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Bound Souls The Beginning

Bound Souls The Beginning ebook ISBN: 1300289937
Author: Joshua Ryan Donley
Number of Pages: 226 
File: bound-souls-the-beginning.pdf
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Since the beginning of time, each soul that has walked the earth was bound to its mate. However, as the years went on, an evil named Samiel appeared. Samiel has severed every pair of bound souls but one. With each new pair of severed bound souls, the world became weaker and more undestined. Once the last pair of bound souls is severed, Samiel will rule the world. If Samiel succeeds, the world will become a hellish place, ran by the evilest of evil. The only thing standing in Samiel's way, is the last and strongest pair of bound souls, Katherine Campbell and Jacob Jefferson. It all comes down to one final battle. Will the world perish into forever darkness, ruled by Samiel or will the world be saved and all lost connections between all bound souls be restored, by Katherine and Jacob completing their goal or will Samiel finally complete his goal of world domination?

The Beginning of Wisdom

The Beginning of Wisdom ebook ISBN: 9780881256956
Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.
Author: Elijah ben Moses de Vidas
Number of Pages: 458 
File: the-beginning-of-wisdom.pdf
Reads: 2953728


Reshit Chochmah, one of the classics of East European and Sephardic Jewry, has appeared in numerous editions. A combination of spiritual and moral advice in a deeply kabbalistic framework, it provides an irresistible model of personal redemption that is integral to the process of cosmic redemption. By improving oneself, one redeems the world. The popularity of Rabbi Eliyahu de Vidas's work has continued into modern times, and it was one of the first Hebrew books reprinted after the Holocaust. The current translation from the original Hebrew of one of its most significant parts, The Gate of Love, now appears together with an extended introduction. This introduction defines vital kabbalistic terms and concepts, and sets the entire work within its kabbalistic context. With these aids, this classic of Jewish spiritual guidance will be accessible to the modern reader who might otherwise find Rabbi de Vidas's exposition very difficult to follow.

Hindu Scriptures

Hindu Scriptures ebook ISBN: 9788120817708
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.
Author: Dominic Goodall
Number of Pages: 410 
File: hindu-scriptures.pdf
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Hindu Scriptures is a unique collection of Hindu texts spanning more than twenty centuries. Two anthologies entitled Hindu Scriptures have previously appeared in the Everyman series alone, that of Nicol MacNicol in 1938 and that of Professor R.C. Zaehner in 1966. This present title is the enlarged edition of R.C. Zaehner`s anthology, with the addition of three fresh translations, its broad range includes arcane hymns of the ancient Aryans, a manual of prescriptions governing every aspect of the daily life of the orthodox, and rich poetry that describes with heady sensuality the dalliance of Krsna and the cowherd women of Vraja in the nights of the autumn moon. The texts are arranged in chronological order and the Introduction explains the reasons for their inclusion, sets them in context, and briefly characterizes their contents.

The Tower of Souls

The Tower of Souls ebook ISBN:
Publisher: G. Wakeling
Author: G. Wakeling
Number of Pages: 290 
File: the-tower-of-souls.pdf
Reads: 1522540


When you conquer a curse, there's always going to be repercussions. Roberta has battled ancient and evil forces before, but after rising above her latest demon, she'd always thought that life could finally get back to normal. However, after surviving the terror lurking in Ridgewood's forest, she comes to discover that her troubles have only just begun. Removed from the friends who aided her quest before, Roberta is now alone in a foreign world with no idea how to escape. Familiar faces are everywhere, but behind every friend, lays a stranger waiting to kill her, or worse...turn her over to her greatest nemesis. Whilst she may have fought a curse before, this time it's worse. This time her enemy knows Roberta inside and out, and if there's any hope of survival, she'll have to go against every instinct she has. Book 1: Inside Evil Book 2: The Tower of Souls Book 3: Spirits of the Middlelands Book 4: New Alliances Book 5: To Kill A Curse Inside Evil is an epic fantasy and science fiction series that includes elements of mystery, horror and suspense. Set in a small British town, the events that unfold see the cast battling paranormal activity, possible magic, parallel worlds and a variety of fantasy creatures. Themes; fantasy, magic, parallel worlds, fantasy creatures, parallel world, murder, murder mystery, mystery, Britain, Scotland, London, paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy

