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Bonds That Make Us Free

Bonds That Make Us Free ebook ISBN: 9781629722153
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Author: C. Terry Warner
Number of Pages: 368 
File: bonds-that-make-us-free.pdf
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Bonds that Make Us Free

Bonds that Make Us Free ebook ISBN: 9781573459198
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Author: C. Terry Warner
Number of Pages: 346 
File: bonds-that-make-us-free.pdf
Reads: 1239222


Self Help.

The Anatomy of Peace

The Anatomy of Peace ebook ISBN: 1427087563
Author: Arbinger Institute
Number of Pages: 356 
File: the-anatomy-of-peace.pdf
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The 10 Laws of Trust

The 10 Laws of Trust ebook ISBN: 081443746X
Publisher: AMACOM
Author: Joel Peterson
Number of Pages: 128 
File: the-10-laws-of-trust.pdf
Reads: 7083106


Because you can't afford to lose it... Trust is the glue that holds an organization together. It turns deflection into transparency, suspicion into empowerment, and conflict into creativity. With it, a tiny company like John Deere grew into a worldwide leader. Without it, a giant corporation like Enron toppled. In The 10 Laws of Trust, JetBlue chairman Joel Peterson explores how a culture of trust gives companies an edge. Consider this: What does it feel like to work for a firm where leaders and colleagues trust one another? Freed from micromanagement and rivalry, every employee contributes his or her best. Risk taking and innovation become the norm. And, as Peterson notes, "When a company has a reputation for fair dealing, its costs drop: Trust cuts the time spent second-guessing and lawyering." In clear, engaging prose, highlighted by compelling examples, Peterson details how to establish and maintain a culture of trust. Steps include: Start with integrity * Invest in respect * Empower everyone * Require accountability * Create a winning vision * Keep everyone informed * Budget in line with expectations * Embrace conflict * Forget "you" to become an effective leader * And more With this book in hand, you'll be able to plant the seeds of trust-and reap the rewards of reputation, profits, and success.

Leadership and Self-deception

Leadership and Self-deception ebook ISBN: 1427087865
Author: Arbinger Institute
Number of Pages: 284 
File: leadership-and-self-deception.pdf
Reads: 2177051


This edition tackles the issue of self-deception and provides methodologies to help people overcome it.

Being Genuine

Being Genuine ebook ISBN: 1892005212
Publisher: PuddleDancer Press
Author: Thomas D'Ansembourg
Number of Pages: 266 
File: being-genuine.pdf
Reads: 8314130


In this English translation of the French bestseller, readers will learn simple, practical skills to step outside of their emotional masks to live a genuine, authentic life. Teaching everyday communication skills to respectfully express true feelings and the power of requesting wants without demands or force, readers learn how to tackle life’s difficult situations and conversations with ease and even excitement. Topics include ideas and advice on how to identify feelings and needs without blaming others, honest and respectful self-expression, facing conflict with ease, and finding balance by staying connected to basic needs.

The Shift

The Shift ebook ISBN: 1523094893
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Author: Kimberly White
Number of Pages: 240 
File: the-shift.pdf
Reads: 280750


A Simple yet Profound Shift Seeing people as people is an idea so simple you'll swear you've heard it a million times but so profound you'll never stop learning from it. Kimberly White discovered it in a chain of nursing homes whose leaders, nurses, and housekeepers saw their patients, not as tasks to be ticked off a to-do list, but as valuable human beings. White helps you to this transformative shift with warm encouragement, insightful guidance, and powerfully moving, true accounts of extraordinary human goodness.

Liquid Love

Liquid Love ebook ISBN: 0745655785
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Zygmunt Bauman
Number of Pages: 176 
File: liquid-love.pdf
Reads: 5920341


This book is about the central figure of our contemporary, ‘liquid modern’ times – the man or woman with no bonds, and particularly with none of the fixed or durable bonds that would allow the effort of self-definition and self-assertion to come to a rest. Having no permanent bonds, the denizen of our liquid modern society must tie whatever bonds they can to engage with others, using their own wits, skill and dedication. But none of these bonds are guaranteed to last. Moreover, they must be tied loosely so that they can be untied again, quickly and as effortlessly as possible, when circumstances change – as they surely will in our liquid modern society, over and over again. The uncanny frailty of human bonds, the feeling of insecurity that frailty inspires, and the conflicting desires to tighten the bonds yet keep them loose, are the principal themes of this important new book by Zygmunt Bauman, one of the most original and influential social thinkers of our time. It will be of great interest to students and scholars in sociology and in the social sciences and humanities generally, and it will appeal to anyone interested in the changing nature of human relationships.

The Outward Mindset

The Outward Mindset ebook ISBN: 1626567166
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Author: , The Arbinger Institute
Number of Pages: 192 
File: the-outward-mindset.pdf
Reads: 5814236


Unknowingly, too many of us operate from an inward mindset—a narrow-minded focus on self-centered goals and objectives. When faced with personal ineffectiveness or lagging organizational performance, most of us instinctively look for quick-fix behavioral band-aids, not recognizing the underlying mindset at the heart of our most persistent challenges. Through true stories and simple yet profound guidance and tools, The Outward Mindset enables individuals and organizations to make the one change that most dramatically improves performance, sparks collaboration, and accelerates innovation—a shift to an outward mindset.


