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Boom ebook ISBN: 9810755007
Publisher: Epigram Books
Author: Jean Tay
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: boom.pdf
Reads: 4878226


Welcome to the surreal world of Boom, where civil servants wake the dead, corpses are terrified of cremation, old women are besieged in their homes, and Ah Bengs still dream of being Superman. Boom tells the story of an elderly woman and her property agent son in Singapore, who are struggling over the potential en bloc sale of their home. Their destinies become interwoven with that of an idealistic civil servant, Jeremiah, who is facing the greatest challenge of his career—persuading a reluctant corpse to yield its memories. Boom is a quirky yet poignant tale about the relocation of both dead and living, and how personal stories get left behind in the inexorable march of progress. Written by economist-turned-playwright Jean Tay, Boom was conceptualised at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2007, and developed and staged by the Singapore Repertory Theatre in September 2008. It was nominated for Best Original Script for The Straits Times’ Life!Theatre Awards in 2009 and is now an ‘O’- and ‘N’-Level Literature text in Singapore schools.

The Post-Boom in Spanish American Fiction

The Post-Boom in Spanish American Fiction ebook ISBN: 9780791438251
Publisher: SUNY Press
Author: Donald Leslie Shaw
Number of Pages: 217 
File: the-post-boom-in-spanish-american-fiction.pdf
Reads: 8899977


Provides a clear account of the issues in Spanish American fiction in the last quarter-century by attempting to answer questions on the Boom, Post-Boom, and its relation to Postmodernism.

The Next Great Bubble Boom

The Next Great Bubble Boom ebook ISBN: 9781439104767
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Harry S. Dent
Number of Pages: 384 
File: the-next-great-bubble-boom.pdf
Reads: 8781905


For over fifteen years, New York Times bestselling author Harry S. Dent, Jr., has been uncannily accurate in predicting the financial future. In his three previous works, Dent predicted the financial recession of the early nineties, the economic expansion of the mid-nineties, and the financial free-for-all of 1998-2000. The Next Great Bubble Boom -- part crystal ball, part financial planner -- offers a comprehensive forecast for the next two decades, showing new models for predicting the future behavior of the economy, inflation, large- and small-cap stocks, bonds, key sectors, and so on. In taking a look at past booms and busts, Dent compares our current state to that of the crash of 1920-21, and the years ahead of us to the Roaring Twenties. Dent gives advice on everything from investment strategies to real estate cycles, and shows not only how bright our future will be but how best to profit from it. Dent gives us all something to look forward to, including: The Dow hitting 40,000 by the end of the decade The Nasdaq advancing at least ten times from its October 2001 lows to around 13,500, and potentially as high as 20,000 by 2009 Another strong advance in stocks in 2005, with a significant correction into around September/October 2006 The Great Boom resurging into its final and strongest stage in 2007, and even more fully in 2008, lasting until late 2009 to early 2010 Dent's amazing ability to track and forecast our financial future is renowned, and here he takes that ability to the next level, showing not only what our economy will look like but also how it will affect us as individuals, as organizations, and as a culture. From the upcoming wealth revolution to the essential principles of entrepreneurial success, the book describes a new society where economic and philanthropic development go hand in hand. In The Next Great Bubble Boom, Dent shows not only how the economic growth of the late 1990s was a prelude to the true great boom right around the corner but how all of us can reap its benefits.

Breath, Boom

Breath, Boom ebook ISBN: 9780822218494
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
Author: Kia Corthron
Number of Pages: 48 
File: breath-boom.pdf
Reads: 1716048


A two-act play explores the life of a New York gang member and his quest to create a perfect fireworks display.

Boom and Bust

Boom and Bust ebook ISBN: 9780520221307
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Thomas Schatz
Number of Pages: 571 
File: boom-and-bust.pdf
Reads: 8209660


On the history of motion pictures

The Boom and the Bubble

The Boom and the Bubble ebook ISBN: 9781859844830
Publisher: Verso
Author: Robert Brenner
Number of Pages: 331 
File: the-boom-and-the-bubble.pdf
Reads: 3452805


Brenner demonstrates that the new economy was always a fragile phenomenon.

Baby Boom

Baby Boom ebook ISBN: 159884105X
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Rusty L. Monhollon
Number of Pages: 246 
File: baby-boom.pdf
Reads: 8709737


This engaging collection of essays explores the many ways Americans of every race, class, gender, and political leaning experienced the Baby Boom. * Separate chapter of primary documents offering insight into the thoughts and experiences of everyday Americans, including excerpts from Dr. Benjamin Spock's The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, magazine advertisements, and major social movements of the 1960s * A comprehensive chronology of events during the Baby Boom, tracing the generation from 1945 to the present * Testimonies and oral histories from individuals of the Baby Boom generation

Boom-Bust Phases in Asset Prices and Fiscal Policy Behavior

Boom-Bust Phases in Asset Prices and Fiscal Policy Behavior ebook ISBN:
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
Author: Albert Jaeger,Ludger Schuknecht
Number of Pages: 35 
File: boom-bust-phases-in-asset-prices-and-fiscal-policy-behavior.pdf
Reads: 4048282


Boom and bust phases in asset prices have become a pervasive feature of macroeconomic developments in many advanced economies. This paper studies fiscal policy during boom-bust phases in asset prices and draws several conclusions. First, expansions and contractions in economic activity during such boom-bust phases tend to be highly persistent, cyclical turning points are harder to forecast, and the margins of error for output gap estimates can be large. Second, conventional estimates of revenue elasticities seem not to allow an accurate assessment of the fiscal stance and of the strength of underlying fiscal positions during boom-bust phases. And third, boom-bust phases tend to exacerbate already existing procyclical policy biases, as well as political-economy biases, toward higher spending and public debt ratios.

