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Born Sinner

Born Sinner ebook ISBN: 9781536961119
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: S. L. Jennings
Number of Pages: 354 
File: born-sinner.pdf
Reads: 3341864


Twenty-two years ago, I was cut from a cold, sodden womb, and cradled in the filth and poverty of Chicago's concrete arms. Statistically, I wasn't supposed to survive these streets past the age of eighteen. Fate had a different plan. I was bred for one purpose and one purpose only: to unleash death and destruction on my world. My thoughts are power. My words are weapons. Evil created me then grace tried to save me. But first... they tried to kill me. They call themselves the Se7en. They are sin and salvation, and everything we've feared from the beginning of time. And their leader is the deadliest of them all. He doesn't lose. He doesn't compromise. And most importantly, he doesn't distract himself with mortal weakness. Not until me. Kill one to save a million. That's what he told me when he took me as his prisoner. Kill one to save a million. That's what he's been trying to tell himself ever since he took me into his arms.

Born Sinner

Born Sinner ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Glenna Maynard
Author: Glenna Maynard
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: born-sinner.pdf
Reads: 2319008


When a born sinner gets a taste of the reverend’s daughter he becomes hellbent on making her his. Trigger Jennings has only ever wanted one woman on the back of his motorcycle, Opal Willoughby. Now that she’s eighteen, nothing will stand in his way. Not even her daddy, the reverend who's got a vendetta against his club, the Born Sinners.

Natural Born Sinner

Natural Born Sinner ebook ISBN: 9781089979739
Author: Tori Barrett
Number of Pages: 272 
File: natural-born-sinner.pdf
Reads: 3601469


Four young college students form an experimental group working in controlling dreams through the use of a new form of Transcendental Meditation. They grow to be very close; two are lovers, one is universally despised by the other three, but all four are inextricably linked through their common "dream" adventures in which they interact during their sleep. At a crucial point in their research, the project leader (a professor of paranormal studies) dies, leaving the students to try to further their research on their own. Unfortunately, they don't know what they're doing and they abandon themselves to the temptations of their own fantasies....until one of the students tries to *kill* the others in the dreams.

SAINTS not sinners

SAINTS not sinners ebook ISBN: 1329386841
Author: Kevin Don Levellie
Number of Pages: 108 
File: saints-not-sinners.pdf
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Christians are SAINTS. They are not sinners in the present tense saved by grace. Sinners is what they used to be. The Bible nowhere teaches that a Christian has a sin nature or can be labeled a sinner. This is established through examination of the three terms - sinners, Saints and flesh - from a linguistic view as well as from their context in scripture. Additionally there is a comprehensive search of the scriptures on the nature of the Saint. This will empower every Christian to live what he knows.

God Will Save a Sinner - While Allowing a Saint to Drown

God Will Save a Sinner - While Allowing a Saint to Drown ebook ISBN: 1434967476
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Author: Ronald Shirley
Number of Pages: 160 
File: god-will-save-a-sinner-while-allowing-a-saint-to-drown.pdf
Reads: 4325853


God Will Save A Sinner - While Allowing A Saint To Drown is a collection of religious poems combing the lives of men and women within and outside the walk with God. For this is how life will always flow until life will be no more. That's why in God Jehovah and Jesus Christ I have belief. Because after I am taken away, I know with them there is another way.

Trigger's Ride

Trigger's Ride ebook ISBN:
Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.
Author: Vivian Gray
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: trigger-s-ride.pdf
Reads: 4106056


Trigger's Ride is book 3 and the finale of the Broken Mavericks MC trilogy! The bad boy biker has his finger on my trigger. Trigger saved me from a drug dealer's abuse. He thinks I can save his soul. But giving myself to the biker doesn't go as expected… When I end up with a baby in my belly. KENNA My mom is in trouble again. A vicious drug addiction has sunk its claws into her. And it won't let her go without a fight. So back into chaos she falls. But this time is worse than ever. And when I go to try and rescue her… I end up face-to-face with the devil. Trigger is like something out of a dream. Tall and tattooed. Skin glistening with muscle and ink. Eyes that see me, pin me, pierce me. And hands that – once they get a grip on my body – will never, ever let me go. TRIGGER They call me Trigger. I shoot first and ask questions later. It's why I became a biker in the Broken Mavericks MC. So I could hurt the scum of this world who prey on the weak. But sometimes, my job brings me in touch with people who deserve a better life. The innocent. The pure. Kenna is one of those. She shouldn't be with a killer like me. But I can't let a beauty like her slip through my fingers. She'll either save me from my darkest path… Or I'll corrupt her beyond repair. Either way, she's mine now.

