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Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9780852444757
Publisher: Gracewing Publishing
Author: Gabriel Alington
Number of Pages: 71 
File: borderlands.pdf
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Borderlands ebook ISBN:
Author: Gloria Anzaldúa
Number of Pages: 251 
File: borderlands.pdf
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"Rooted in Gloria Anzaldúa's experience as a Chicana, a lesbian, an activist, and a writer, the essays and poems in this volume challenge how we think about identity. Borderlands/La Frontera remaps our understanding of what a "border" is, presenting it not as a simple divide between here and there, us and them, but as a psychic, social, and cultural terrain that we inhabit, and that inhabits all of us. This 20th anniversary edition features a new introduction comprised of commentaries from writers, teachers, and activists on the legacy of Gloria Anzaldúa's visionary work."--BOOK JACKET.

Borderlands and Frontiers in Africa

Borderlands and Frontiers in Africa ebook ISBN: 3643903332
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
Author: Steven van Wolputte
Number of Pages: 240 
File: borderlands-and-frontiers-in-africa.pdf
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This volume addresses the marked influence that African borders and boundaries, whether real or imaginary, have on the lives of those inhabiting the borderland. How do political and symbolic borders take concrete shape, and how do they bear on daily life? Conversely, how does life in the borderland shape the borders that characterize it? The book recognizes borderlands as shifting places, times, or domains where competing discourses and regimes of power overlap. Characterized by overt contradiction and paradox, they are often imagined at the outside. Yet, they pertain to and define the center. The collected case studies challenge the assumption that states and anonymized institutions are the principal actors in border-making. Instead, they argue for an actor-oriented perspective, while drawing attention to the "physicality" of the borderscape. (Series: African Studies / Afrikanische Studien - Vol. 40)

Women in Indian Borderlands

Women in Indian Borderlands ebook ISBN: 8132118871
Publisher: SAGE Publishing India
Author: Paula Banerjee,Anasua Basu Ray Chaudhury
Number of Pages: 260 
File: women-in-indian-borderlands.pdf
Reads: 7979513


Women in Indian Borderlands is an ethnographic compilation on the complex interrelationship between gender and political borders in South Asia. The book focuses on the border regions of West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir and Northeast India. The chapters in the book examine the stories of women whose lives are intertwined with borders, and who resist everyday violence in all its myriad forms. They show how most of the traditional efforts to make geopolitical regions more secure end up privileging a masculine definition of security that only results in feminine insecurities. These essays discuss how women negotiate their differences with a state that, though democratic, denies space to differences based on ethnicity, religion, class or gender. Borders are interpreted as zones where the jurisdiction of one state ends and that of the other begins. What comes out is the startling revelation that women not only live on the borders, but in many ways, form them.

Color-Line to Borderlands

Color-Line to Borderlands ebook ISBN: 0295801131
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Author: Johnnella E. Butler
Number of Pages: 326 
File: color-line-to-borderlands.pdf
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"Ethnic Studies . . . has drawn higher education, usually kicking and screaming, into the borderlands of scholarship, pedagogy, faculty collegiality, and institutional development," Johnnella E. Butler writes in her Introduction to this collection of lively and insightful essays. Some of the most prominent scholars in Ethnic Studies today explore varying approaches, multiple methodologies, and contrasting perspectives within the field. Essays trace the historical development of Ethnic Studies, its place in American universities and the curriculum, and new directions in contemporary scholarship. The legitimation of the field, the need for institutional support, and the changing relations between academic scholarship and community activism are also discussed. The institutional structure of Ethnic Studies continues to be affected by national, regional, and local attitudes and events, and Ronald Takaki�s essay explores the contested terrains of these culture wars. Manning Marable delves into theoretical aspects of writing about race and ethnicity, while John C. Walter surveys the influence of African American history on U.S. history textbooks. Elizabeth Cook-Lynn and Craig Howe explain why American Indian Studies does not fit into the Ethnic Studies model, and Lauro H. Flores traces the historical development of Chicano/a Studies, forged from the student and community activism of the late 1960s. Ethnic Studies is simultaneously discipline-based and interdisciplinary, self-containing and overlapping. This volume captures that dichotomy as contributors raise questions that traditional disciplines ignore. Essays include Lane Ryo Hirabayashi and Marilyn Caballero Alquizola on the gulf between postmodernism and political and institutional realities; Rhett S. Jones on the evolution of Africana Studies; and Judith Newton on the trajectories of Ethnic Studies and Women�s Studies and their relations with marginalized communities. Shirley Hune and Evelyn Hu-DeHart each make a case for the separation of Asian American Studies from Asian Studies, while Edna Acosta-Bel�n argues for a hemispheric approach to Latin American and U.S. Latino/a Studies. T. V. Reed rounds out the volume by offering through cultural studies bridges to the twenty-first century.


