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Speak and Evil Bound

Speak and Evil Bound ebook ISBN: 9781733479509
Author: Danny Knox
Number of Pages: 200 
File: speak-and-evil-bound.pdf
Reads: 5856859


A new era in God's plan for humanity begins. A businessman realizes that he has an opportunity to participate in something much more significant than his own life. As in Rev. 20:2, evil is bound and the Lord's Prayer is answered when evil can no longer participate in corrupting the good intentions of people who choose to live life in participation with the Creator.

Purity, Power, and Pentecostal Light

Purity, Power, and Pentecostal Light ebook ISBN: 1621896153
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Christopher Jon Branstetter
Number of Pages: 282 
File: purity-power-and-pentecostal-light.pdf
Reads: 58395


Around the turn of the twentieth century, revivalist Protestantism in America splintered into multiple pieces. Few persons of that era knew as many of the central figures of the splinter groups as Aaron Merritt Hills. Originally a Congregationalist who studied under Finney at Oberlin, Hills was a dyed-in-the-wool postmillennial revivalist until his death in 1935. While a Congregationalist, he befriended Reuben A. Torrey and made an enemy of Washington Gladden. In 1895 he joined the Holiness Movement after his experience of Spirit baptism. For the next forty years he founded colleges, held holiness revivals in both America and Britain, and wrote voluminously. While Hills himself is a lesser-known figure in the story of American Christianity, because of the many embroilments of his life, his story offers a unique window into the relationship between the Holiness Movement, Fundamentalism, Pentecostalism, American liberalism, and the Social Gospel Movement.

Reservations in Orange and Green

Reservations in Orange and Green ebook ISBN: 1291578307
Publisher: Centretruths Digital Media
Author: John O'Loughlin
Number of Pages: 168 
File: reservations-in-orange-and-green.pdf
Reads: 2439765


Transcribed from 3 orange and 2 green notebooks, this project is loosely journalistic and even autobiographical, but remains mostly philosophic in its use of both essays and aphorisms orientated towards an analysis of the relationships between Western civilization and both ancient and contemporary forms of cyclic societies whose origins are perceived, more or less logically, as having different causes, both independently of (ancient) and in relation to (contemporary) Western civilization and the way it has been described from its Greco-Roman origins up to the America-dominated global present. But the theme of reservations remains key to the project as a whole, and this is tackled from a multiplicity of angles, both subjectively and in terms of types of reservations to be found in life generally. Finally, the author pulls no punches in his interpretation of Western decadence and what it stemmed from and was in polarity to, regarding it as the underlying catalyst for what subsequently transpired.

True Evil

True Evil ebook ISBN: 0743292499
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Greg Iles
Number of Pages: 512 
File: true-evil.pdf
Reads: 5018615


The idyllic life of busy Natchez doctor Chris Shepard is turned upside down when undercover FBI agent Alex Morse recruits him for a case involving a local divorce attorney who is suspected of murdering the spouses of his clients. By the author of Turning Angel. 350,000 first printing.

The Book of Protection

The Book of Protection ebook ISBN: 1108027741
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Hermann Gollancz
Number of Pages: 236 
File: the-book-of-protection.pdf
Reads: 9589571


Syriac Christian incantations and charms against illness or injury, edited with translations and notes.

Sword and the Tambourine

Sword and the Tambourine ebook ISBN: 0768490537
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Author: Hanna Farwell
Number of Pages: 166 
File: sword-and-the-tambourine.pdf
Reads: 6269018


The Sword and the Tambourine is a powerful “training manual” to help new or hungry believers understand the invisible, supernatural reality of the Christian life. It provides proven practical tools to make worship and spiritual warfare a lifestyle—enabling you to stand your ground in the increasing darkness of current times. Author Hanna Farwell paints a clear picture of how you can effectively shake the heavens as she reveals the significant meanings of symbols in Scripture, explores spiritual mapping, and uncovers the critical importance of prayer. You will learn: When and how to advance spiritually. How to protect your home. About the role of the heavenly hosts. How to effectively live the Christian walk. How to wage warfare on the enemy. To increase the effectiveness of your prayers, and much more. You will be able to recognize and use the sword of the Spirit to become established and strong in worship and spiritual warfare. This comprehensive guide leads you into becoming the person God designed you to be!

