together latest developments in this field including several novel ceramics, from Argonne and Brookhaven National Laboratories. Coupled with further advances in their use as biomaterials, these materials have found uses in diverse fields in recent years. Applications range from advanced structural materials to oil-well cements and stabilization and encapsulation of hazardous and radioactive waste. Such developments call a single source for their science and applications. This book provides the first comprehensive account to fulfil this need. · Providing a foundation into the latest developments in chemically bonded phosphate ceramics. · Explores new CBPC's with a wide range of practical applications. · Over 30 years worth of developments and applications in the field available in a single source

Retrofitting of Concrete Structures by Externally Bonded FRPs, With Emphasis on Seismic Applications

Retrofitting of Concrete Structures by Externally Bonded FRPs, With Emphasis on Seismic Applications ebook ISBN: 9782883940758
Publisher: fib Fédération internationale du béton
Author: fib Fédération internationale du béton
Number of Pages: 220 
File: retrofitting-of-concrete-structures-by-externally-bonded-frps-with-emphasis-on-seismic-applications.pdf
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fib Bulletin 35 is the first bulletin to publish documentation from an fib short course. These courses are held worldwide and cover advanced knowledge of structural concrete in general, or specific topics. They are organized by fib and given by internationally recognized experts in fib, often supplemented with local experts active in fib. They are based on the knowledge and expertise from fib's ten Commissions and nearly fifty Task Groups. fib Bulletin 35 presents the course materials developed for the short course "Retrofitting of Concrete Structures through Externally Bonded FRP, with emphasis on Seismic Applications", given in Ankara and Istanbul in June 2005. The course drew on expertise both from outside Turkey and from the large pool of local experts on this subject. In most countries of the world, the building stock is ageing and needs continuous maintenance or repair. Moreover, the majority of existing constructions are deficient in the light of current knowledge and design codes. The problem of structural deficiency of existing constructions is especially acute in seismic regions, as, even there, seismic design of structures is relatively recent. The direct and indirect costs of demolition and reconstruction of structurally deficient constructions are often prohibitive; furthermore they entail a substantial waste of natural resources and energy. Therefore, structural retrofitting is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the world. Externally bonded Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRPs) are rapidly becoming the technique of choice for structural retrofitting. They are cleaner and easier to apply than conventional retrofitting techniques, reduce disruption to the occupancy and operation of the facility, do not generate debris or waste, and reduce health and accident hazards at the construction site as well as noise and air pollution in the surroundings. fib Bulletin 35 gives state-of-the-art coverage of retrofitting through FRPs and presents relevant provisions from three recent standardisation milestones: EN 1998-3:2005 "Eurocode 8: Design of structures for earthquake resistance - Part 3: Assessment and retrofitting of buildings", the 2005 Draft of the Turkish seismic design code, and the Italian regulatory document CNR-DT 200/04, "Instructions for Design, Execution and Control of Strengthening Interventions by Means of Fibre-Reinforced Composites" (2004).

Bonded Labor

Bonded Labor ebook ISBN: 0231158491
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Author: Siddharth Kara
Number of Pages: 336 
File: bonded-labor.pdf
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Siddharth KaraÕs Sex Trafficking has become a critical resource for its revelations into an unconscionable business, and its detailed analysis of the tradeÕs immense economic benefits and human cost. This volume is KaraÕs second, explosive study of slavery, this time focusing on the deeply entrenched and wholly unjust system of bonded labor. Drawing on eleven years of research in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, Kara delves into an ancient and ever-evolving mode of slavery that ensnares roughly six out of every ten slaves in the world and generates profits that exceeded $17.6 billion in 2011. In addition to providing a thorough economic, historical, and legal overview of bonded labor, Kara travels to the far reaches of South Asia, from cyclone-wracked southwestern Bangladesh to the Thar desert on the India-Pakistan border, to uncover the brutish realities of such industries as hand-woven-carpet making, tea and rice farming, construction, brick manufacture, and frozen-shrimp production. He describes the violent enslavement of millions of impoverished men, women, and children who toil in the production of numerous products at minimal cost to the global market. He also follows supply chains directly to Western consumers, vividly connecting regional bonded labor practices to the appetites of the world. KaraÕs pioneering analysis encompasses human trafficking, child labor, and global security, and he concludes with specific initiatives to eliminate the system of bonded labor from South Asia once and for all.