Made Killer

Made Killer ebook ISBN:
Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.
Author: Vivian Gray
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: made-killer.pdf
Reads: 1873347


Made Killer is book 3 and the finale of the Bad Devils MC trilogy! What if a killer took you to bed? I've had enough of bikers. My scumbag father left us when I was just a baby. But Race is dead-set on making me his… And giving me a baby of my own. RACE I grew up in broken homes. The child of drug addicts, I've seen the worst horrors life has to offer. But I survived it all. The abuse. The neglect. The pain. The suffering. My scars and tattoos are a testament to what I've done to stay alive. People know at first glance I've had trouble in my past. And the Bad Devils MC patch on my kutte lets them I'll probably have more in my future. But women can never resist a dangerous bad boy. They flock to my side and beg me to own them for the night. Except for Delilah. She takes one look at me and tries to escape. She can tell that this is not an act or a façade. I'm a born killer. And she knows that the best thing to do is run from me. But I won't let that happen. She's too precious, too pure, too beautiful for any other man but me. We're both broken in our own unique ways. But I'm determined to make her shatter for me. And only for me. DELILAH I knew he was danger from the second I saw him. But I just couldn't stay far enough away. Race is relentless and savage. He won't stop until I'm in his bed, moaning his name, pleading for more and more and more. And even that won't be enough. Because Race wants a family to replace the one he never had. And in me, he's found his woman. All that's left is for us to make a baby. Whether I want it or not.

Born D.O.A.

Born D.O.A. ebook ISBN: 1594674205
Publisher: Xulon Press
Author: William G. Jones,William Jones
Number of Pages: 208 
File: born-d-o-a.pdf
Reads: 1316129


Salvation is the real business of life and is the central message of the Bible, ?Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved.? GOD says that everything that this world may offer is not worth the value of even one soul to Him.GOD has personally entered into His creation of humanity in the person of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who was born into the human family by the process of a unique birth, the virgin birth being the only one of its kind and without equal or equivalent.GOD moves through the human element involving human history to get His will, purpose, and prophecy done, and the nation of Israel and the Church are His two elect groups on earth. Mankind has an ordained future and rest in the hand of the Creator GOD, and that future is with Him forever and eternally.

Elpis Israel

Elpis Israel ebook ISBN:
Author: John Thomas
Number of Pages: 451 
File: elpis-israel.pdf
Reads: 3281538


Truth for Born-Again

Truth for Born-Again ebook ISBN: 0578065878
Author: Perse D IMM
Number of Pages: 176 
File: truth-for-born-again.pdf
Reads: 9599458


Heaven and Hell are futuristic, not currently real, but men's spirits, religion, fear, born-again and heavenly joy are. Men's spirits are dead. That's why men in general cannot have any realistic spiritual understandings and easily devoured by religion. They are born into this world physically, carrying the corpses of spirits. That's also why all men have fear. Fear is the smell of a spirit-corpse. Men of fear, religion and the knowledge of good and evil are not qualified to be in Paradise Regained, but are destined to be thrown into the Hell-fire; the final cleaning step of re-creation. To be freed from fear, religion and the ominous knowledge of good and evil, men must be born-again. It's the only task that all men must have it realized during their life time. It's not the task of men, but God-Almighty's that should be accomplished and realized, never by men's efforts, but totally by God the Father's. Born-again is never man's work, never religious. Man, not as animal-kind, cannot die individually. All men had died, as a whole, at the first death, and will die again at the second universal event of death at the end of human history. Genuine life and death, having nothing to do with existence, are spiritual, not physical as with animals. Man will exist forever either dead or alive. God desires to make all men be born-again with their revived spirits to be qualified for His newly created Kingdom. For God to make a man born-again, man needs to know some basic historical information to be motivated for His re-creation. All natural men, spiritually-dead, are just 'dust'. God needs 'dust' for His new creation of man; not living-dust, which is improbable, but just dead 'dust'. God gave Adam the life, which was spiritual and genuine. But Satan, in the body of a serpent, gave him the knowledge of good and evil. There's something that men must give up to acquire the eternal life, that is, the Satanic knowledge of good and evil, not to speak of all its applications. All religious merits must be denied totally, which are nothing else but the Tower of Babel designed and being built by men based on the Satanic knowledge of good and evil. The Truth that all men must know to be freed by from 'fear of death' is hidden in the jungle of thoughts and history in the Bible. ------------------------ This book is a book of challenge; the challenge of God the Father, the perfect irresistible almighty Love. It'll show whether the Heavenly gate is really open wide or not, and guide any sincere and honest reader to be led into the grasp of the expecting Spirit of the Father who has gone crazy for re-gaining His Own back into His possession from the tenacious grasp of the Serpent; the roaring lion. ------------------------- TITLES: Philosophy, religion, science and logic; Existentialism and Cross; Philosophy of Jesus; The core, the secret of the Bible; The knowledge of good and evil-the shackle; Conquering death; Universal event of the Cross; Contents of faith; Miss-application of 'faith without works'; What is the will of God; Possessing or living; Absurdity of keeping the Law; Freedom to sin; Weakness of God; Adam and Jesus; Judas Iscariot the Jew; Repentance-denial of the knowledge of good and evil; Citizenship of His Kingdom; War of reasoning; Words of revival.

