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Borrowed Ember

Borrowed Ember ebook ISBN: 9781477617014
Author: Samantha Young
Number of Pages: 356 
File: borrowed-ember.pdf
Reads: 2388691


Everything in Ari's life until this point has been borrowed. Her human life with a man who wasn't her real father.A love for a boy who needed more than her to be strong.Kisses with a Jinn who refused to do anything but lend them out in moments of weakness.And even her resolve, which seemed to fail her whenever she needed it most. But Ari is done borrowing. She finally feels strong enough to make hunting Jinn not just a hobby to get her through her dismal situation, but to make hunting a permanent and necessary career. Her friendship with Charlie might finally make it onto real and steady ground if only she can save him from the trial on Mount Qaf. And her love for Jai could be eternal, if only she could gain control over the darkness of the Seal within her. Ari believes all of this is doable. That finally she will truly own the relationships in her life and to a certain extent have ownership over her future. But none of that matters when it isn't up to her... ...For high in the emerald mountains of Mount Qaf, the Sultan Azazil has been keeping secrets. Even from the Jinn Kings. Secrets that will change everything... and bring Ari to the crashing realization that once again... ... she's borrowed something that will never truly belong to her. Something that is desperate to be unleashed.Something that could destroy them all. ***For more action, drama, twisted wishes, passionate romance and dark kings... pick up a copy of Borrowed Ember, the third installment in the Fire Spirits series.

Hold On: A Play On/Big Sky Novella

Hold On: A Play On/Big Sky Novella ebook ISBN: 1948050560
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
Author: Samantha Young
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: hold-on-a-play-on-big-sky-novella.pdf
Reads: 1985393


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Samantha Young… Autumn O’Dea has always tried to see the best in people while her big brother, Killian, has always tried to protect her from the worst. While their lonely upbringing made Killian a cynic, it isn’t in Autumn’s nature to be anything but warm and open. However, after a series of relationship disasters and the unsettling realization that she’s drifting aimlessly through life, Autumn wonders if she’s left herself too vulnerable to the world. Deciding some distance from the security blanket of her brother and an unmotivated life in Glasgow is exactly what she needs to find herself, Autumn takes up her friend’s offer to stay at a ski resort in the snowy hills of Montana. Some guy-free alone time on Whitetail Mountain sounds just the thing to get to know herself better. However, she wasn’t counting on colliding into sexy Grayson King on the slopes. Autumn has never met anyone like Gray. Confident, smart, with a wicked sense of humor, he makes the men she dated seem like boys. Her attraction to him immediately puts her on the defense because being open-hearted in the past has only gotten it broken. Yet it becomes increasingly difficult to resist a man who is not only determined to seduce her, but adamant about helping her find her purpose in life and embrace the person she is. Autumn knows she shouldn’t fall for Gray. It can only end badly. After all their lives are divided by an ocean and their inevitable separation is just another heart break away… The Kristen Proby Crossover Collection features a new novel by Kristen Proby and six books by some of her favorite writers: Kristen Proby – Soaring with Fallon Sawyer Bennett – Wicked Force KL Grayson – Crazy Imperfect Love Laura Kaye – Worth Fighting For Monica Murphy – Nothing Without You Rachel Van Dyken – All Stars Fall Samantha Young – Hold On

Surya, My Sun Miranda, My Love

Surya, My Sun Miranda, My Love ebook ISBN: 1646286723
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
Author: Chris Smetana
Number of Pages: 448 
File: surya-my-sun-miranda-my-love.pdf
Reads: 9899475


It is the monsoon season of the year 1801 in Bhind, India. Margaret Harcourte senses the weather is worsening and decides to leave, taking her young infant son with her and traveling back to England, to safety. Her husband, Michael Harcourte, Earle of Lynshire, is on an archaeological dig far away for the next several months and will find out when he returns of her decision. What comes next is heart-wrenching. Over twenty years later, back in England, a fair-haired and beautiful young heiress, Miranda Markham, is kidnapped and brought by ship to India, where she is forced to marry an Indian prince. What unravels following her escape to Australia and then return to England is one of the greatest historical romance stories of the eighteenth century.