Bonded Cement-Based Material Overlays for the Repair, the Lining or the Strengthening of Slabs or Pavements

Bonded Cement-Based Material Overlays for the Repair, the Lining or the Strengthening of Slabs or Pavements ebook ISBN: 9789400712393
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Benoît Bissonnette,Luc Courard,David W. Fowler,Jean-Louis Granju
Number of Pages: 186 
File: bonded-cement-based-material-overlays-for-the-repair-the-lining-or-the-strengthening-of-slabs-or-pavements.pdf
Reads: 8637154


Among different approaches that can be considered for concrete rehabilitation, bonded overlays are often the most economical alternative. The primary purpose of overlays is to extend the life of the candidate structures, either by restoring the quality and integrity of the surface and/or the re-establishing or improving the load-carrying capacity. Nevertheless, the durability of bonded overlay systems still draws concerns in the technical community because of bond sustainability problems encountered in a number of cases. At this time, there is still no accepted design approach or methodology that can warrant the practitioner a successful outcome of the repair. This State-of-Art report summarizes the findings with respect to all aspects involved in the overlaying process.


Bonded ebook ISBN: 1426978979
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: McCal Roberts
Number of Pages: 168 
File: bonded.pdf
Reads: 4486572


In the far away world of Htrae, ancient magical unicorns are a source of power. Mosaic, the ruler of this grand world, owns two hundred of these majestic creatures, all of varying size and color. But these two hundred are not enough. There is a rumor that somewhere on the planet exists a platinum unicorn, known to be the mother of all unicorns. The power of this single creature could change the face of Htrae forever. Mosaic must have this wondrous creature for his own, so he hires a bounty hunter to find her. But on this journey, the bounty hunter comes upon much more than he expected an entire realm of unicorns, with beauty and power the likes of which he had never seen in the human realm. Bonded: Discovery of the Unicorns embarks into a world of magic, where true wisdom awaits for those who seek it.

Fatigue and Fracture of Adhesively-Bonded Composite Joints

Fatigue and Fracture of Adhesively-Bonded Composite Joints ebook ISBN: 0857098128
Publisher: Elsevier
Author: A P Vassilopoulos
Number of Pages: 552 
File: fatigue-and-fracture-of-adhesively-bonded-composite-joints.pdf
Reads: 6608179


It is commonly accepted that the majority of engineering failures happen due to fatigue or fracture phenomena. Adhesive bonding is a prevailing joining technique, widely used for critical connections in composite structures. However, the lack of knowledge regarding fatigue and fracture behaviour, and the shortage of tools for credible fatigue design, hinders the potential benefits of adhesively bonded joints. The demand for reliable and safe structures necessitates deep knowledge in this area in order to avoid catastrophic structural failures. This book reviews recent research in the field of fatigue and fracture of adhesively-bonded composite joints. The first part of the book discusses the experimental investigation of the reliability of adhesively-bonded composite joints, current research on understanding damage mechanisms, fatigue and fracture, durability and ageing as well as implications for design. The second part of the book covers the modelling of bond performance and failure mechanisms in different loading conditions. A detailed reference work for researchers in aerospace and engineering Expert coverage of different adhesively bonded composite joint structures An overview of joint failure

Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Structures

Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Structures ebook ISBN: 3662457563
Publisher: Springer
Author: Zhan-Ting Li,Li-Zhu Wu
Number of Pages: 350 
File: hydrogen-bonded-supramolecular-structures.pdf
Reads: 5343230


This book covers the advances in the studies of hydrogen-bonding-driven supramolecular systems made over the past decade. It is divided into four parts, with the first introducing the basics of hydrogen bonding and important hydrogen bonding patterns in solution as well as in the solid state. The second part covers molecular recognition and supramolecular structures driven by hydrogen bonding. The third part introduces the formation of hollow and giant macrocycles directed by hydrogen bonding, while the last part summarizes hydrogen bonded supramolecular polymers. This book is designed to bring together in a single volume the many important aspects of hydrogen bonding supramolecular chemistry and will be a valuable resource for graduates and researchers working in supramolecular and related sciences. Zhan-Ting Li, PhD, is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, China. Li-Zhu Wu, PhD, is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Materials

Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Materials ebook ISBN: 3662457806
Publisher: Springer
Author: Zhan-Ting Li,Li-Zhu Wu
Number of Pages: 231 
File: hydrogen-bonded-supramolecular-materials.pdf
Reads: 8818465


This book is an up-to-date text covering topics in utilizing hydrogen bonding for constructing functional architectures and supramolecular materials. The first chapter addresses the control of photo-induced electron and energy transfer. The second chapter summarizes the formation of nano-porous materials. The following two chapters introduce self-assembled gels, many of which exhibit unique functions. Other chapters cover the advances in supramolecular liquid crystals and the versatility of hydrogen bonding in tuning/improving the properties and performance of materials. This book is designed to bring together in a single volume the most important and active fields of hydrogen bonding strategy for designing supramolecular materials. The book will be a valuable resource for graduates and researchers working in the fields of supramolecular chemistry and materials sciences. Zhan-Ting Li, PhD, is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, China Li-Zhu Wu, PhD, is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Advances in Modeling and Design of Adhesively Bonded Systems

