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Bone Song

Bone Song ebook ISBN: 1473214394
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: John Meaney
Number of Pages: 320 
File: bone-song.pdf
Reads: 5270785


Lieutenant Donal Connor has been given the most bizarre of new cases. Four famous stage performers have died in recent months, thee of them in state capitals within Transifica, the fourth in far Zurinam. And now the idolised diva Maria deLivnova is coming to Tristopolis. Donal's boss is determined that nothing like this is ever to happen in his city. Connor is to have anything he needs, as long the diva lives. And so begins a dark investigation through a world where corpses give up their pyschic energy in the massive necroflux generators which power the city, where gargoyles talk, where wraiths work in slavery, a world of the dead where corruption is alive. This is an extraordinary SF novel set in alternate universe quite unlike any imagined in SF before; a universe where magic and the supernatural and the undead are given a scientific rationale and hoorfyingly plausible rationale. The novel's setting, Tristopolis, is the ultimate noir city; an immense baroque creation of haunted stone skyscrapers, black metal and city-wide catacombs. Its hero Donal Connor is immensely likeable and easy to identify with. Even once he's dead.

Wisdom of the Mythtellers - Second Edition

Wisdom of the Mythtellers - Second Edition ebook ISBN: 9781551112084
Publisher: Broadview Press
Author: Sean Kane
Number of Pages: 288 
File: wisdom-of-the-mythtellers-second-edition.pdf
Reads: 52754


Mythtelling: the ideas and emotions of the Earth expressed through stories—stories distilled from millennia of treading warily in nature, rather than undertaking to rearrange her furniture. Wisdom of the Mythtellers uncovers four kinds of ancestral dream-mapping: Native Australian, Native American, Celtic, and Greek.

NO.1 Conceited Soldier

NO.1 Conceited Soldier ebook ISBN: 1649912676
Publisher: Funstory
Author: Yi ZhiYan
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: no-1-conceited-soldier.pdf
Reads: 6416307


He was the most mysterious sharp knife in China, as well as the most fearsome 'dragon' in the world. He avenged his brother's death by killing the biggest drug lord of the Grey border, but he was sent to a military court and lost to the flowery city. However, dragons would always soar to the nine heavens, dominating the winds and the clouds! When he returned, everyone lowered their heads!

Carmina collegensia

Carmina collegensia ebook ISBN:
Author: Henry Randall Waite
Number of Pages: 369 
File: carmina-collegensia.pdf
Reads: 9852141


Quick Studies - James - Revelation

Quick Studies - James - Revelation ebook ISBN: 9781434704337
Publisher: David C Cook
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: quick-studies-james-revelation.pdf
Reads: 8341878


Ready-To-Use Bible Studies for youth groups. More than 40 high-impact studies with reproducible resources.

Song of a Survivor

Song of a Survivor ebook ISBN: 1490836780
Publisher: WestBow Press
Author: Patricia Phillips Roberts
Number of Pages: 158 
File: song-of-a-survivor.pdf
Reads: 1189210


“Song of a Survivor is the intriguing story of one woman’s battle with multiple myeloma—a cancer of the plasma cells that affects the bones. Is there a cure for such a rare type of cancer? You will not just be reading a book about a woman’s journey, but rather Patricia will take you along the journey with her. This amazing story will make you laugh and cry as you wonder how she was able to fight with such tenacity while listening to and having faith in God throughout the process.” —Tanesha R. McGregor

In the Flesh

In the Flesh ebook ISBN: 1926972384
Publisher: Brindle and Glass
Author: Lynne Van Luven,Kathy Page
Number of Pages: 240 
File: in-the-flesh.pdf
Reads: 1216299


Living is a process of continuous transformation: we have been embryos, children, adolescents, thin, fat, sick, better again. And as humans, we are always at odds with at least one part of our bodies. Have we inherited the family nose? Is there nothing to be done for our finicky stomach or our limp hair? In the Flesh is an intelligent, witty, and provocative look at how we think about—and live within—our bodies. The editors and writers in this collection describe, in many voices, what human bodies feel now. Each author’s candid essay focuses on one part of the body, and explores its function, its meanings, and the role it has played in his or her life. Written from both the male and female perspectives, contributors include Caroline Adderson, André Alexis, Taiaiake Alfred, Brian Brett, Trevor Cole, Dede Crane, Lorna Crozier, Candace Fertile, Stephen Gauer, Julian Gunn, Heather Kuttai, Susan Olding, Kate Pullinger, Merilyn Simonds, Richard Steel, Madeleine Thien, Sue Thomas, and Margaret Thompson.


Transmission ebook ISBN: 0575094796
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: John Meaney
Number of Pages: 464 
File: transmission.pdf
Reads: 2809447


The second volume of Meaney's epic Ragnarok space opera trilogy. The dark matter in the universe is alive and is seeking to pervert human history to its own ends. Its influence has reached back into the dark ages, to the centre of the Third Reich and 600 years into the future. The Ragnarok universe not only provides a stunning SF rationale for Norse mythology but posits a world where pilots are locked into symbiotic relationships with their ships and the cities can come alive.

Ghoulish Song

Ghoulish Song ebook ISBN: 1442427302
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: William Alexander
Number of Pages: 192 
File: ghoulish-song.pdf
Reads: 5825471


When the music of a bone flute given to her by a goblin separates Kaile's shadow from herself, her family believes she has died and become a ghoul, and Kaile must set out to prove that she still lives.