Ember of a New World

Ember of a New World ebook ISBN: 1312758813
Publisher: Tom Watson
Author: Tom Watson
Number of Pages: 296 
File: ember-of-a-new-world.pdf
Reads: 5640559


Ember of a New World is the heroic tale of a young woman’s struggle to survive in the wild world of early Neolithic Europe. Ember journeys from her tribe’s village on the river Rhine across the wilds of prehistoric Europe in search of the Ends of the World. Along the way, she faces raiders, wolves, the North Sea, and her own struggle to find herself in a world where women rarely tread. The setting is 5500 BCE Europe at the dawn of the Neolithic era in what would one day be known as Germany. Every effort has been made to bring historical accuracy to the book, from clothing and tools to language and religion

Ember Casey's Billionaire Collection

Ember Casey's Billionaire Collection ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Ember Casey
Author: Ember Casey
Number of Pages: 800 
File: ember-casey-s-billionaire-collection.pdf
Reads: 9149092


The ultimate billionaire boxed set! Enjoy three sizzling romance novels from USA Today bestseller Ember Casey… This bundle includes: The Secret to Seduction Always Wicked The Billionaire Escape Plan A billionaire book boyfriend for every mood! THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION (The Fontaines, Book 0) A fun, spicy romance featuring equal parts heat, humor, and heart! Felicia Liddle is screwed. If she wants to keep her dream job, her new (and way-too-attractive-for-his-own-good) billionaire boss says she has to score an interview with one of the legendary Fontaine brothers of Hollywood. She knows three things about the Fontaine brothers: 1) that they're Hollywood royalty 2) that all four of them are ridiculously, mind-numbingly sexy, and 3) that they never, ever give interviews. Her only chance is to seduce one of them. The only problem? Historically speaking, she’s way more likely to put her foot in her mouth (or generally make a fool of herself) than charm the pants off anyone. That's where her way-too-sexy boss comes in. Billionaire Roman Everet might hold the fate of her job in his hands, but he's also totally willing to teach her the art of seduction. Assuming she can survive his tantalizing lessons... ALWAYS WICKED (A Cunningham Family companion novel) A twisted retelling of HIS WICKED GAMES, this time from the devilish Calder Cunningham's point of view... Perfect for both loyal fans and brand new readers looking for a mega-hot, ultra-steamy read! This is my game. And she has no idea how far I’ll go to win the ultimate prize…her. When Lily Frazer shows up at my family’s estate making demands, I can’t help myself. I have no intention of sharing my family’s secrets with her, but I also have no intention of letting this wild, passionate woman get away from me. So I invite her to play. To my pleasure, the enticing Lily is happy to play by my twisted, sexy rules. But as our games heat up, I soon discover that there’s more to this woman than I initially bargained for. And I plan to have my sweet, satisfying victory…no matter what it takes. THE BILLIONAIRE ESCAPE PLAN A sweet and sizzling friends-to-lovers romantic comedy! Most girls dream of marrying a billionaire. Me? I’d rather make fun of one. Especially if the billionaire in question is Alexander Grant. Excuse me—Xander Grant. That’s right—the mega-hot entrepreneur who seems to top every magazine’s “Rich Eligible Bachelors” list these days. To me, he’ll always be Alex—my childhood best friend. The guy who joined me on all sorts of wild teenage misadventures. The only person in our small town who understood me. It’s been four years since I’ve seen Alex. But suddenly he’s back in our town at the exact same time my life is imploding around me. We’ve both changed so much—I mean, the guy used to live in ripped jeans, and now he wears nothing but designer suits—but when I need it most, he offers me exactly the escape I need. A chance to run away from my life, if only for a few days. I only hope my heart is prepared.

This Borrowed Earth

This Borrowed Earth ebook ISBN: 9780230105270
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Press
Author: Robert Emmet Hernan
Number of Pages: 256 
File: this-borrowed-earth.pdf
Reads: 1808723


Over the last century mankind has irrevocably damaged the environment through the unscrupulous greed of big business and our own willful ignorance. Here are the strikingly poignant accounts of disasters whose names live in infamy: Chernobyl, Bhopal, Exxon Valdez, Three Mile Island, Love Canal, Minamata and others. And with these, the extraordinary and inspirational stories of the countless men and women who fought bravely to protect the communities and environments at risk.


