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Bone Rider

Bone Rider ebook ISBN: 1627982108
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: J. Fally
Number of Pages: 310 
File: bone-rider.pdf
Reads: 4858117


Riley and McClane are on the run when they partner up. They're on a road trip from hell, with the military and the mob hot on their trail.

Bone Rider (Deutsch)

Bone Rider (Deutsch) ebook ISBN: 1634776453
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: J. Fally
Number of Pages: 290 
File: bone-rider-deutsch.pdf
Reads: 3552974


Riley Cooper ist auf der Flucht. Misha Tokarev, die Liebe seines Lebens, hat sich als Auftragskiller der russischen Mafia entpuppt, und wenn Riley irgendwo eine Grenze zieht, dann bei vorsätzlichem, kaltblütigem Mord. Auch das außerirdische Verteidigungs- und Waffensystem McClane ist auf der Flucht. Unter anderem, weil er versehentlich für den Absturz seines Raumschiffs auf der Erde gesorgt hat. Mit dem Militär im sprichwörtlichen Nacken macht sich McClane auf die verzweifelte Suche nach einem Wirt, mit dem er sich verbinden und so seine komplette Auflösung verhindern kann. Riley kommt ihm da gerade recht. Ihre unfreiwillige Partnerschaft entwickelt sich mit der Zeit zu mehr, als sie sich jemals hätten vorstellen können. Gemeinsam begeben sie sich auf einen Roadtrip aus der Hölle, den Regierungstruppen und der Russen-Mafia immer nur eine Armlänge voraus. Und außerdem wäre da noch Misha, der wild entschlossen ist, Riley zurückzugewinnen. Seine Sorge um Rileys Sicherheit verbindet ihn mit McClane. Alien und Killer ziehen schon bald eine Spur der Verwüstung durch halb Texas. Riley hat alle Hände voll zu tun, sie da alle heil wieder herauszubekommen.

Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science and Medicine

Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science and Medicine ebook ISBN: 0199210896
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Michael Kent
Number of Pages: 612 
File: oxford-dictionary-of-sports-science-and-medicine.pdf
Reads: 5309227


With more than 7,500 entries and over 165 illustrations, this dictionary of sports science covers anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, sports psychology and sports medicine.

Viva Voce In Anatomy

Viva Voce In Anatomy ebook ISBN: 9788181478429
Publisher: Elsevier India
Author: Gangane
Number of Pages: 288 
File: viva-voce-in-anatomy.pdf
Reads: 2286177


This book primarily aims to render quick revision of Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology for the rapid-fire round of viva voce examination. It will assist students to learn numerous concepts and practical aspects of the subject in short period of time, before they appear for university examination. This edition like its redecessor is a selective collection of the most frequently asked questions. The text has been extensively updated and new illustrations have been added. A new chapter on Living Anatomy has been included. About the Author : - S. D. Gangane, Professor, Department of Anatomy, Grant Medical College & Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals, Byculla, Mumbai, India

Viva Voce In Anatomy, 3/e

Viva Voce In Anatomy, 3/e ebook ISBN: 8131227065
Publisher: Elsevier India
Author: Gangane
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: viva-voce-in-anatomy-3-e.pdf
Reads: 76710


Orthopaedic Dictionary

Orthopaedic Dictionary ebook ISBN: 9780397513116
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Author: Stanley Hoppenfeld,Michael S. Zeide
Number of Pages: 436 
File: orthopaedic-dictionary.pdf
Reads: 4325626


A master surgeon and scholar have created the first true reference for the increasingly complex field of orthopaedic surgery arranged in easy-to-find, item-by-item alphabetical sequence. Every term--anatomic, surgical, instrumental, eponymic--used in contemporary orthopaedics is defined from the surgeon's point of view. Over 1,000 explanatory line drawings clarify the terms. An excellent preparatory tool for residents who must define terms as part of the AAOS fellowship exam.

Blasphemer's Wheel

Blasphemer's Wheel ebook ISBN: 9780888011794
Author: Patrick Friesen
Number of Pages: 150 
File: blasphemer-s-wheel.pdf
Reads: 1832397


A representative collection of poetry from Patrick Friesen's work to date, Blasphemer's Wheel includes selections from: the out-of print 'the lands i am and bluebottle; 'The Shunning', poems about two Mennonite brothers living vastly different lives after one is shunned by their community; 'Flicker and Hawk', which encompasses the tenderness and brutality that can often accompany family, religious and sexual love; 'Unearthly Horses', dealing with deaths and resurrections; and 'You Don't Get to Be a Saint', a book of voices incorporating two dance projects and a radio piece. Also included are twenty-three new peoms from a writer long known as one of Canada's finest lyric poets. -- back cover.