Social Boom!

Social Boom! ebook ISBN: 0132686058
Publisher: FT Press
Author: Jeffrey H. Gitomer
Number of Pages: 190 
File: social-boom.pdf
Reads: 7001923


"What's your company's social media policy? Probably shortsighted. Business social media, or social networking, has become more than a global phenomenon. When combined with your online presence and online outreach, it's a global business phenomenon and arevenue generating phenomenon..."--Dust jacket flap.

Coffee Boom, Government Expenditure, and Agricultural Prices

Coffee Boom, Government Expenditure, and Agricultural Prices ebook ISBN: 9780896290693
Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst
Author: Jorge García García,Gabriel Montes Llamas
Number of Pages: 107 
File: coffee-boom-government-expenditure-and-agricultural-prices.pdf
Reads: 6565107


The role of agriculture in the Colombian economy and main economic development, 1967-83; Model and empirical evidence; Supply response in Colombian agriculture; Income distribution and real wages in agriculture.

When Baby Boom Women Retire

When Baby Boom Women Retire ebook ISBN: 9780275970970
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Author: Nancy Dailey
Number of Pages: 168 
File: when-baby-boom-women-retire.pdf
Reads: 6783741


Fewer than 20% of Baby Boom women will experience a secure retirement. Marriage, education, occupation, home ownership--these variables predict their future. Possession of all four indicates retirement security, and absence of any increases risk of old-age poverty. This riveting sociological study also examines the social relations and structures that will determine the retirement experience, options, and decisions for more than 40 million Baby Boom women. These women's material base and social status are examined through the use of empirical data, and the key predictors of their retirement are identified. The massive entry of Baby Boom women into the labor force increases the importance of retirement planning for working women. It comes at a time when existing research models and data are outdated and inadequate to effectively predict their future retirement experience. Over the past 30 years, American men and their spouses have benefited from the linear, undifferentiated model of the traditional male retirement. For the Baby Boom generation, however, the nature of work has changed significantly. The current retirement model may not serve Baby Boom men as well as in the past, let alone Baby Boom women. In contrast, this book offers a new, dynamic model that considers the social and work structures influencing women's lives and that accurately reflects the predictors and parameters of Baby Boom women's retirement.

Boom, Baby, Boom!

Boom, Baby, Boom! ebook ISBN: 9781550960334
Publisher: Exile Editions, Ltd.
Author: Ban̦uta Rubess
Number of Pages: 118 
File: boom-baby-boom.pdf
Reads: 4723239


Lowering the Boom

Lowering the Boom ebook ISBN: 0252075323
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Author: Jay Beck,Tony Grajeda
Number of Pages: 342 
File: lowering-the-boom.pdf
Reads: 4486378


Amplifying the importance of sound in cinema

The Gas Boom of East Central Indiana

The Gas Boom of East Central Indiana ebook ISBN: 9780738539638
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Author: James A. Glass,David Kohrman
Number of Pages: 128 
File: the-gas-boom-of-east-central-indiana.pdf
Reads: 2138067


One of the most dramatic eras in Indiana history, the natural gas boom in the east central region transformed a mostly agricultural area into a major industrial center. The discovery of natural gas created major cities in the place of county seat towns, boomtowns where there had been villages, and factories towering over former farm land. The impact of the boom lived on even after gas itself failed. Through a collection of vintage images, authors James A. Glass and David G. Kohrman provide an overview of the boom era and its legacy in the four county seats of the gas belt: Muncie, Anderson, Kokomo, and Marion, as well as smaller communities such as Elwood, Fairmount, and Gas City.


Boom! ebook ISBN: 0955679826
Author: Darren Rapier
Number of Pages: 148 
File: boom.pdf
Reads: 9940499


1936 - As the country claws its way out of economic recession and the crown wavers, under the abdication of the king, the South East evolves from countryside to suburb. During the biggest housing boom ever seen, the local boroughs are transformed forever. Using original songs, in the style of the time, BOOM explores the comedy and drama of people's changing lives as the 'sub-urban' landscape we know today begins to take shape.

The Boom in Contemporary Israeli Fiction

The Boom in Contemporary Israeli Fiction ebook ISBN: 9780874518306
Publisher: UPNE
Author: Alan L. Mintz,Author Alan Mintz
Number of Pages: 192 
File: the-boom-in-contemporary-israeli-fiction.pdf
Reads: 5781988


Five essays explore facets of what Mintz calls the complexity of cultural reverberations in Israeli fiction of the past two decades.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago ebook ISBN:
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
Author: Saqib Rizavi
Number of Pages: 23 
File: trinidad-and-tobago.pdf
Reads: 7508427


Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing an energy boom stronger than the ones in 1970s and 1980s. The main fiscal policy challenge is to ensure that the increased revenues from the ultimately exhaustible resources are used in a way that protects the competitiveness of the nonenergy sector, builds assets to ensure intergenerational equity, and provides a cushion for stabilization. This paper derives estimates of a sustainable level of primary fiscal balance using Friedman's permanent income hypothesis. These estimates can be used as a guide for the formulation of medium- and long-term fiscal policy frameworks.