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Bone Song

Bone Song ebook ISBN: 1473214394
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: John Meaney
Number of Pages: 320 
File: bone-song.pdf
Reads: 5637146


Lieutenant Donal Connor has been given the most bizarre of new cases. Four famous stage performers have died in recent months, thee of them in state capitals within Transifica, the fourth in far Zurinam. And now the idolised diva Maria deLivnova is coming to Tristopolis. Donal's boss is determined that nothing like this is ever to happen in his city. Connor is to have anything he needs, as long the diva lives. And so begins a dark investigation through a world where corpses give up their pyschic energy in the massive necroflux generators which power the city, where gargoyles talk, where wraiths work in slavery, a world of the dead where corruption is alive. This is an extraordinary SF novel set in alternate universe quite unlike any imagined in SF before; a universe where magic and the supernatural and the undead are given a scientific rationale and hoorfyingly plausible rationale. The novel's setting, Tristopolis, is the ultimate noir city; an immense baroque creation of haunted stone skyscrapers, black metal and city-wide catacombs. Its hero Donal Connor is immensely likeable and easy to identify with. Even once he's dead.

Bone Song

Bone Song ebook ISBN: 9781841677514
Publisher: Ransom Pub Limited
Author: Sherryl Clark
Number of Pages: 229 
File: bone-song.pdf
Reads: 574275


Melissa and Dobie can't believe they're in detention together. They hate each other, and couldn't be more different! Rebellious Dobie despises her wealthy background and has just lost the chance to be a professional dancer. Melissa is smart, sensible, and always doing her best to compensate for a life on the run with her alcoholic mother. Yet in between the anger and disappointment there's common ground. Once, they both had dreams - what went wrong? They forge an unlikely friendship that gives both of them the strength not to give up on their dreams. But circumstance, and the past, conspire to challenge their resolve right through to the dramatic climax of the story.Bone Song is a compelling, harrowing, yet moving page-turner. With two narrators, two engaging voices, and two intertwined personal stories, it delves right to the heart of two young, broken lives, against a back-drop of family turmoil, abuse, cynicism, jealousy, love and hate. Gritty, honest, hard-hitting, often despairing, sometimes hopeful, it is packed with drama, suspense and emotion from one page to the next. Bone Song is a title in the highly contemporary Cutting Edge fiction series for young adults. The series features fast-paced quick reads. Each book focuses on difficult topics and situations that many teenagers will have experienced first-hand or through friends.Bone Song is ideal for readers aged 14+ with a reading age of 12+.

Bone Song

Bone Song ebook ISBN: 9780972289375
Author: Joshua Scribner
Number of Pages: 216 
File: bone-song.pdf
Reads: 8245476


Some secrets are meant to be uncovered. Others should remain buried.Jonah Singer, clinical psychologist, gets a job in Michigan writing up reports on patients who hope to maintain social security insurance. He?s as bored with his job as everyone else. But that?s the way he likes it. Easy-going. No stress.Until he sees the demon. Then all bets are off.Animals become afraid of him. Patients run from him. Others attack him. Strip-clubs intrigue him. Dreams stalk him. His neighbor, Jay, helps him cope with his anxieties, but is Jay all he says he is? Then Jonah gets a promotion. It?s too good to be true. Nothing in life comes that easy for Jonah Singer, whose own mother wont? talk to him.And when something is too good to be true . . . it probably is.

Wisdom of the Mythtellers - Second Edition

Wisdom of the Mythtellers - Second Edition ebook ISBN: 9781551112084
Publisher: Broadview Press
Author: Sean Kane
Number of Pages: 288 
File: wisdom-of-the-mythtellers-second-edition.pdf
Reads: 9985955


Mythtelling: the ideas and emotions of the Earth expressed through stories—stories distilled from millennia of treading warily in nature, rather than undertaking to rearrange her furniture. Wisdom of the Mythtellers uncovers four kinds of ancestral dream-mapping: Native Australian, Native American, Celtic, and Greek.

Bone Songs

Bone Songs ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Soft Skull Press
Author: André Gregory,Liz Sherman,Scott Cohen
Number of Pages: 131 
File: bone-songs.pdf
Reads: 4253003


The latest work from the co-creator of My Dinner with André

Quick Studies - James - Revelation

Quick Studies - James - Revelation ebook ISBN: 9781434704337
Publisher: David C Cook
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: quick-studies-james-revelation.pdf
Reads: 7279645


Ready-To-Use Bible Studies for youth groups. More than 40 high-impact studies with reproducible resources.

"Les Murray Country"

ISBN: 9783823360100
Publisher: Gunter Narr Verlag
Author: Ulla Fürstenberg
Number of Pages: 230 
File: les-murray-country.pdf
Reads: 2091081


Dem Bones

Dem Bones ebook ISBN: 1452104093
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Author: Bob Barner
Number of Pages: 32 
File: dem-bones.pdf
Reads: 1799828


Shoulder bone connected to da neck bone. Neck bone connected to da head bone. Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones Colorful torn paper collages bring to life this classic African American spiritual. The frolicking skeletons will captivate children and adults while they sing along with this well-known, catchy song. Accompanied by interesting, informative "bone facts" this book makes a wonderful addition to both home and classroom libraries and a fun treat for Halloween!

