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le Bootcamp

le Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 2501115872
Publisher: Marabout
Author: Valérie Orsoni
Number of Pages: 320 
File: le-bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 2252491


Plus qu'un régime, un mode de vie !La motivation, c'est le nerf d'un régime. La reprise du poids perdu, c'est le plus grand risque. Et c'est ce qui est au centre de l'approche du régime Bootcamp, dont la validité est vérifiée par une équipe de médecins.La méthode est basée sur 3 phases distinctes : DETOX, ATTAQUE, EQUILIBRE ainsi qu'une routine pour booster la perte de poids, «BOOSTER », en cas de petite rechute. Les deux premières phases vous aideront à perdre du poids, et la dernière vous assurera de ne jamais le reprendre. Pour la première fois de votre vie, vous allez aimer votre régime. Et ça tombe bien, car ce sera le dernier !

Bikini Bootcamp

Bikini Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 0307482243
Publisher: Harmony
Author: Melissa Perlman,Erica Gragg
Number of Pages: 304 
File: bikini-bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 2550921


Get in shape for beach season! This super-slimming, body-sculpting makeover takes off ten pounds and gets you bikini-ready—in just two weeks. Bikini Boot Camp creators Melissa Perlman and Erica Gragg know that the secret to losing weight and getting fit is not another diet or endless hours at the gym. Instead, it’s a highly targeted exercise plan combined with healthy, delicious, all-natural foods that jump-start your metabolism and melt away the pounds. At the elite Amansala Eco-Chic Resort and Spa in Mexico, their Bikini Boot Camp program has become the destination of choice for celebrities and women everywhere who want to change their bodies and their lives. Now, this book gives you everything you need to recreate the Bikini Boot Camp experience at home—from the signature workouts to the low-cal, Latin-flavored dishes—and achieve the same incredible results. Capturing the spirit of the spa and Mexico’s sunny shores, each day of Bikini Boot Camp provides you with: A total-body workout that combines walking, circuit training, core strengthening, and yoga to target trouble spots and sculpt you head to toe Energy-enhancing meal plans with slimming, easy-to-follow recipes—a mouthwatering mix of Mexican, Yucatán, and Asian cuisines—straight out of Amansala’s kitchen and available here for the first time Mindfulness exercises to relax and restore you, and to help you stay focused on your fitness goals Do-it-yourself spa treats, from easy facials to herbal baths With more than 75 mix-and-match recipes, and a lifestyle plan to keep you going after the first two weeks are up, Bikini Boot Camp is the fastest way to whip your body into shape—and have fun doing it! So don’t panic now that summer is here. No matter how long you’ve been putting it off, this book gives you everything you need to achieve a bikini body all year round.


Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 1460375351
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Leslie Kelly,Heather MacAllister,Cindi Myers
Number of Pages: 384 
File: bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 7479440


Warfield Bootcamp: A two-week cure for a love life gone AWOL… TRAINEE #1: POOR LITTLE HEIRESS There's no way Cassandra Devane can get her love life to stand at attention. She just keeps dating the wrong guys. Her only chance is to face her ex-husband—head-on. And she'll get right on that…once she's out of his bed. TRAINEE #2: THE "IRON LADY" Rebecca Ironwood is a successful businesswoman who's lost touch with men. And everyone else, for that matter. What she needs is just a teeny bit of softening up. And maybe a little extra nudge-nudge with a certain employee… TRAINEE #3: FROM COUNTRY BUMPKIN TO URBAN SOPHISTICATE Barbara Powers knows all about image. She's her own best example. But when she returns to her hometown, all she can think about—and scope out—is the one guy who didn't want to be fixed.

The FX Bootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading

The FX Bootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading ebook ISBN: 9780470187708
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Wayne McDonell
Number of Pages: 235 
File: the-fx-bootcamp-guide-to-strategic-and-tactical-forex-trading.pdf
Reads: 1324971


FX Bootcamp's Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading skillfully explains how to combine popular technical indicators to formulate a comprehensive market strategy. Readers will then learn how to focus on using this information to create a tactical trading plan - one that will help them pull the trigger to get in and out of a trade. Along the way, McDonell takes the time to discuss the various challenges a Forex trader faces, such as greed, fear, loss, and isolation.

Cosmetic Bootcamp Primer

Cosmetic Bootcamp Primer ebook ISBN: 1841847542
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Kenneth Beer,Mary P. Lupo,Vic A. Narurkar
Number of Pages: 298 
File: cosmetic-bootcamp-primer.pdf
Reads: 3969952


Minimally invasive aesthetic procedures continue to be popular with patients, so many medical practitioners who have not previously specialized in the field or practiced very widely are either turning to this area or expanding the range of treatments they currently offer. These practitioners require a basic primer to get them up to speed on the det

30 Day Bootcamp - Indian Edition

30 Day Bootcamp - Indian Edition ebook ISBN: 0615165338
Author: Christina Gopal,Valerie Orsoni
Number of Pages: 232 
File: 30-day-bootcamp-indian-edition.pdf
Reads: 2160587


With the success of "Your Ultimate Weight Loss Plan - 30 Day Bootcamp" we saw that there was a real need for reaching out to people and giving them effective, yet healthful weight loss advice. Providing daily nutrition, and exercise to the body is a necessity. Furthermore, weight loss combats many disease risks as well... diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, which are quite prevalent amongst South Asians / Indians. We adapted this bootcamp to specifically reach out to the Indian population. Meal suggestions and food ideas were catered to Indian tastes, which are spice oriented.