Evagrius Ponticus and Cognitive Science

Evagrius Ponticus and Cognitive Science ebook ISBN: 1630876925
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: George Tsakiridis
Number of Pages: 136 
File: evagrius-ponticus-and-cognitive-science.pdf
Reads: 5490356


This study puts the thought of Evagrius Ponticus, a fourth-century theologian, into dialogue with modern cognitive science in regard to the topic of evil, specifically moral evil. Evagrius, in his writings about prayer and the ascetic life, addressed the struggle with personal moral evil in terms of the eight thoughts or demons. These thoughts were transmitted by John Cassian to the Western church, and later recast by Gregory the Great as the Seven Deadly Sins. Though present understandings of evil appear to differ greatly from those of Evagrius, his wisdom concerning the battle against evil may prove to be of great help even today. Using the work of Pierre Hadot to recover Evagrius's context, and the work of Paul Ricoeur to discuss how we construct descriptions and myths of evil, Evagrius is brought into dialogue with the cognitive sciences. Using current research, especially the work of Eugene d'Aquili and Andrew Newberg, this study reveals the contemporary relevance of Evagrius' approach to combating evil. In addition, the interdisciplinary study of patristics and cognitive science opens the pathway to a better understanding between Christian tradition and the modern sciences.

Territories of Evil

Territories of Evil ebook ISBN: 9042023694
Publisher: Rodopi
Author: Nancy Billias
Number of Pages: 252 
File: territories-of-evil.pdf
Reads: 2644343


Evil is not only an abstract concept to be analyzed intellectually, but a concrete reality that we all experience and wrestle with on an ongoing basis. To truly understand evil we must always approach it from both angles: the intellective and the phenomenological. This same assertion resounds through each of the papers in this volume, in which an interdisciplinary and international group (including nurses, psychologists, philosophers, professors of literature, history, computer studies, and all sorts of social science) presented papers on cannibalism, the Holocaust, terrorism, physical and emotional abuse, virtual and actual violence, and depravity in a variety of media, from film to literature to animé to the Internet. Conference participants discussed villains and victims, dictators and anti-heroes, from 921 AD to the present, and considered the future of evil from a number of theoretical perspectives. Personal encounters with evil were described and analyzed, from interviews with political leaders to the problems of locating and destroying land mines in previous war zones. The theme of responsibility and thinking for the future is very much at the heart of these papers: how to approach evil as a question to be explored, critiqued, interrogated, reflected upon, owned. The authors urge an attitude of openness to new interpretations, new perspectives, new understanding. This may not be a comfortable process; it may in fact be quite disturbing. But ultimately, it may be the only way forward towards a truly ethical response. The papers in this collection provide a wealth of food for thought on this most important question.

The Flowers of Evil

The Flowers of Evil ebook ISBN: 9780819568007
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
Author: Charles Baudelaire
Number of Pages: 194 
File: the-flowers-of-evil.pdf
Reads: 8394290


A modernist classic translated for the twenty-first century.