Song of a Survivor

Song of a Survivor ebook ISBN: 1490836780
Publisher: WestBow Press
Author: Patricia Phillips Roberts
Number of Pages: 158 
File: song-of-a-survivor.pdf
Reads: 5241782


“Song of a Survivor is the intriguing story of one woman’s battle with multiple myeloma—a cancer of the plasma cells that affects the bones. Is there a cure for such a rare type of cancer? You will not just be reading a book about a woman’s journey, but rather Patricia will take you along the journey with her. This amazing story will make you laugh and cry as you wonder how she was able to fight with such tenacity while listening to and having faith in God throughout the process.” —Tanesha R. McGregor

A Song of Lilith

A Song of Lilith ebook ISBN: 9781551923666
Publisher: Global Professional Publishi
Author: Joy Kogawa,Lilian Broca
Number of Pages: 110 
File: a-song-of-lilith.pdf
Reads: 1967796


A Song of Lilith is a shout of light, combining poetry and artwork in a powerful ode to truth, transformation, and homecoming. Like Adam, Lilith was created out of clay to be an equal partner in Eden. When the equality of their partnership is brutally shattered, Lilith flees Eden in a desperate attempt to maintain her humanity. Outlawed from earthly presence and power, she faces her fears, defeats her demons, and grows in strength. Many years later, the weary and disillusioned descendants of Adam and Eve call out for Lilith, and she returns home with the gifts of wisdom, courage, independence, and passion.

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations ebook ISBN: 0198614179
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author: Susan Ratcliffe
Number of Pages: 580 
File: concise-oxford-dictionary-of-quotations.pdf
Reads: 7035748


Provides coverage of literary and historical quotations. An easy-to-use keyword index traces quotations and their authors, while the appendix material, including Catchphrases, Film Lines, Official Advice, and Political Slogans, offers further topics of interest.

Ghoulish Song

Ghoulish Song ebook ISBN: 1442427302
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: William Alexander
Number of Pages: 192 
File: ghoulish-song.pdf
Reads: 7615394


When the music of a bone flute given to her by a goblin separates Kaile's shadow from herself, her family believes she has died and become a ghoul, and Kaile must set out to prove that she still lives.

The Unitarian Universalist Poets

The Unitarian Universalist Poets ebook ISBN: 9780614101874
Publisher: Pudding House Publications
Author: Jennifer Bosveld
Number of Pages: 202 
File: the-unitarian-universalist-poets.pdf
Reads: 6651315


Broken Song

Broken Song ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Author: Barry Hill
Number of Pages: 818 
File: broken-song.pdf
Reads: 5149590


An important, timely and compelling biography of a man possessed by two cultures, whose life in translation led to the creation of one of the great books of the world - and the accusation that he finally betrayed what was scared. A group of men their heads and bodies shaking rhythmically, chanting with the enthusiasm that made them forget age and weakness and becoming young again in spirit, glowing fires, a windbreak of boughs, a moon dripping through fleeing clouds, the rising and falling of the chant melody, like the breathing that gives us life, what an unforgettable scene! Thus wrote T.G.HL Strehlow in 1935, as he started out on his life work translating for his great book, SONGS OF CENTRAL AUSTRALIA, which OVERLAND called the great source book of the poetic lore of the region...a huge, marvellous, astonishing gift of a book - a gem, a jewel in the lotus. Prize winning poet and historian Barry Hill, with exclusive access to Strehlow's diaries, has written a major work about the troubled man who grew up on the Hermannsburg mission, became the first Patrol Officer of Central Australia called himself the last of the Aranda, and compulsively collected secret sacred objects and images, BROKEN SONG straddles a century of Australian history, from the race wars on the frontier to the modern era of Aboriganl land rights, tracking Strehlow's creative and tragic life in translation.

Job-Solomon's Song

Job-Solomon's Song ebook ISBN:
Author: Matthew Henry
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: job-solomon-s-song.pdf
Reads: 6087723


Annie's Song

Annie's Song ebook ISBN: 0741422476
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Author: Gene Farrell
Number of Pages: 316 
File: annie-s-song.pdf
Reads: 8296689


An engineer meets many females as he tackles challenging engineering assignments throughout the world, but is almost subdued by a relentless female who suffers mental illness which she claims was caused by his unrequited love.

Deeply Into the Bone

Deeply Into the Bone ebook ISBN: 9780520215337
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Ronald L. Grimes,Director of Ritual Studies International and Professor Emeritus of Religion and Culture Ronald L Grimes
Number of Pages: 384 
File: deeply-into-the-bone.pdf
Reads: 9267059


The book also explores innovative rites for other important events such as beginning school, same-sex commitment ceremonies, abortion, becoming seriously ill, divorce and retirement."--BOOK JACKET.

Driftwood: Another Voice

Driftwood: Another Voice ebook ISBN: 1479737135
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Number of Pages: 158 
File: driftwood-another-voice.pdf
Reads: 9877484


Driftwood is a poetic look at the world, covering the span of a lifetime from birth in war torn London to retirement on a small island in Moreton Bay, on Queensland’s east coast and the influences of nature upon its author. Robert has enjoyed an interesting broadcasting career in Australia and New Zealand but all through it, he\has been followed by poetry that both stimulates and exhilarates. “Driftwood-Another Voice” is about whispers we all hear in our minds, that urge us to do and see things in a different light. It is about being able to listen to your ‘positive voice’ and value it because, like driftwood, it can be washed up on a beach one day and gone on the next high tide. Like driftwood, Robert’s poems take us to places around the world and we end up on some unusual beaches. We dance with sparkling streams and even meet some of his unusual spectres but always there are the trees and birds, beaches and mountains. Driftwood is a unique book for people who have a passion for the natural world. Driftwood-The Other Voice, reveals something within all of us, if only we can learn to listen.