The Islamic Vision of Development in the Light of Maqasid Al-Shariah

The Islamic Vision of Development in the Light of Maqasid Al-Shariah ebook ISBN: 1565644417
Publisher: IIIT
Author: Muhammad Umer Chapra,Shiraz Khan,Anas Al Shaikh-Ali
Number of Pages: 50 
File: the-islamic-vision-of-development-in-the-light-of-maqasid-al-shariah.pdf
Reads: 5448176


The maqasid al-shari’ah (higher intents and purposes of Islamic Law) have been either directly stated in the Qur’an and the Sunnah or inferred from these by a number of scholars. All of these address the raison d’être of the Shari’ah which, as recognized by almost all the jurists, is to serve the interests of all human beings and to save them from harm. In this paper Dr. Chapra explores the Islamic vision of development in relation to the maqasid al-shari’ah arguing that Islam has emphasized all the ingredients of human well-being, including the human self, faith, intellect, posterity as well as wealth, for society to flourish. For the Muslim world to focus on economic development only may in the short term result in relatively higher rates of growth but in the long-run will lead to a rise in inequities, family disintegration, juvenile delinquency, crime, and social unrest.

As The Words Flow... a Collection of Prose and Spoken-word Poetry

As The Words Flow... a Collection of Prose and Spoken-word Poetry ebook ISBN: 130497250X
Author: Dayelle Brown
Number of Pages: 164 
File: as-the-words-flow-a-collection-of-prose-and-spoken-word-poetry.pdf
Reads: 9533684


"As The Words Flow..." is a collection of poems that speak to the human experience by sharing my own. In a time where I thought no one was listening or would ever understand me, I began to write. I wrote to ease my mind, soothe my broken heart, and to show sides of me most don't get to see, with hopes of inspiring the next person. As a result, this book was created. These are my words. And they have a way of lingering...

Idolatry of Blood

Idolatry of Blood ebook ISBN: 1490753818
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: Frédéric Zürcher
Number of Pages: 368 
File: idolatry-of-blood.pdf
Reads: 7330486


The preponderance and influences of religions in our world need not be established. Religions are largely represented in two categories of fundamental beliefs regarding the deity: those who claim monotheism and polytheists. If there is a single common thread between all religions, it is that they are all founded on at least some elements of beliefs that defy logic. Those unexplainable beliefs are accepted as faith by their devotees. If this observation is correct, one has to reflect on a few basic questions. If intelligent supernatural forces created humans, they are also the creators of logic. This suggests that the religions of our world should not be short on logic, but a simple analysis of their beliefs appear to show otherwise. The same could be said of the monotheist God; why does he expect a persons faith to be founded on elements lacking sound logic? The author answers the question in a rather surprising way. The lack of logic is only due to human interference in the affairs of God. The divine system designed to regenerate love originally created in the human heart has been corrupted beyond recognition. This book is a search for Gods rational plan of action to help humans grow true love in their hearts.

The Light of the World

The Light of the World ebook ISBN: 1452026386
Publisher: Author House
Author: Patrick K. Canon
Number of Pages: 56 
File: the-light-of-the-world.pdf
Reads: 650074


This was written in 2006 during a time of tremendous pain and suffering in the author's life. At that time, there was no intention of having it published. The author wrote it because he believed he was compelled by God to document the events he witnessed when he lost his marriage and was saved from his sins by Jesus Christ on June 4, 2005. In case of his unexpected death, he wanted people to know about his eyewitness testimony of the miracle God worked in his life, and in hope that people would believe that Jesus Christ really was and still is the Son of God. Jesus loves you so much that He gave His life to save you from your sins. He is risen, and He will live and reign forever and ever. God wants you to be in Heaven. Please believe in His Son, and you will receive the gift of salvation that only Jesus Christ can give you. May the peace of God be with you.

