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Born Cheetah

Born Cheetah ebook ISBN: 1771116447
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Author: Zenina Masters
Number of Pages: 52 
File: born-cheetah.pdf
Reads: 9899346


Rayna is a cheetah raised by otters. She got a free pass to the Crossroads, courtesy of her deceased parents. Tired of trying to find a cheetah or any other shifter that could wake her senses, she begins to work through the mate-seeking candidates at the Crossroads. If she couldn�t have her schoolgirl crush, she would have to make do. Born to a steadfast horse-shifter family, Gregory was in love with Rayna, but an interception of an assignation note and their lives veered in two different directions. Now, he is at the Crossroads and more than his spirits rise when he sees the love of his life and knows that the timing is finally perfect.

Federal Register

Federal Register ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: federal-register.pdf
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Big Cat Conservation

Big Cat Conservation ebook ISBN: 9780761332312
Publisher: Lerner Publications
Author: Peggy Thomas
Number of Pages: 64 
File: big-cat-conservation.pdf
Reads: 6905428


Examines how scientists and zoos around the world are managing wild and captive big cats like panthers, cheetahs, tigers, and lions by radio tracking, scat examination, zoo breeding programs, and habitat conservation.

Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation

Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation ebook ISBN: 012804120X
Publisher: Academic Press
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 596 
File: cheetahs-biology-and-conservation.pdf
Reads: 6173358


Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation reports on the science and conservation of the cheetah. This volume demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of research and conservation efforts to study and protect the cheetah. The book begins with chapters on the evolution, genetics, physiology, ecology and behavior of the species, as well as distribution reports from range countries. These introductory chapters lead into discussions of the challenges facing cheetah survival, including habitat loss, declining prey base, human-wildlife conflict, illegal trade, and newly-emerging threats, notably climate change. This book also focuses on conservation strategies and solutions, including environmental education and alternative livelihoods. Chapters on the role of captive cheetahs to conservation and the long-term research of the species are included, as are a brief discussion of the methods and analyses used to study the cheetah. The book concludes with the conservation status and future outlook of the species. Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation is a valuable resource for the regional and global communities of cheetah conservationists, researchers, and academics. Although cheetah focussed the book provides information relevant to the study of broader topics such as wildlife conservation, captive breeding, habitat management, conservation biology and animal behaviour. Cover photograph by Angela Scott Includes chapters by the world’s leading cheetah researchers and practitioners, who have focused their efforts on this high-profile species of conservation concern Provides findings as a combination of scientific detail and basic explanations so that they can be available not only to cheetah researchers and conservationists, but also to policy makers, business leaders, zoo managers, academics, students, and people interested in the cheetah and its future Presents the current knowledge of the species, helping lay the foundations and best practices for cheetah conservation and research worldwide Additional protocols and forms (which were provided by authors) can be found at the Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation companion site:


Cheetahs ebook ISBN: 082259417X
Publisher: Lerner Publications
Author: Dianne M. MacMillan
Number of Pages: 48 
File: cheetahs.pdf
Reads: 2893492


Describes the physical characteristics, life cycle, behavior, and conservation of cheetahs.

Great Zoos Of The World

Great Zoos Of The World ebook ISBN: 0429728611
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Lord Zuckerman
Number of Pages: 272 
File: great-zoos-of-the-world.pdf
Reads: 7551060


This book illustrates how some best zoos in the world have evolved, by reference to the history of a few. It contains a list of names of the present and former professional staff of the Zoological Society of London.


Cheetah ebook ISBN: 1623345553
Publisher: StarWalk Kids Media
Author: Caroline Arnold
Number of Pages: 48 
File: cheetah.pdf
Reads: 8340232


In the wild, cheetahs are among the most endangered species. Hunting, disease, and destruction of their natural habitat have all played a part in reducing the world population. This lively photo essay introduces young readers to this sleek and beautiful big cat.