The Enigma of Good and Evil: The Moral Sentiment in Literature

The Enigma of Good and Evil: The Moral Sentiment in Literature ebook ISBN: 1402035764
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Number of Pages: 880 
File: the-enigma-of-good-and-evil-the-moral-sentiment-in-literature.pdf
Reads: 7038447


Striking toward peace and harmony the human being is ceasely torn apart in personal, social, national life by wars, feuds, inequities and intimate personal conflicts for which there seems to be no respite. Does the human condition in interaction with others imply a constant adversity? Or, is this conflict owing to an interior or external factor of evil governing our attitudes and conduct toward the other person? To what criteria should I refer for appreciation, judgment, direction concerning my attitudes and my actions as they bear on the well-being of others? At the roots of these questions lies human experience which ought to be appropriately clarified before entering into speculative abstractions of the ethical theories and precepts. Literature, which in its very gist, dwells upon disentangling in multiple perspective the peripeteia of our life-experience offers us a unique field of source-material for moral and ethical investigations. Literature brings preeminently to light the Moral Sentiment which pervades our life with others -- our existence tout court. Being modulated through the course of our experiences the Moral Sentiment sustains the very sense of literature and of personal human life (Tymieniecka).

Sin and Evil

Sin and Evil ebook ISBN: 9782894204948
Publisher: Médiaspaul
Author: Ramón Martínez de Pisón L.
Number of Pages: 220 
File: sin-and-evil.pdf
Reads: 71936


Understanding Evil

Understanding Evil ebook ISBN: 9789042009356
Publisher: Rodopi
Author: Margaret Sönser Breen
Number of Pages: 222 
File: understanding-evil.pdf
Reads: 2133405


"Written across the disciplines of law, literature, philosophy, and theology, [this work] represents wide-ranging approaches to and understandings of evil and wickedness" -- cover.

Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil ebook ISBN: 1441116419
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: M. David Eckel,Bradley L. Herling
Number of Pages: 272 
File: deliver-us-from-evil.pdf
Reads: 4366396


Evil is a problem that will not go away. For some it is an inescapable fact of the human condition. For others "evil" is a term that should only be used to name the most horrible of crimes. Still others think that the worst problem lies with the abuse of the term: using it to vilify a misunderstood enemy. No matter how we approach it, "evil" is a concept that continues to call out for critical reflection. This volume collects the results of a two-year deliberation within the Boston University Institute for Philosophy of Religion lecture series, bringing together scholars of religion, literature, and philosophy. Its essays provide a thoughtful, sensitive, and wide-ranging consideration of this challenging problem-and of ways that we might be delivered from it.

The Roots of Evil

The Roots of Evil ebook ISBN: 0801471303
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Author: John Kekes
Number of Pages: 278 
File: the-roots-of-evil.pdf
Reads: 5081917


"Evil is the most serious of our moral problems. All over the world cruelty, greed, prejudice, and fanaticism ruin the lives of countless victims. Outrage provokes outrage. Millions nurture seething hatred of real or imagined enemies, revealing savage and destructive tendencies in human nature. Understanding this challenges our optimistic illusions about the effectiveness of reason and morality in bettering human lives. But abandoning these illusions is vitally important because they are obstacles to countering the threat of evil. The aim of this book is to explain why people act in these ways and what can be done about it."—John Kekes The first part of this book is a detailed discussion of six horrible cases of evil: the Albigensian Crusade of about 1210; Robespierre's Terror of 1793–94; Franz Stangl, who commanded a Nazi death camp in 1943–44; the 1969 murders committed by Charles Manson and his "family"; the "dirty war" conducted by the Argentinean military dictatorship of the late 1970s; and the activities of a psychopath named John Allen, who recorded reminiscences in 1975. John Kekes includes these examples not out of sensationalism, but rather to underline the need to hold vividly in our minds just what evil is. The second part shows why, in Kekes's view, explanations of evil inspired by Christianity and the Enlightenment fail to account for these cases and then provides an original explanation of evil in general and of these instances of it in particular.