Human Nature in It's Fourfold State

Human Nature in It's Fourfold State ebook ISBN: 1589600061
Publisher: Sovereign Grace Publishers,
Author: Thomas Boston
Number of Pages: 260 
File: human-nature-in-it-s-fourfold-state.pdf
Reads: 5536835


This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. Therefore, you will see the original copyright references, library stamps (as most of these works have been housed in our most important libraries around the world), and other notations in the work.This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work.As a reproduction of a historical artifact, this work may contain missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.

What the Bible Really Says about That...!

What the Bible Really Says about That...! ebook ISBN: 160647023X
Publisher: Xulon Press
Author: Robert L. Kramer
Number of Pages: 240 
File: what-the-bible-really-says-about-that.pdf
Reads: 4280133


ARE YOU SURE YOU KNOW? What the Bible really says-about some of the most IMPORTANT & CONTROVERSIAL subjects. Was the world created in six days? Is sex a tolerated, tainted activity? What is the image of God? Did Enoch and Elijah never die? Was I born a sinner or saint? Is Saturday or Sunday the required holy day? How did an evil Satan get into God's good world? Once saved, does it really matter how I live? Am I an adopted child of God or born into His family? Is my soul immortal and will sinners face eternal torture or eternal death in Hell? Read this clarifying, scholarly, but easy to read, study of some controversial doctrines and difficult Bible texts. Discover that what the Bible actually says about these subjects is more exciting and freeing than the traditional lore and faulty interpretations men have taught. The writer, Rev. Robert L. Kramer, is a graduate of Moravian College and received his theological training at the Evangelical Seminary, Reading, PA and Moravian Theological Seminary, Bethlehem, PA. He had been a pastor for 45 years in the Evangelical Congregational Church and had written Sunday School lessons for the denominational Sunday School quarterly and articles for the church paper. The United Evangelical. He had served as secretary and then president of the Christian Educational Society of the Evangelical Congregational Church. Upon retirement from the pastorate he was urged by his District Superintendent to pursue means to preserve and share his teachings with the Christian community at large. To that end he began to write and mail a bi-monthly periodical, Second Thoughts, which he has done for 14 years. He has served as the Bible teacher in camp meetings in Pennsylvania and has held prophecy conferences in Pennsylvania and Texas.

The Secret of God's Organic Salvation

The Secret of God's Organic Salvation ebook ISBN: 1575933152
Publisher: Living Stream Ministry
Author: Witness Lee
Number of Pages: 90 
File: the-secret-of-god-s-organic-salvation.pdf
Reads: 2498924


"This book is composed of messages given by Brother Witness Lee in Anaheim, California on May 24-27, 1996"--Preface.

Questions to All Your Answers

Questions to All Your Answers ebook ISBN: 031054131X
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Roger E. Olson
Number of Pages: 192 
File: questions-to-all-your-answers.pdf
Reads: 5161239


Many Christians’ faith exists as a loose collection of unexamined clichés and slogans borrowed from songs, devotional books, sermon illustrations, and even the internet. Too often this belief system (if it can be called a “system”) lacks coherence and intelligibility; it can hardly be expressed, let alone defended, to others. The problem with folk religion is that it too easily withers under the onslaughts of secularism or seemingly reasonable answers provided by cults and new religions. Christianity has a long tradition of intellectual examination of other faiths and its own beliefs. Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living; great Christian minds of all the ages have believed the unexamined faith is not worth believing. Reflective Christianity is Christian faith that has subjected itself to the rigorous questioning of Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. It is mature Christian faith that goes on believing even as it questions what it believes. The goal of this book is not to destroy anyone’s faith but to build it up by placing it on a firmer foundation of critical examination. Ten popular Christian clichés are subjected to critical inquiry and interrogated to discover whether they contain truth or are in error. In most cases the conclusion is—both. The aim is not to tear down straw men but to demonstrate a path toward stronger, more mature Christian belief.

The Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life ebook ISBN: 1411672437
Author: Gerald Walton,Zabdiel
Number of Pages: 87 
File: the-rhythm-of-life.pdf
Reads: 4235769


A Collection of Poems and Commentaries for the Spirit and Mind.