A Song of Lilith

A Song of Lilith ebook ISBN: 9781551923666
Publisher: Global Professional Publishi
Author: Joy Kogawa,Lilian Broca
Number of Pages: 110 
File: a-song-of-lilith.pdf
Reads: 7085683


A Song of Lilith is a shout of light, combining poetry and artwork in a powerful ode to truth, transformation, and homecoming. Like Adam, Lilith was created out of clay to be an equal partner in Eden. When the equality of their partnership is brutally shattered, Lilith flees Eden in a desperate attempt to maintain her humanity. Outlawed from earthly presence and power, she faces her fears, defeats her demons, and grows in strength. Many years later, the weary and disillusioned descendants of Adam and Eve call out for Lilith, and she returns home with the gifts of wisdom, courage, independence, and passion.

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations ebook ISBN: 0198614179
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author: Susan Ratcliffe
Number of Pages: 580 
File: concise-oxford-dictionary-of-quotations.pdf
Reads: 8399986


Provides coverage of literary and historical quotations. An easy-to-use keyword index traces quotations and their authors, while the appendix material, including Catchphrases, Film Lines, Official Advice, and Political Slogans, offers further topics of interest.

Media and Translation

Media and Translation ebook ISBN: 1623565367
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Author: Dror Abend-David
Number of Pages: 392 
File: media-and-translation.pdf
Reads: 2724010


Over the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in publications on media and translation. In fact, there are those who believe that so much has been published in this field that any further publications are superfluous. But if one views media and translation as anything ranging from film and television drama to news-casting, commercials, video games, web-pages and electronic street signs, it would seem that research in media and translation has barely scratched the surface. The research in this field is shared largely by scholars in communication and translation studies, often without knowledge of each other or access to their respective methods of scholarship. This collection will rectify this lack of communication by bringing such scholars together and creating a context for a theoretical discussion of the entire emerging field of Media and Translation, with a preference for theoretical work (rather than case studies) on translation and communications of various forms, and through various media.

Atlas of Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology

Atlas of Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology ebook ISBN: 1617051993
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Author: Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD,Leslie G. Dodd, MD
Number of Pages: 432 
File: atlas-of-soft-tissue-and-bone-pathology.pdf
Reads: 1347004


This is an abundantly illustrated resource for diagnosis of bone and soft tissue lesionsóa particular challenge due to their rarity and complexity. In addition to carefully selected histologic photographs, this unique atlas enhances standard visual information with illustrations of imaging findings, cytology, and molecular and cytogenetic information. This vivid pictorial survey is arranged in a pattern-oriented approach based on the actual working method used in daily practice. The authors are expert educators in surgical and cytopathology and experienced diagnosticians in the complexities of soft tissue and bone pathology. This richly illustrated and concise reference will be a practical and indispensible tool for general pathologists and pathologists in training, who are required to diagnose bone and soft tissue pathologies. It is also an excellent resource for physicians seeking a quick survey of sarcoma. Key Features: Offers a practical, pattern-oriented diagnostic approach that mirrors the working method used in daily practice Augments histologic photographs with illustrations of imaging findings, cytology, and molecular and cytogenetic information Authored by recognized expert diagnosticians and teachers in the field

The Unitarian Universalist Poets

The Unitarian Universalist Poets ebook ISBN: 9780614101874
Publisher: Pudding House Publications
Author: Jennifer Bosveld
Number of Pages: 202 
File: the-unitarian-universalist-poets.pdf
Reads: 9437982


Joseph Chaikin & Sam Shepard

Joseph Chaikin & Sam Shepard ebook ISBN:
Publisher: New Amer Library
Author: Joseph Chaikin,Sam Shepard
Number of Pages: 252 
File: joseph-chaikin-sam-shepard.pdf
Reads: 2122675


Letters between the director and playwright depict the development of their friendship and collaboration on theater pieces

Annie's Song

Annie's Song ebook ISBN: 0741422476
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Author: Gene Farrell
Number of Pages: 316 
File: annie-s-song.pdf
Reads: 9984326


An engineer meets many females as he tackles challenging engineering assignments throughout the world, but is almost subdued by a relentless female who suffers mental illness which she claims was caused by his unrequited love.

Deeply Into the Bone

Deeply Into the Bone ebook ISBN: 9780520215337
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Ronald L. Grimes,Director of Ritual Studies International and Professor Emeritus of Religion and Culture Ronald L Grimes
Number of Pages: 384 
File: deeply-into-the-bone.pdf
Reads: 2209213


The book also explores innovative rites for other important events such as beginning school, same-sex commitment ceremonies, abortion, becoming seriously ill, divorce and retirement."--BOOK JACKET.

Ring of Bone: Collected Poems

Ring of Bone: Collected Poems ebook ISBN: 0872865797
Publisher: City Lights Publishers
Author: Lew Welch
Number of Pages: 256 
File: ring-of-bone-collected-poems.pdf
Reads: 5763983


"Lew Welch writes lyrical poems of clarity, humor, and dark probings . . . jazz musical phrasings of American speech is one of Welch's clearest contributions." ? Gary Snyder Lew Welch was a brilliant and troubled poet, legendary among his Beat peers. He disappeared in 1971, leaving a suicide note behind. Ring of Bone collects poems, songs, and some drawings, documenting the full sweep of his creative output from his early years until his death. First published by legendary poetry editor Donald Allen, this new edition includes photos, a biographic timeline, and a statement of poetics gleaned from Welch's own writing.