Investonomy ebook ISBN: 1647607280
Publisher: Notion Press
Number of Pages: 234 
File: investonomy.pdf
Reads: 5540423


Are you inspired by billionaires around the world but think it’s a dream too far out of your reach? Are you confused about the behaviour of the stock market and the implications of investing in it? Are you actually scared of investing in the stock market? If yes, then Investonomy is a must-read for you! Investonomy not only explains modern value investing principles but also unveils certain secrets of the stock market. It busts popular myths and misconceptions as well. A thorough reading of this book will enable you to chart your own investment plans, and soon, you’ll be all set for your personal-wealth-creation journey through equity investment. Investonomy is an initiative to empower existing, as well as potential, investors like you.

Betrayal Bond, Revised

Betrayal Bond, Revised ebook ISBN: 0757318231
Publisher: HCI
Author: Patrick J. Carnes, PhD
Number of Pages: 256 
File: betrayal-bond-revised.pdf
Reads: 429520


Some really great books just keep getting better! For seventeen years The Betrayal Bond has been the primary source for therapists and patients wrestling the effects of emotional pain and harm caused by exploitation from someone they trusted. Divorce, litigation, incest and child abuse, domestic violence, kidnapping, professional exploitation and religious abuse are all areas of trauma bonding. These are situations and relationships of incredible intensity or importance lend themselves more easily to an exploitation of trust or power. In The Betrayal Bond, Dr. Carnes presents an in-depth study of these relationships; why they form, who is most susceptible, and how they become so powerful. Dr. Carnes also gives a clear explanation of the bond that compels people to tolerate the intolerable, and for the first time, maps out the brain connection that makes being with hurtful people comparable to 'a drug of choice.' Most importantly, Carnes provides practical steps to identify compulsive attachment patterns and ultimately to change or end them for good. This new edition includes: New science for understanding how our brains can make a prison of bad relationships New assessments and insights based on 50,000 research participants A new section utilizing the latest findings in attachment research and narrative therapy to concretely rewrite and rescript bad experiences A redefinition of the factors contributing to addictive relationships

Religion and Families

Religion and Families ebook ISBN: 1317804961
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Author: Loren D. Marks,David C. Dollahite
Number of Pages: 276 
File: religion-and-families.pdf
Reads: 357447


This is the first multidisciplinary text to address the growing scholarly connection between religion and family life. The latest literature from family studies, psychology, sociology, and religion is reviewed along with narratives drawn from interviews with 200 racially, religiously, and regionally diverse families which bring the concepts to life. Written in a thought-provoking, accessible, and sometimes humorous style by two of the leading researchers in the field, the book reflects the authors’ firsthand experience in teaching today’s students about religion’s impact on families. Prior to writing the book, the authors read the sacred texts of many faiths, interviewed religious leaders, and attended religious services for a wide array of faiths. The result is an accurate and engaging account of why and how families are impacted by their religion. The pedagogical features of the text include boldfaced key terms defined in the glossary, text boxes, chapter conclusions, summary points, and review questions. Religion and Families: Examines several denominations within Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Reviews findings from racially and ethnically diverse families, from traditional and diverse family forms, and examines gender and life-course issues. Addresses the impact of one’s religious involvement on longevity, divorce rates, and parenting styles. Considers demographic, family-, couple-, and individual-level data that relate to prayer and other sacred practices. Presents a balanced treatment of the latest research and a new model for studying family and religion. Explores the "whys," "hows," and processes at work in the religion-family connection. The book opens with a discussion of why religion and family connections matter. Chapter 2 defines religion and presents a new conceptualization of religion. Empirical research connections between religion and marriage, divorce, family, and parent-child relationships are explored in chapters 3 through 6. The interface between religion and the family in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are reviewed in chapters 7, 8, and 9. Chapter 10 explores the unique challenges that religion presents for diverse family forms. Prayer as a coping mechanism for life’s challenges such as death and disability are explored in chapter 11. Chapter 12 examines forgiveness in the context of marriages and families. The book concludes with a review of the book’s most important themes and findings. Intended as a text for undergraduate courses in family and religion, the psychology or sociology of the family, the psychology or sociology of religion, pastoral/biblical counseling, or family and youth ministry, taught in human development and family studies, psychology, sociology, religion, social work, pastoral counseling, and sometimes philosophy. This book also appeals to family therapists and counselors.