Baby Bootcamp

Baby Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 9781459202238
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Mallory Kane
Number of Pages: 224 
File: baby-bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 7110787


War vet Matteo Soarez's assignment is simple: watch and listen. An undercover agent for Corps Security and Investigations, Matt learned patience the hard way on a dusty desert battleground. So sitting in a Texas café waiting for information is a piece of cake—make that a piece of pie. Faith Scott's cherry pie, that is. The young café owner and mother-to-be could light up a room with her smile, and send a jaded ex-soldier's heart racing like a stallion with just a touch. But Matt's job involves saving the governor's life, and protecting vulnerable single mothers isn't his priority. Yet when Faith's café becomes the epicenter of danger, Matt knows he cannot let Faith and her baby become collateral damage. Even if it means compromising the mission….

Bootcamp for Christ

Bootcamp for Christ ebook ISBN: 160383088X
Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing
Author: T. C. Greer
Number of Pages: 188 
File: bootcamp-for-christ.pdf
Reads: 4492355


Boot Camp For Christ is a Christian Study written by a Christian/U.S. Army soldier which puts Christians through a 11 chapter/week Boot Camp which will help them grow spiritually just as U.S. Army boot camp helps soldiers to grow physically. In it I share my experience and knowledge I have learned as a soldier and use scripture to back up my points. Anyone that uses this study, wants to grow spiritually and gives it their all will be a better Christian in the end and will be a better soldier for God's kingdom. To be a better Army for God, why not learn some things from the best military in the world....the U.S Military.

The Goddess Bootcamp

The Goddess Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 192060104X
Publisher: Jacana Media
Author: Kagiso Msimango
Number of Pages: 242 
File: the-goddess-bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 3128344


For women who describe their relationships, moods, or careers as “okay,” “fine,” “not bad,” or “all right,” this book inspires readers to upgrade their lives by instilling pleasure, passion, and purpose. Many people settle for something other than their heart’s true desires, leading to mediocrity and quiet desperation. They settle not because they are lazy or incapable, but rather because they lack the awareness, knowledge, and support required to help them go for what truly makes their hearts sing. A personal development coaching session in book form, this guide demonstrates how women can empower themselves and achieve success.

The 7 Day Declutter Bootcamp

The 7 Day Declutter Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 1484192591
Publisher: Organized Living Press
Author: Vanessa Johnson
Number of Pages: 53 
File: the-7-day-declutter-bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 3048003


Declutter! The 7 Day Declutter Bootcamp: Minimalist Stratgies to Organize, Simplify and Declutter Your Home and Life In this book, International Bestselling Author and Home Organization Goddess teaches you everything you need to know, including: The Top Clutter-Busting Tips How to Prioritize a Room and Plan Your Attack Which Are the Clutter Hot-spots and How to Defuse Them How to Involve the Whole Family and Tackle it Together The Most Common Organizational Mistakes (and how to avoid them) What Needs to Happen After Clearing the Clutter to Make Sure it Never Comes Back Which are the Most (and least) Effective Storage Solutions for Each Room

The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp

The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 0983760403
Publisher: The Age of Amy
Author: Bruce Edwards
Number of Pages: 178 
File: the-age-of-amy-bonehead-bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 8028117


A teenage girl is unjustly sent to a boot camp for troubled teens where she discovers a frightening fantasy world.Amy is uprooted from the city she loves to the Midwest and she's pissed! Miserable in her new home and unpopular at school, the 16-year-old blasts her parents for destroying her happiness. But when Amy's verbal attacks turn physical, she is sent away to a boot camp for troubled teens. Expecting Bonehead Bootcamp to be a laid-back country retreat, Amy instead enters a frightening fantasy world of altered time and space. Together with three other unruly teenagers, she must summon all her courage and ingenuity to get back home."

The Pmo Practice Bootcamp

The Pmo Practice Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 1466278382
Publisher: The PMO Practice
Author: Leslie O. Magsalay,Jon Sung
Number of Pages: 176 
File: the-pmo-practice-bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 7136094


Containing practical guidance for anyone (such as program managers) who need to present more effectively, this book describes the techniques for preparing including organizing the material, crafting persuasive messages and connecting with the audience. It provides evaluations to assess the areas of improvement as well as checklists and action summaries to remind of what you need to do to prepare effective presentations in the future. It also combines information for program managers, project managers, individual contributors, executives and customers into a single package they can apply directly.