The Beginning

The Beginning ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Author: Arnold Ehrhardt
Number of Pages: 212 
File: the-beginning.pdf
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Indian Philosophy

Indian Philosophy ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Mandala
Author: Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Number of Pages: 738 
File: indian-philosophy.pdf
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The Passion of Infinity

The Passion of Infinity ebook ISBN: 3110211173
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Author: Daniel Greenspan
Number of Pages: 346 
File: the-passion-of-infinity.pdf
Reads: 828413


The Passion of Infinity generates a historical narrative surrounding the concept of the irrational as a threat which rational culture has made a series of attempts to understand and relieve. It begins with Sophocles’ Oedipus , in whom human reason collides with the archaic force of the religious. It then moves through Aristotle’s ethics, psychology and theory of tragedy, which redefine reason’s collapses in moral-psychological rather than religious terms. The book culminates in an extensive reading of Kierkegaard, who, in a critical retrieval of both Greek tragedy and Aristotle, reconceives yet again the nature of reason’s collision with the irrational.

Film Out of Bounds

Film Out of Bounds ebook ISBN: 147660780X
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Matthew Edwards
Number of Pages: 263 
File: film-out-of-bounds.pdf
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Operating outside the commercial boundaries of Hollywood cinema, alternative and independent filmmakers have much to offer the discriminating viewer. Yet they struggle for a place in the popular culture, and even more for recognition by the scholarly community. The specific aim of this book is to provide much-needed critical examination of titles, particularly those by British filmmakers. In-depth commentary from such acclaimed writers as Maitland McDonagh, Jasper Sharp, Johannes Schönherr and Marcus Stiglegger considers filmmakers who work at the very heart of the independent medium, giving the reader specific insight into alternate cinema and the struggles its filmmakers endure. Featured are interviews with both rising and established filmmakers, including the infamous Guy Maddin and Herschell Gordon Lewis. Finally, this collection of interviews and essays boasts a 20th anniversary retrospective on the British cult classic The Company of the Wolves, complete with an exclusive interview with director Neil Jordan.

Bhavan's Journal

Bhavan's Journal ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: bhavan-s-journal.pdf
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This Birth Place of Souls

This Birth Place of Souls ebook ISBN: 0199942633
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Jane E. Schultz
Number of Pages: 352 
File: this-birth-place-of-souls.pdf
Reads: 9361350


After the battle of Antietam in 1862, Harriet Eaton traveled to Virginia from her home in Portland, Maine, to care for soldiers in the Army of the Potomac. Portland's Free Street Baptist Church, with liberal ties to abolition, established the Maine Camp Hospital Association and made the widowed Eaton its relief agent in the field. One of many Christians who believed that patriotic activism could redeem the nation, Eaton quickly learned that war was no respecter of religious principles. Doing the work of nurse and provisioner, Eaton tended wounded men and those with smallpox and diphtheria during two tours of duty. Eaton struggled with the disruptions of transience, scarcely sleeping in the same place twice, but found the politics of daily toil even more challenging. Conflict between Eaton and coworker Isabella Fogg erupted almost immediately over issues of propriety. Though Eaton praised some of the surgeons with whom she worked, she labeled others charlatans whose neglect had deadly implications for the rank and file. If she saw villainy, she also saw opportunities to convert soldiers and developed an intense spiritual connection with a private, which appears to have led to a postwar liaison. Published here for the first time, the uncensored nursing diary is a rarity among medical accounts of the war, showing Eaton to be an astute observer of human nature and not as straight-laced as we might have thought. This edition includes an extensive introduction by the editor, transcriptions of relevant letters and newspaper articles, and a comprehensive biographical dictionary of the people mentioned in the diary.