Wonder Born

Wonder Born ebook ISBN: 1479731188
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: V.M. Castel
Number of Pages: 149 
File: wonder-born.pdf
Reads: 3293352


This is the first book, of a series of two, of present-day people who work with spirit, using inherited spiritual gifts such as empathy, healing, sight, spirit communication, and more; to do amazing things (healing, energy manipulation, interact with ghosts, affect weather, precognition, animal/nature communication, dream travel, and manifestation). In Southern Louisiana, these people are referred to as Traiteurs and the foundation of their faith and craft is the Trinity. This particular family is of the Naquin Traiteur lineage. Each family is unique in their abilities as are the different traditions of Native American tribes; akin to Native American Medicine. Part one focuses on the circumstances surrounding the birth and early life of these unique people. Part 2 tells of resources (tools) used by this Traiteur family to live regular lives. So, come along for the ride, as we explore a mystery of wonder living along-side you.

Born of Three Worlds

Born of Three Worlds ebook ISBN: 1465378081
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Susanna A. Seltzer
Number of Pages: 231 
File: born-of-three-worlds.pdf
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The Tree Where Man Was Born

The Tree Where Man Was Born ebook ISBN: 1101663197
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Peter Matthiessen
Number of Pages: 304 
File: the-tree-where-man-was-born.pdf
Reads: 388516


A timeless and majestic portrait of Africa by renowned writer Peter Matthiessen (1927-2014), author of the National Book Award-winning The Snow Leopard and the new novel In Paradise A finalist for the National Book Award when it was released in 1972, this vivid portrait of East Africa remains as fresh and revelatory now as on the day it was first published. Peter Matthiessen exquisitely combines nature and travel writing to portray the sights, scenes, and people he observed firsthand in several trips over the course of a dozen years. From the daily lives of wild herdsmen and the drama of predator kills to the field biologists investigating wild creatures and the anthropologists seeking humanity's origins in the rift valley, The Tree Where Man Was Born is a classic of journalistic observation. This Penguin Classics edition features an introduction by groundbreaking British primatologist Jane Goodall. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

The Cheetah

The Cheetah ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold
Author: Randall L. Eaton
Number of Pages: 178 
File: the-cheetah.pdf
Reads: 1435088


Views the cheetah's life in the wild and in captivity and reveals the forces threatening its survival

Wild in the City

Wild in the City ebook ISBN: 9780911461121
Publisher: Zoological Society of San
Author: Robert Wade,Marjorie Betts Shaw
Number of Pages: 192 
File: wild-in-the-city.pdf
Reads: 3641173



Cheetahs ebook ISBN: 1406273422
Publisher: Raintree
Author: Charlotte Guillain
Number of Pages: 48 
File: cheetahs.pdf
Reads: 1775500


"Here's an animal lover's one-stop source for in-depth information on cheetahs! What do they eat? How do they behave? Are they at risk? This book also includes loads of fun and fascinating facts about dolphins, as well as maps, charts, and wonderful photographs of these clever creatures."--

Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plains

Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plains ebook ISBN: 9780226094342
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Author: Tim Caro
Number of Pages: 478 
File: cheetahs-of-the-serengeti-plains.pdf
Reads: 2362745


Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plains is the most comprehensive account of carnivore social behavior to date. Synthesizing more than a decade of research in the wild, this book offers a detailed account of the behavior and ecology of cheetahs. Compared with other large cats, and other mammals, cheetahs have an unusual breeding system; whereas lions live in prides and tigers are solitary, some cheetahs live in groups while others live by themselves. Tim Caro explores group and solitary living among cheetahs and discovers that the causes of social behavior vary dramatically, even within a single species. Why do cheetah cubs stay with their mother for a full year after weaning? Why do adolescents remain in groups? Why do adult males live in permanent associations with each other? Why do adult females live alone? Through observations on the costs and benefits of group living, Caro offers new insight into the complex behavior of this extraordinary species. For example, contrary to common belief about cooperative hunting in large carnivores, he shows that neither adolescents nor adult males benefit from hunting in groups. With many surprising findings, and through comparisons with other cat species, Caro enriches our understanding of the evolution of social behavior and offers new perspectives on conservation efforts to save this charismatic and endangered carnivore.