Ember ebook ISBN: 9781939045393
Publisher: Death Collectors
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Number of Pages: 328 
File: ember.pdf
Reads: 4823311


For seventeen-year-old Ember, life is death. With a simple touch, she knows when someone will die. It's her curse and the reason she secludes herself from the world. The only person who knows her secret is her best friend Raven. Then she meets Asher Morgan. He's gorgeous, mysterious, and is the only person Ember can't sense death from. So when he pushes into her life, she doesn't mind. But when unexplained deaths start to haunt her town, Ember starts questioning why she can't sense Asher's death and what he may be hiding.

Borrowed Dreams

Borrowed Dreams ebook ISBN:
Publisher: MM Books
Author: May McGoldrick
Number of Pages: 400 
File: borrowed-dreams.pdf
Reads: 6909848


From USA Today Bestselling Author May McGoldrick, the award-winning novel that launches the Pennington Family Series... BORROWED DREAMS Book 1 of the Scottish Dreams Trilogy THE PROPOSAL Driven to undo the evil wrought by her dead husband, Millicent Wentworth must find a way to save her estate and free the innocent people he enslaves. Her only hope is a marriage—in name only—to the notorious widower, the Earl of Aytoun. THE GROOM Devastated by the tragic accident that killed his wife and left him gravely wounded, Lyon Pennington, fourth Earl of Aytoun, is tormented by the accusations that blame him for the catastrophe. Filled with despair, he lets his mother lure him into a marriage of convenience—for the sake of a good-hearted woman on the verge of financial ruin. THE DESIRE Under Millicent’s gentle gaze, Lyon begins to regain his strength and his wounded heart begins to heal. And soon Millicent discovers that beneath his unruly beard and grim demeanor, Lyon just may be the most handsome—and caring—man she’s ever encountered. For the first time in her life, she realizes that she is alive—alive with a smoldering desire for the one man she’ll love forever… Holt Medallion Winner for Best Historical Romance Romantic Times Award Winner for Best British-Set Historical Romance

Borrowed Summer

Borrowed Summer ebook ISBN:
Author: Elizabeth Enright
Number of Pages: 275 
File: borrowed-summer.pdf
Reads: 7136525


La cité de l'ombre

La cité de l'ombre ebook ISBN: 9782070622825
Publisher: Gallimard-Jeunesse
Author: Jeanne DuPrau
Number of Pages: 294 
File: la-cité-de-l-ombre.pdf
Reads: 1024071


Lina et Doon vivent dans la plus étrange des villes. Creusée sous terre, elle est éclairée artificiellement. Mais l'énergie et les vivres commencent à manquer, et les dirigeants se moquent de l'avenir. Un jour, Lina découvre un message secret qui semble expliquer comment quitter cet endroit. Lina et Doon vont ils réussir à fuir leur cité vouée à la disparition ? Un autre monde est il à leur portée ?

Tout feu tout flamme

Tout feu tout flamme ebook ISBN: 2897336579
Publisher: Éditions AdA
Author: Kristen Callihan
Number of Pages: 500 
File: tout-feu-tout-flamme.pdf
Reads: 4097381


Lorsque les flammes jaillissent... Miranda Ellis est une jeune femme tourmentée. Affligée depuis sa naissance d’un don étrange et puissant, elle a passé sa vie à tenter de maîtriser ce pouvoir exceptionnel. Une faute, commise en toute innocence mais aux conséquences irréversibles, a provoqué la ruine de sa famille et l’a contrainte à épouser le lord le plus abominable de Londres.Elles brûlent à jamais...Lord Benjamin Archer n’est pas un homme ordinaire. Condamné à dissimuler son visagedéfiguré sous un masque, Archer sait fort bien qu’il est égoïste de sa part d’épouser Miranda. Pourtant, il ne peut faire fi de son attirance pour cette magnifique jeune femme à la chevelure flamboyante qui, en le touchant de la main, a éveillé en lui une passion qu’il n’avait jamais éprouvée. Lorsqu’on l’accuse d’avoir commis une série de meurtres horribles, Archer donne libre cours à la nature bestiale qu’il a tenté de toutes ses forces de réprimer. Mais la malédictionqui pèse sur lui est incontournable. Pour sauver l’âme d’Archer, Miranda devra s’introduiredans un monde dominé par la sorcellerie et des intrigues encore plus dangereuses. Car elleseule connaît l’homme qui se cache derrière le masque.