Borderlands ebook ISBN: 0761851240
Publisher: University Press of America
Author: Hastings Donnan,Thomas M. Wilson
Number of Pages: 158 
File: borderlands.pdf
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This book examines how different kinds of security and insecurity manifest and interconnect at state borders, encompassing the personal and the political, the social and the economic, in ways that reinforce or undermine the identities of those whose lives these borders frame.

The Spanish Borderlands Frontier, 1513-1821

The Spanish Borderlands Frontier, 1513-1821 ebook ISBN: 9780826303097
Publisher: UNM Press
Author: John Francis Bannon
Number of Pages: 308 
File: the-spanish-borderlands-frontier-1513-1821.pdf
Reads: 7573452


Spain's frontier movement in North America planted Hispanic civilization in much of the future United States beginning with Ponce de Leon's arrival in Florida in 1513. After describing the travels of the conquistador explorers, it continues through three centuries of mission, presidio, and town development in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. As the Anglo-American frontier pushed westward, the Spanish frontier was increasingly a defensive one, and here the clashes between the two are fully explained, as are international rivalries involving the English, French, and even Russian pressures that affected the frontier.

Borderlands in World History, 1700-1914

Borderlands in World History, 1700-1914 ebook ISBN: 1137320583
Publisher: Springer
Author: P. Readman,C. Radding,C. Bryant
Number of Pages: 345 
File: borderlands-in-world-history-1700-1914.pdf
Reads: 3337107


Covering two hundred years, this groundbreaking book brings together essays on borderlands by leading experts in the modern history of the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia to offer the first historical study of borderlands with a global reach.

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9780842024471
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: Oscar Jáquez Martínez
Number of Pages: 264 
File: u-s-mexico-borderlands.pdf
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"Excellent collection of scholarly essays and primary documents. Covers 1830s-1990s, with the emphasis on the post-1910 era. Work is divided into seven sections, each covering a key issue in borderlands history. Good introduction to each entry"--Handbookof Latin American Studies, v. 58.

Literature and Ethnicity in the Cultural Borderlands

Literature and Ethnicity in the Cultural Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9789042015098
Publisher: Rodopi
Author: Jesús Benito Sánchez,Ana María Manzanas Calvo
Number of Pages: 203 
File: literature-and-ethnicity-in-the-cultural-borderlands.pdf
Reads: 4238224


This volume stems from the idea that the notion of borders and borderlines as clear-cut frontiers separating not only political and geographical areas, but also cultural, linguistic and semiotic spaces, does not fully address the complexity of contemporary cultural encounters. Centering on a whole range of literary works from the United States and the Caribbean, the contributors suggest and discuss different theoretical and methodological grounds to address the literary production taking place across the lines in North American and Caribbean culture. The volume represents a pioneering attempt at proposing the concept of the border as a useful paradigm not only for the study of Chicano literature but also for the other American literatures. The works presented in the volume illustrate various aspects and manifestations of the textual border(lands), and explore the double-voiced discourse of border texts by writers like Harriet E. Wilson, Rudolfo Anaya, Toni Morrison, Cormac McCarthy, Louise Erdrich, Helena Viramontes, Paule Marshall and Monica Sone, among others. This book is of interest for scholars and researchers in the field of comparative American studies and ethnic studies.

Nation-building in the Post-Soviet Borderlands

Nation-building in the Post-Soviet Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9780521599689
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Graham Smith,Vivien Law,Andrew Wilson,Edward Allworth,Annette Bohr
Number of Pages: 293 
File: nation-building-in-the-post-soviet-borderlands.pdf
Reads: 1761260


The emergence in 1991 of the fourteen borderland post-Soviet states has been accompanied by the reforging of their national identities. Such attempts to rethink or reimagine the nation have had a major impact in reshaping the political, cultural and social lives of both national and ethnic minority groups alike. This book analyzes these national identities and explores their consequences for the borderland states, with substantive studies drawn from the Baltic states, Ukraine and Belarus, Transcaucasia and Central Asia.