Little Chicken Kittle Breaks Free From The Evil Trolls

Little Chicken Kittle Breaks Free From The Evil Trolls ebook ISBN: 149318041X
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Sharalee Marie Shepherd Washington II
Number of Pages: 52 
File: little-chicken-kittle-breaks-free-from-the-evil-trolls.pdf
Reads: 2020165


Little Chicken Kittles always had it hard the ugly trolls want to put Chicken kittle into Slavery and wanted to keep her bound forever. They wanted Little Chicken to be bound for life and never get out. They wanted to keep her under their thumb and did not want her to achieve a higher goal in life they wanted to keep her bound for eternity. They were trolls and witches of the higher order that wanted to bound people. They were of a false religion order that kept people from moving up but Little chicken kittle knew this is what the wicked trolls wanted all along because they was very Evil. They had top wizards that would run the trolls to do their dirty work. They always took what did not belong to them and wanted whatever little chicken kittle has but she had faith in her dreams and would not give up to see them through. She was going to get her dream out no matter what they tried to do to her. They always stole all of her ideas and wanted to keep taking things they did not do. But what they did not understand was little Chicken kittle believed in herself. She has the man from above to help her out of every situation she musts endure. She knew she has to get the job done no matter what the cost.

Life of Octavia Hill

Life of Octavia Hill ebook ISBN: 1108024572
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Octavia Hill
Number of Pages: 630 
File: life-of-octavia-hill.pdf
Reads: 9056119


The letters of social reformer Octavia Hill (1838-1912) reveal the human side to an extremely able administrator.

Necessary Evil

Necessary Evil ebook ISBN: 1405514558
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Ian Tregillis
Number of Pages: 368 
File: necessary-evil.pdf
Reads: 3094814


The history of the Twentieth Century has been shaped by a secret conflict between technology and magic. When a twisted Nazi scientist devised a way to imbue ordinary humans with supernatural abilities - to walk through walls, throw fire and see the future - his work became the prized possession of first the Third Reich, then the Soviet Army. Only Britain's warlocks, and the dark magics they yield, have successfully countered the threat posed by these superhuman armies. But for decades, this conflict has been manipulated by Gretel, the mad seer. And now her long plan has come to fruition. And with it, a danger vastly greater than anything the world has known. Now British Intelligence officer Raybould Marsh must make a last-ditch effort to change the course of history - if his nation, and those he loves, are to survive.

101 Answers to Questions About Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare

101 Answers to Questions About Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare ebook ISBN: 0736945180
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Author: Mark Hitchcock
Number of Pages: 240 
File: 101-answers-to-questions-about-satan-demons-and-spiritual-warfare.pdf
Reads: 4705326


What is spiritual warfare? Who is Satan? How can I resist temptation and walk in the Spirit? In 101 Answers to Questions About Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare, bestselling author Mark Hitchcock will take you to the ultimate resource for guidance—God’s Word. There, you’ll find clarity and wisdom in response to questions such as... Where did Satan and demons come from? What tactics does Satan use to weaken or deceive us? How can we use the whole armor of God to protect ourselves from spiritual attack? What are the keys to overcoming temptation and walking in the Spirit? Can a believer be demon possessed? You’ll find this book filled with encouragement and hope—it affirms God’s full power over Satan, and provides you with everything you need to know to experience victory in spiritual warfare.

Sermons on Evil Speaking

Sermons on Evil Speaking ebook ISBN: 3734092213
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
Author: Isaac Barrow
Number of Pages: 84 
File: sermons-on-evil-speaking.pdf
Reads: 9684871


Reproduction of the original: Sermons on Evil Speaking by Isaac Barrow

From the Depths of Evil

From the Depths of Evil ebook ISBN: 1466922532
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: Art Wiederhold,Charles Sutphen
Number of Pages: 500 
File: from-the-depths-of-evil.pdf
Reads: 6079038


In this tenth installment of the Thulian Chronicles, Arka-Dal, who is the emperor of Thule, and his friends have to contend with a series of calamities and menaces, any of which could bring the empire tumbling down around their ears. They find themselves battling everything, from invading armies, an insane wizard, beings from another galaxy, ancient curses, and the devil himself. Along the way, Arka-Dal gains an unexpected ally, new wives and discovers his vengeful side. This is a rollicking, wild, roller-coaster ride that is a must-read for fans of the previous nine installments and will also appeal to lovers of high adventure.