The Surgical Word Book

The Surgical Word Book ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Saunders
Author: Claudia J. Tessier
Number of Pages: 2361 
File: the-surgical-word-book.pdf
Reads: 3565138


Written by the acting president of the American Association of Medical Transcription, this title provides more than 100,000 surgical terms spelled out and arranged alphabetically for quick retrieval. More than 275 important categories such as anesthetics, positions, sutures, procedures, prostheses, and abraders have extensive sublistings that are fully cross-referenced.

Folk Name & Trade Diseases

Folk Name & Trade Diseases ebook ISBN:
Author: Edmond Robert Plunkett
Number of Pages: 352 
File: folk-name-trade-diseases.pdf
Reads: 5797812


A dictionary of common or colloquial names for diseases or ailments.

Dangerous Trades

Dangerous Trades ebook ISBN:
Publisher: London, Murray
Author: Sir Thomas Oliver
Number of Pages: 891 
File: dangerous-trades.pdf
Reads: 6472664


Sports-induced Inflammation

Sports-induced Inflammation ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Amer Academy of Orthopaedic
Author: Wayne B. Leadbetter,Joseph A. Buckwalter,Stephen L. Gordon
Number of Pages: 799 
File: sports-induced-inflammation.pdf
Reads: 1849768



Texans ebook ISBN: 9780867010404
Publisher: Univ of Texas Inst of Texan
Author: Barbara Evans Stanush
Number of Pages: 122 
File: texans.pdf
Reads: 9213693


The Cowboy at Work

The Cowboy at Work ebook ISBN: 0486146235
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Author: Fay E. Ward
Number of Pages: 304 
File: the-cowboy-at-work.pdf
Reads: 396748


Want to know how to throw a half-diamond hitch and wild a branding iron? Interested in the recipe for S. B. stew? This authoritative manual by an old-time cowboy explains it all. 600 black-and-white illustrations.

Pocket Podiatry: Paediatrics E-Book

Pocket Podiatry: Paediatrics E-Book ebook ISBN: 1455725145
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Author: Angela Margaret Evans
Number of Pages: 324 
File: pocket-podiatry-paediatrics-e-book.pdf
Reads: 2928211


Pocket Podiatry gives you all the essentials of examination and diagnosis in a convenient, user-friendly format. With the emphasis on practical, step-by-step guidance, this handy volume includes helpful diagrams, full colour photographs, tables, tips and summary boxes to give you quick access to key information with the minimum of fuss. Relevant – focuses on key information Convenient – handy sized volumes can easily be carried in coat pocket Practical – a minimum of theory and a maximum of clinical emphasis Accessible – user-friendly format with summaries and helpful tips Specialist – written by podiatrists for podiatrists Clear – full colour design and colour photographs throughout

Riders Dictionarie

Riders Dictionarie ebook ISBN:
Author: John Rider,Francis Holyoke
Number of Pages: 1200 
File: riders-dictionarie.pdf
Reads: 6864501


Broken Bones

Broken Bones ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Limited
Author: Alison Galloway
Number of Pages: 371 
File: broken-bones.pdf
Reads: 8227313


The Thirteen Relics of Doom

The Thirteen Relics of Doom ebook ISBN: 1491848022
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Marquinhos Martins
Number of Pages: 450 
File: the-thirteen-relics-of-doom.pdf
Reads: 5565382


The tale herein begins the journey of many strangers that come together, to fulfill the prophecies that will in time, lead them to find the thirteen relics that nearly destroyed the world centuries ago. Slanoth, the greatest paladin to have ever lived, is given his youth back by his god Cargon. This allows him to train Cestator a fallen son of the evil god Valclon, who has turned away from his life of evil. The barbarian Angion, and the young boy Creashaw realize that their way of life could be threatened. They try preventing this, but their efforts may only speed them towards that which they fear most. All of them find themselves thrown into a war that none are prepared for. It is a war that threatens all life, and could throw their world into darkness. During this war they face many dangers including a terrifying, soul stealing, demonic, and nearly unstoppable creature known as Skreal, who’s only goal is to eradicate all existence. They each will have to face their own fears, and overcome their hatreds if they are ever going to win this war. Will this journey mean the beginning or the end of all life as they know it?