American Bonds

American Bonds ebook ISBN: 0691156751
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Author: Sarah L. Quinn
Number of Pages: 312 
File: american-bonds.pdf
Reads: 2296348


How the American government has long used financial credit programs to create economic opportunities Federal housing finance policy and mortgage-backed securities have gained widespread attention in recent years because of the 2008 financial crisis, but issues of government credit have been part of American life since the nation’s founding. From the 1780s, when a watershed national land credit policy was established, to the postwar foundations of our current housing finance system, American Bonds examines the evolution of securitization and federal credit programs. Sarah Quinn shows that since the Westward expansion, the U.S. government has used financial markets to manage America’s complex social divides, and politicians and officials across the political spectrum have turned to land sales, home ownership, and credit to provide economic opportunity without the appearance of market intervention or direct wealth redistribution. Highly technical systems, securitization, and credit programs have been fundamental to how Americans determined what they could and should owe one another. Over time, government officials embraced credit as a political tool that allowed them to navigate an increasingly complex and fractured political system, affirming the government’s role as a consequential and creative market participant. Neither intermittent nor marginal, credit programs supported the growth of powerful industries, from railroads and farms to housing and finance; have been used for disaster relief, foreign policy, and military efforts; and were promoters of amortized mortgages, lending abroad, venture capital investment, and mortgage securitization. Illuminating America’s market-heavy social policies, American Bonds illustrates how political institutions became involved in the nation’s lending practices.

By U. S. Bonds

By U. S. Bonds ebook ISBN: 9780988706316
Publisher: Wheatley Press, LLC
Author: Gary Us Bonds,Stephen Cooper
Number of Pages: 328 
File: by-u-s-bonds.pdf
Reads: 7341567


A worthwhile rock n roll memoir, and an inspiring story about following one s bliss. Kirkus Reviews Rock and roll legend Gary U.S. Bonds tells the story of his more than five decades in pop, soul, and rhythm and blues. From Sam Cooke to Bruce Springsteen, Bonds' memoir is about friends and family, staying relevant, and how to avoid becoming another rock and roll casualty. Co-Author Stephen Cooper. Foreword by Steven Van Zandt.

Bonds of Destiny

Bonds of Destiny ebook ISBN: 9788129148001
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Author: Rajesh Varma
Number of Pages: 184 
File: bonds-of-destiny.pdf
Reads: 2332852


Human beings have a tendency to build connections, to be understood and to develop special bonds-bonds that are sometimes ethereal. Journeying back to the 1940s, this narrative brings to you a moving account of Bhushan, an officer in the British Army of colonial India, and his faithful ardali Shingara Singh. Shingara's exceptional loyalty to his sahib costs him a death sentence for a crime he never committed. Almost two decades later, Bhushan's fateful visit to Shingara's village makes him establish a bond with his ardali's family-a bond that is etched in time for generations. Years later, when Bhushan's son, Rajesh, visits Shingara's family in Punjab, he discovers the secret of the crime between the generous sahib and his loyal ardali. Bonds of Destiny is a heart-warming rendition of the association between the two families intertwined together by this deadly secret across time and generations.

Dog Is Love

Dog Is Love ebook ISBN: 132854396X
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Author: Clive D. L. Wynne
Number of Pages: 272 
File: dog-is-love.pdf
Reads: 8674579


A pioneering canine behaviorist draws on cutting-edge research to show that a single, simple trait--the capacity to love--is what makes dogs such perfect companions for humans, and to explain how we can better reciprocate their affection.

The Peacegiver

The Peacegiver ebook ISBN: 9781609089139
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Author: James L. Ferrell
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-peacegiver.pdf
Reads: 1876400


Game of Shadows

Game of Shadows ebook ISBN: 9780786288663
Author: Mark Fainaru-Wada,Lance Williams
Number of Pages: 607 
File: game-of-shadows.pdf
Reads: 2468323


This is the complete inside story of the most notorious steroids scandal in sports history from the award-winning reporters who broke the news. Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams reveal how an obscure, self-proclaimed nutritionist named Victor Conte became a steroid Svengali to multimillionaire athletes desperate for a competitive edge, creating (and destroying) superstars with his potent cocktails of miracle drugs. They expose the international web of coaches and trainers who funneled athletes to Conte's company, BALCO, and how the drug cheats stayed a step ahead of the testing agencies and the law. They detail how an aggressive IRS investigator doggedly gathered evidence until Conte and his coconspirators were brought to justice. And at the center of the story is the biggest star of them all, Barry Bonds, the muscle-bound MVP outfielder of the San Francisco Giants whose gaudy home run totals are matched by the myriad questions about his late-career renaissance. A landmark piece of reportage and a page-turning expose, Game of Shadows casts light into the recesses of American sport to reveal the dark truths at the heart of the game today. Book jacket.

Liar's Poker

Liar's Poker ebook ISBN: 9780393066258
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Author: Michael Lewis
Number of Pages: 256 
File: liar-s-poker.pdf
Reads: 1544714


The time was the 1980s. The place was Wall Street. The game was called Liar’s Poker. Michael Lewis was fresh out of Princeton and the London School of Economics when he landed a job at Salomon Brothers, one of Wall Street’s premier investment firms. During the next three years, Lewis rose from callow trainee to bond salesman, raking in millions for the firm and cashing in on a modern-day gold rush. Liar’s Poker is the culmination of those heady, frenzied years—a behind-the-scenes look at a unique and turbulent time in American business. From the frat-boy camaraderie of the forty-first-floor trading room to the killer instinct that made ambitious young men gamble everything on a high-stakes game of bluffing and deception, here is Michael Lewis’s knowing and hilarious insider’s account of an unprecedented era of greed, gluttony, and outrageous fortune.