Bolton and the Spanish Borderlands

Bolton and the Spanish Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9780806111506
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
Author: Herbert Eugene Bolton
Number of Pages: 360 
File: bolton-and-the-spanish-borderlands.pdf
Reads: 7963096


In the early years of the twentieth century, Herbert Eugene Bolton opened up a new area of study in American history: the Spanish Borderlands. His research took him to the archives of Mexico, where he found a wealth of unpublished, even unknown, material that shed new light on the early history of North America, particularly the American Southwest. The seventeen essays in this book, edited by John Francis Bannon, illustrate the importance of his contributions to American historiography and provide a solid foundation for students of Borderlands history.

Borderlands: Origins #3

Borderlands: Origins #3 ebook ISBN:
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Author: Mikey Neumann
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: borderlands-origins-3.pdf
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''Mordecai.'' For the millions and millions of fans of the smash-hit video game BORDERLANDS, a lingering question exists: how did the Vault Hunters get on the bus with Marcus in the first place? The tone shifts to an old-school Spaghetti Western as we find out where Mordecai comes from and what secrets he is hiding in his past.

Criticism in the Borderlands

Criticism in the Borderlands ebook ISBN: 0822382350
Publisher: Duke University Press
Author: Héctor Calderón,José David Saldívar
Number of Pages: 308 
File: criticism-in-the-borderlands.pdf
Reads: 5853447


This pathbreaking anthology of Chicano literary criticism, with essays on a remarkable range of texts—both old and new—draws on diverse perspectives in contemporary literary and cultural studies: from ethnographic to postmodernist, from Marxist to feminist, from cultural materialist to new historicist. The editors have organized essays around four board themes: the situation of Chicano literary studies within American literary history and debates about the “canon”; representations of the Chicana/o subject; genre, ideology, and history; and the aesthetics of Chicano literature. The volume as a whole aims at generating new ways of understanding what counts as culture and “theory” and who counts as a theorist. A selected and annotated bibliography of contemporary Chicano literary criticism is also included. By recovering neglected authors and texts and introducing readers to an emergent Chicano canon, by introducing new perspectives on American literary history, ethnicity, gender, culture, and the literary process itself, Criticism in the Borderlands is an agenda-setting collection that moves beyond previous scholarship to open up the field of Chicano literary studies and to define anew what is American literature. Contributors. Norma Alarcón, Héctor Calderón, Angie Chabram, Barbara Harlow, Rolando Hinojosa, Luis Leal, José E. Limón, Terese McKenna, Elizabeth J. Ordóñez, Genero Padilla, Alvina E. Quintana, Renato Rosaldo, José David Saldívar, Sonia Saldívar-Hull, Rosaura Sánchez, Roberto Trujillo


Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9789042004580
Publisher: Rodopi
Author: Gesellschaft für die Neuen Englischsprachigen Literaturen. Conference,Gesellschaft für die Neuen Englischsprachigen Literaturen. Annual Conference
Number of Pages: 293 
File: borderlands.pdf
Reads: 7637209


Boundaries, borderlines, limits on the one hand and rites of passage, contact zones, in-between spaces on the other have attracted renewed interest in a broad variety of cultural discourses after a long period of decenterings and delimitations in numerous fields of social, psychological, and intellectual life.Anthropological dimensions of the subject and its multifarious ways of world-making represent the central challenge among the concerns of the humanities. The role of literature and the arts in the formation of cultural and personal identities, theoretical and political approaches to the relation between self and other, the familiar and the foreign, have become key issues in literary and cultural studies; forms of expressivity and expression and question of mediation as well as new enquiries into ethics have characterized the intellectual energies of the past decade. The aim of Borderlandsis to represent a variety of approaches to questions of border crossing and boundary transgression; approaches from different angles and different disciplines, but all converging in their own way on the post-colonial paradigm.Topics discussed include globalization, cartography and ontology, transitional identity, ecocritical sensibility, questions of the application of post-coloniality, gender and sexuality, and attitudes towards space and place. As well as studies of the cinema of the settler colonies, the films of Neil Jordan, and 'Othering' in Canadian sports journalism, there are treatments of the Nigerian novel, South African prison memoirs, and African women's writing. Authors examined include Elizabeth Bowen, Bruce Chatwin, Mohamed Choukri, Nuruddin Farah, Jamaica Kincaid, Pauline Melville, Bharati Mukherjee, Michael Ondaatje, and Leslie Marmon Silko.

Asian Borderlands

Asian Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9780674021716
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Author: Charles Patterson Giersch
Number of Pages: 308 
File: asian-borderlands.pdf
Reads: 5741473


With comparative frontier history and pioneering use of indigenous sources, Giersch provides a groundbreaking challenge to the China-centered narrative of the Qing conquest. He focuses on the Tai domains of the Yunnan frontier on the politically fluid borderlands, where local, indigenous leaders were crucial actors in an arena of imperial rivalry.