From Bootcamp to Vietnam

From Bootcamp to Vietnam ebook ISBN: 148364622X
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Darlene Neubauer
Number of Pages: 56 
File: from-bootcamp-to-vietnam.pdf
Reads: 5041542


This is a true story that will enlighten you on the intense fighting that went on in Vietnam. My brother wrote to me every time he got some time off from going up in his helicopter and fighting for hours at a time. He had trouble finding time to get enough sleep. I was grateful for all the letters that he wrote to me while there. I tried to get him to come home and not re-enlist like he did. He wanted to stay with his group and fight to the end, not knowing how long it would really take to end this cold war. They called it a cold war, but after reading all of Jerrys letters, I would call it a hot war. It lasted 20 years and we lost 58,267 service men. What a horrible price we had to pay for that war. I could never have the words enough to express my thanks for all these men who gave their lives for our country and for those that died in wars around the world.

The PMO Practice Bootcamp Soft Skills Effective Meeting Skills: A Practical Guide For More Productive Meetings

The PMO Practice Bootcamp Soft Skills Effective Meeting Skills: A Practical Guide For More Productive Meetings ebook ISBN: 146379777X
Publisher: The PMO Practice
Author: Leslie O. Magsalay
Number of Pages: 178 
File: the-pmo-practice-bootcamp-soft-skills-effective-meeting-skills-a-practical-guide-for-more-productive-meetings.pdf
Reads: 6066510


Containing practical guidance for anyone (such as program managers) who need to run meetings more effectively, this book describes how to gain productivity, provide evaluations to assess the areas of improvement as well as checklists and action summaries to remind of what you need to do to conduct effective meetings in the future. It also combines information for program managers, project managers, individual contributors, executives and customers into a single package they can apply directly. 85+ useful tips give clear and concise information to help anyone make a positive contribution toward achieving the objective of any meeting attended.


Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 9781925509298
Author: Cindy Holmberg-Smith,Rema Whyte
Number of Pages: 20 
File: bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 2548940


A series of resources designed to focus on essential Punctuation and Spelling skills. This simple and easy to follow layout, with fun bootcamp graphics, will keep any child engaged and inspired.

Tableau 10 Bootcamp

Tableau 10 Bootcamp ebook ISBN: 1787282929
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
Author: Joshua N. Milligan,Donabel Santos
Number of Pages: 384 
File: tableau-10-bootcamp.pdf
Reads: 2362469


Sharpen your data visualization skills with Tableau 10 Bootcamp. About This Book Make informed decisions using powerful visualizations in Tableau Learn effective data storytelling to transform how your business uses ideas Use this extensive bootcamp that makes you an efficient Tableau user in a short span of time Who This Book Is For This book caters to business, data, and analytics professionals who want to build rich interactive visualizations using Tableau Desktop. Familiarity with previous versions of Tableau will be helpful, but not necessary. What You Will Learn Complete practical Tableau tasks with each chapter Build different types of charts in Tableau with ease Extend data using calculated fields and parameters Prepare and refine data for analysis Create engaging and interactive dashboards Present data effectively using story points In Detail Tableau is a leading visual analytics software that can uncover insights for better and smarter decision-making. Tableau has an uncanny ability to beautify your data, compared to other BI tools, which makes it an ideal choice for performing fast and easy visual analysis. A military camp style fast-paced learning book that builds your understanding of Tableau 10 in no time. This day based learning guide contains the best elements from two of our published books, Learning Tableau 10 - Second Edition and Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Cookbook, and delivers practical, learning modules in manageable chunks. Each chunk is delivered in a "day", and each "day" is a productive day. Each day builds your competency in Tableau. You will increase your competence in integrating analytics and forecasting to enhance data analysis during the course of this Bootcamp. Each chapter presents core concepts and key takeaways about a topic in Tableau and provides a series of hands-on exercises. In addition to these exercises, at the end of the chapter, you will find self-check quizzes and extra drills to challenge you, to take what you learned to the next level. To summarize, this book will equip you with step-by-step instructions through rigorous tasks, practical callouts, and various real-world examples and assignments to reinforce your understanding of Tableau 10. Style and approach A fast paced book filled with highly-effective real-world examples to help you build new things and help you in solving problems in newer and unseen ways.

Bootcamp for Business

Bootcamp for Business ebook ISBN: 9780993454639
Author: Russell Payne
Number of Pages: 144 
File: bootcamp-for-business.pdf
Reads: 1732606


Will this book do YOU any good? Frankly? YES. Bootcamp for Business will inspire you. It will blah, blah, blah. How many times have you read promises like that on the back of a book? OK, so this is where the rubber hits the road... How about... This book, should you CHOOSE to be inspired AND motivated by it, WILL give you; A stronger brand and a great reputation with a regular flow of new and potential clients. Ensuring you are able to provide the value-added services that today's customers demand, plus a clear, long-term strategy that will continue to drive your business forward.