Dublin Street

Dublin Street ebook ISBN: 2290073628
Publisher: J\'ai Lu
Author: Samantha Young
Number of Pages: 417 
File: dublin-street.pdf
Reads: 4651536


Traduit de l'anglais (Ecosse) par Benjamin Kuntzer

Stone Heart

Stone Heart ebook ISBN: 9781543043792
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Meagan Simpson
Number of Pages: 242 
File: stone-heart.pdf
Reads: 871940


A stolen rose, a beautiful girl, and a beast trapped in a cursed castle. Sounds familiar right? But what if Beauty had a secret of her own? What if there was a curse at work far deadlier than being trapped in a castle? Ember's uncle borrowed money from the local warlord, and she's the one being forced to pay the price; indentured servitude to the cruelest man in the land. However, when her uncle returns from a journey with enough gold to pay his debt, and a story about the monsterous lord who gave it to him, Ember finds herself in more of an adventure than she bargained for. Marquis Dyrerisan is not the beast Ember expects. He's a haughty lord with a mysterious past, who actually appreciates her sarcasm. For Ember... falling in love is the most dangerous adventure of all.


Etymology ebook ISBN:
Author: Alan Strode Campbell Ross
Number of Pages: 169 
File: etymology.pdf
Reads: 2370983


The Coyote Road

The Coyote Road ebook ISBN: 9781101155578
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Ellen Datlow,Terri Windling
Number of Pages: 544 
File: the-coyote-road.pdf
Reads: 3672285


Coyote. Anansi. Brer Rabbit. Trickster characters have long been a staple of folk literature. Twenty-six authors, including Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles), Charles de Lint (Little (Grrl) Lost), Ellen Klages, (The Green Glass Sea), Kelly Link (Pretty Monsters), Patricia A, McKillip (Ombria in Shadow), and Jane Yolen, have crafted stories and poems drawing from cultures and traditions all over the world—each surprising, engrossing, and thought provoking. Terri Windling provides a comprehensive introduction to the trickster myths of the world, and the entire book is highlighted by the remarkable decorations of Charles Vess. The Coyote Road, like its companions The Green Man (winner of the World Fantasy Award) and The Faery Reel (a World Fantasy Award Finalist), is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary fantasy fiction.


Anthropology ebook ISBN: 9780130383815
Author: Carol R. Ember,Melvin Ember
Number of Pages: 531 
File: anthropology.pdf
Reads: 6629282


This edition reflects recent anthropological research and developments. The chapters are entitled human evolution - biological and cultural, cultural variation, and culture and anthropology in the modern world.

The sun is also a star

The sun is also a star ebook ISBN: 2747078981
Publisher: Bayard Jeunesse
Author: Nicola Yoon,Karine Suhard-Guie
Number of Pages: 400 
File: the-sun-is-also-a-star.pdf
Reads: 1744402


Daniel, 18 ans, est fils de coréens immigrés à New York. Il passe un entretien pour entrer dans la prestigieuse Université de Yale. Natasha vient de la Jamaïque. Sa famille, immigrée illégalement aux États-Unis, est sous le coup d'une procédure d'expulsion et devra quitter le pays le soir même. L'adolescente tente par tous les moyens de trouver une solution. Sous l'effet d'un enchainement d'évènements dus au hasard (ou au destin ?), Daniel et Natasha se rencontrent et vont vivre, le temps d'une journée, une belle histoire d'amour. Une histoire à laquelle viennent se mêler le jeu des coïncidences, la menace de l'exil et le poids des différences culturelles.

The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology

The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology ebook ISBN:
Publisher: New York : H.W. Wilson Company
Author: Robert K. Barnhart
Number of Pages: 1284 
File: the-barnhart-dictionary-of-etymology.pdf
Reads: 3677914


Provides the linguistic derivations of more than twenty thousand American English words