The Borderlands of Science

The Borderlands of Science ebook ISBN: 9780198032724
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Michael Shermer
Number of Pages: 368 
File: the-borderlands-of-science.pdf
Reads: 1879222


As author of the bestselling Why People Believe Weird Things and How We Believe, and Editor-in-Chief of Skeptic magazine, Michael Shermer has emerged as the nation's number one scourge of superstition and bad science. Now, in The Borderlands of Science, he takes us to the place where real science (such as the big bang theory), borderland science (superstring theory), and just plain nonsense (Big Foot) collide with one another. Shermer argues that science is the best lens through which to view the world, but he recognizes that it's often difficult for most of us to tell where valid science leaves off and borderland science begins. To help us, Shermer looks at a range of topics that put the boundary line in high relief. For instance, he discusses the many "theories of everything" that try to reduce the complexity of the world to a single principle, and shows how most fall into the category of pseudoscience. He examines the work of Darwin and Freud, explaining why one is among the great scientists in history, while the other has become nothing more than a historical curiosity. He also shows how Carl Sagan's life exemplified the struggle we all face to find a balance between being open-minded enough to recognize radical new ideas but not so open-minded that our brains fall out. And finally, he reveals how scientists themselves can be led astray, as seen in the infamous Piltdown Hoax. Michael Shermer's enlightening volume will be a valuable aid to anyone bewildered by the many scientific theories swirling about. It will help us stay grounded in common sense as we try to evaluate everything from SETI and acupuncture to hypnosis and cloning.

The Polish-German Borderlands

The Polish-German Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9780313291623
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 201 
File: the-polish-german-borderlands.pdf
Reads: 5983249


This annotated guide to English language materials dealing with all aspects of the history of the borderlands since the 1700s gives special attention to conflicts between Germans and Poles and issues that are again critical in Central Europe. Students, teachers, and scholars will find this bibliography of over 1200 entries to primary sources, books, chapters in books, dissertations, journal articles, government documents, fiction, and films easy to use. The introduction points to different names given to the region and puts the bibliography into historical context. The chapters cover different historical periods and organize material either by genre of work or by topics significant to a particular era. Author, title, and subject indexes make the material easily accessible for a wide variety of research needs.

The Sociolinguistics of Borderlands

The Sociolinguistics of Borderlands ebook ISBN: 9780865439115
Publisher: Africa World Press
Author: Tope Omoniyi
Number of Pages: 292 
File: the-sociolinguistics-of-borderlands.pdf
Reads: 972422


The central pursuit of this book is to demonstrate the link between language and identity using the Idiroko/Igolo community on the Nigerian/Benin border. It raises issues of identity within a sociolinguistic framework, focusing on the ways in which colonial boundaries affected community, ethnic and national affiliations and the social and political dynamics of choosing between various identities in these contexts. Consisting of seven chapters, this is a valuable tool for undergraduates, postgraduates and academics interested in African borderlands.

Building the Borderlands: A Transnational History of Irrigated Cotton along the MexicoTexas Border

Building the Borderlands: A Transnational History of Irrigated Cotton along the MexicoTexas Border ebook ISBN: 160344436X
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
Author: Casey Walsh
Number of Pages: 234 
File: building-the-borderlands-a-transnational-history-of-irrigated-cotton-along-the-mexicotexas-border.pdf
Reads: 3312207


Cotton, crucial to the economy of the American South, has also played a vital role in the making of the Mexican north. The Lower Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) Valley irrigation zone on the border with Texas in northern Tamaulipas, Mexico, was the centerpiece of the Cardenas government's effort to make cotton the basis of the national economy. This irrigation district, built and settled by Mexican Americans repatriated from Texas, was a central feature of Mexico's effort to control and use the waters of the international river for irrigated agriculture. Drawing on previously unexplored archival sources, Casey Walsh discusses the relations among various groups comprising the "social field" of cotton production in the borderlands. By describing the complex relationships among these groups, Walsh contributes to a clearer understanding of capitalism and the state, of transnational economic forces, of agricultural and water issues in the U.S.-Mexican borderlands, and of the environmental impacts of economic development. Building the Borderlands crosses a number of disciplinary, thematic, and regional frontiers, integrating perspectives and literature from the United States and Mexico, from anthropology and history, and from political, economic, and cultural studies. Walsh's important transnational study will enjoy a wide audience among scholars of Latin American and Western U.S. history, the borderlands, and environmental and agricultural history, as well as anthropologists and others interested in the environment and water rights.