Cheetah Math

Cheetah Math ebook ISBN: 1466867256
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
Author: Ann Whitehead Nagda
Number of Pages: 32 
File: cheetah-math.pdf
Reads: 1508840


Cheetahs are very fast—and very shy. When two young cubs come to the nursery at the San Diego Zoo, the staff hopes they will help visitors learn more about the plight of cheetahs in the wild. Majani and Kubali are shy, but with the help of their dog buddies they become perfect animal ambassadors. In Cheetah Math, kids can learn all about division from these baby cheetahs and their canine friends. A Junior Library Guild Selection

Born Wild

Born Wild ebook ISBN: 0141959525
Publisher: Penguin UK
Author: Tony Fitzjohn
Number of Pages: 384 
File: born-wild.pdf
Reads: 1631459


Born Wild is a story of passion, adventure and skulduggery on the frontline of African conservation. Following Tony Fitzjohn's journey from London bad boy to African wildlife warrior, the heart of the story is a series of love affairs with the world's most beautiful and endangered creatures - affairs that so often end in pain, for to succeed in re-introducing a lion or leopard to the wild is to be deprived of their companionship. Tony tells of his twenty years in Kenya with George Adamson of Born Free fame - a time of discovery, isolation and frequent danger living far from civilisation. And when he was prevented from re-introducing any more animals into the wild and made unwelcome in the country he loved, Tony had to start anew in Tanzania.

Born to Walk

Born to Walk ebook ISBN: 1583947833
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Author: James Earls
Number of Pages: 216 
File: born-to-walk.pdf
Reads: 8403238


The ability to walk upright on two legs is one of the major traits that define us as humans; yet, scientists still aren't sure why we evolved to walk as we do. In Born to Walk, author James Earls explores the mystery of our evolution by describing in depth the mechanisms that allow us to be efficient in bipedal gait. Viewing the whole body as an interconnected unit, Earls explains how we can regain a flowing efficiency within our gait--an efficiency which, he argues, is part of our natural design. This book is designed for movement therapy practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, and any bodyworker wishing to help clients by incorporating an understanding of gait and its mechanics. It will also appeal to anyone with an interest in evolution and movement. Drawing on recent research from paleoanthropology, sports science, and anatomy, Earls proposes a complete model of how the whole body cooperates in this three dimensional action. His work is based on Thomas Myers's Anatomy Trains model of human anatomy, a holistic view of the human body that emphasizes fascial and myofascial connections. Earls distills the complex action of walking into a simple sequence of "essential events" or actions that are necessary to engage the myofascia and utilize its full potential in the form of elastic energy. He explains the "stretch-shortening cycle"--the mechanism that is the basis for many normal human activities--and discusses how humans take advantage of isometric contractions, viscoelastic response, and elastic recoil to minimize calorie usage. This streamlined efficiency is what enabled our first ancestors to begin to migrate not only seasonally but also permanently to new lands, thereby expanding the natural resources available to us as a species.

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife ebook ISBN:
Author: Defenders of Wildlife
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: defenders-of-wildlife.pdf
Reads: 6983884


What's the Difference Between a Leopard and a Cheetah?

What's the Difference Between a Leopard and a Cheetah? ebook ISBN: 1404855483
Publisher: Capstone
Author: Lisa Bullard,Bandelin-Dacey
Number of Pages: 24 
File: what-s-the-difference-between-a-leopard-and-a-cheetah.pdf
Reads: 1435921


Describes the similarities and differences of leopards and cheetahs and their physical characteristics, diet, behavior, and habitat.