Advances in Modeling and Design of Adhesively Bonded Systems ebook ISBN: 1118754077
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: S. Kumar,K. L. Mittal
Number of Pages: 280 
File: advances-in-modeling-and-design-of-adhesively-bonded-systems.pdf
Reads: 7431485


The book comprehensively charts a way for industry to employ adhesively bonded joints to make systems more efficient and cost-effective Adhesively bonded systems have found applications in a wide spectrum of industries (e.g., aerospace, electronics, construction, ship building, biomedical, etc.) for a variety of purposes. Emerging adhesive materials with improved mechanical properties have allowed adhesion strength approaching that of the bonded materials themselves. Due to advances in adhesive materials and the many potential merits that adhesive bonding offers, adhesive bonding has replaced other joining methods in many applications. Containing nine articles written by world-renowned experts, the book deals with the advances in theoretical and computational modeling as well as the design and experimental aspects of adhesively bonded structural systems. Stress analysis and strength prediction of adhesively bonded structural systems, considering a range of material models under a variety of loading conditions, are discussed. Finite element modeling using macro-elements is elaborated on. Recent developments in modeling and experimental aspects of bonded systems with graded adhesive layers and dual adhesives are described. Simulation of progressive damage in bonded joints is addressed. A novel vibration-based approach to detect disbonding and delamination in composite joints is also discussed. Readership The book is central to a range of engineers including mechanical, reliability, construction and surface engineers as well as materials scientists who are engaged in the mechanics of structural adhesive joints. Industries that will use this book include aerospace, electronics, biomedical, automotive, ship building, and construction.

Bonded Histories

Bonded Histories ebook ISBN: 9780521526586
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Gyan Prakash
Number of Pages: 268 
File: bonded-histories.pdf
Reads: 333637


An original and compelling view of transformations in the relationship of bondage in southern Bihar.

Inextricably Bonded

Inextricably Bonded ebook ISBN: 0299189635
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
Author: Rachel Feldhay Brenner
Number of Pages: 360 
File: inextricably-bonded.pdf
Reads: 3435525


Despite the tragic reality of the continuing Israeli-Arab conflict and deep-rooted beliefs that the chasm between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs is unbridgeable, this book affirms the bonds between the two communities. Rachel Feldhay Brenner demonstrates that the literatures of both ethnic groups defy the ideologies that have obstructed dialogue between the two peoples. Brenner argues that literary critics have ignored the variety and the dissent in the novels of both Arab and Jewish writers in Israel, giving them interpretations that embrace the politics of exclusion and conform with Zionist ideology. Brenner offers insightful new readings that compare fiction by Jewish writers Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua, David Grossman, and others with fiction written in Hebrew by such Arab-Israeli writers as Atallah Mansour, Emile Habiby, and Anton Shammas. This parallel analysis highlights the moral and psychological dilemmas faced by both the Jewish victors and the Arab vanquished, and Brenner suggests that the hope for release from the historical trauma lies—on both sides—in reaching an understanding with and of the adversary. Drawing upon the theories of Walter Benjamin, Jacques Lacan, Sigmund Freud, Emanuel Levinas, and others, Inextricably Bonded is an innovative and illuminating examination of literary dissent from dominant ideology.

Advances in the Bonded Composite Repair of Metallic Aircraft Structure

Advances in the Bonded Composite Repair of Metallic Aircraft Structure ebook ISBN: 9780080522951
Publisher: Elsevier
Author: A.A. Baker,L.R.F. Rose,Rhys Jones
Number of Pages: 1122 
File: advances-in-the-bonded-composite-repair-of-metallic-aircraft-structure.pdf
Reads: 5054820


The availability of efficient and cost-effective technologies to repair or extend the life of aging military airframes is becoming a critical requirement in most countries around the world, as new aircraft becoming prohibitively expensive and defence budgets shrink. To a lesser extent a similar situation is arising with civil aircraft, with falling revenues and the high cost of replacement aircraft. This book looks at repair/reinforcement technology, which is based on the use of adhesively bonded fibre composite patches or doublers and can provide cost-effective life extension in many situations. From the scientific and engineering viewpoint, whilst simple in concept, this technology can be quite challenging particularly when used to repair primary structure. This is due to it being based on interrelated inputs from the fields of aircraft design, solid mechanics, fibre composites, structural adhesive bonding, fracture mechanics and metal fatigue. The technologies of non-destructive inspection (NDI) and, more recently smart materials, are also included. Operational issues are equally critical, including airworthiness certification, application technology (including health and safety issues), and training. Including contributions from leading experts in Canada, UK, USA and Australia, this book discusses most of these issues and the latest developments. Most importantly, it contains real histories of application of this technology to both military and civil aircraft.