The Great Beginning of Citeaux

The Great Beginning of Citeaux ebook ISBN: 0879077824
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Author: E. Rozanne Elder
Number of Pages: 664 
File: the-great-beginning-of-citeaux.pdf
Reads: 4458095


In the closing decades of the twelfth century, the Cistercian Order had become an important ecclesiastical and economic power in Europe. Yet it had lost its influential spokesman, Bernard of Clairvaux, and as the century drew to a close, religious sensibilities were changing. The new mendicant orders, the Franciscans and the Dominicans, and the impulses they embodied were to shift the center of gravity in Christian religious life for centuries to come. It was in this transitional period that Conrad of Eberbach gradually—between the 1180s and 1215—compiled the Exordium magnum cisterciense: The Great Beginning of Cîteaux. It is a book of history and lore, often with miraculous stories, meant to continue a great spiritual tradition, and it is also a book meant to justify and repair the Order. The Exordium magnum was in part an effort to provide a historical and formative context for those who were to be Cistercians in the thirteenth century. Conrad's combination of a historical sensibility and the edifying exempla makes the Exordium magnum a remarkably innovative book. Its unique combination of genres—narratio and exempla—is conceivable only within the intellectual world of the twelfth or early thirteenth centuries, before exempla collections came to be complied solely for edification or use in sermons. The Great Beginning of Cîteaux is a revealing book and an excellent place to begin more detailed study of the Cistercian Order between 1174 and the middle of the thirteenth century.

A New Eusebius

A New Eusebius ebook ISBN: 1441237798
Publisher: Baker Books
Author: J. Stevenson,W. H. C. Frend
Number of Pages: 490 
File: a-new-eusebius.pdf
Reads: 5953173


This sourcebook of primary texts illustrates the history of Christianity from the first century to the death of Constantine. It covers all major persons and topics in early Christian life and thought and includes Gnostic texts and anti-Christian polemic. Now available to a wider North American audience, it remains a standard after fifty years in print.

Studies in Jaina Art and Iconography and Allied Subjects in Honour of Dr. U.P. Shah

Studies in Jaina Art and Iconography and Allied Subjects in Honour of Dr. U.P. Shah ebook ISBN: 9788170173168
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Author: Umakant Premanand Shah
Number of Pages: 366 
File: studies-in-jaina-art-and-iconography-and-allied-subjects-in-honour-of-dr-u-p-shah.pdf
Reads: 4050838


The Present Volume Is Published By The Oriental Institute, M.S. University Of Baroda In Sacred Memory Of Late Dr. U.P. Shah, Ex-Deputy Director And General Editor, Ramayana Deptt. Of The Institute. It Contains Research Articles Specially Written By Scholar-Friends Of Dr. Shah From The World Over, Ranging From Jaina Philosophy, Jaina Iconography, Art-History To Indian Literature In General, As His Interest Too Ranged To All The Afore-Mentioned Subjects. As Will Be Evident From The Life-Sketch And The Bibliography Of His Works, Dr. Shah Made An Impact In The Field Of Jaina Iconography And Art-History, Though He Handled, With Equal Felicity, Subjects Related To Oriental Studies. Some Of The Articles Appearing In This Volume Break New Ice Regarding Certain Knotty Points Of Jaina Philosophical Thought And Religious Practices. It Would Be Helpful To View The Contents Of This Volume From The Standpoint Of Long, Mutual Affinity And Correlatedness Of The Ancient Vedic And Jaina Traditions That Flourished Coevally Over A Great Stretch Of Time In This Country Of Uncommon Tolerance And Understanding Of Opposing Ideas And Ideals, Evincing Brilliant Insights Into The Problems Of Being And Consciousness Ever Probed By Human Mind. The Methodology Of Symbolical Representation Of Transcendental Principles And Perceptions Evolved In Both Jaina And Brahmanical Traditions Of Thought Is Well-Documented In This Volume, Which Will Prove To Be A Treasure For The Students Of Oriental Studies In General And Indology In Particular


Svāyambhuvasūtrasaṅgrahaḥ ebook ISBN:
Author: Sadyojyoti
Number of Pages: 144 
File: svāyambhuvasūtrasaṅgrahaḥ.pdf
Reads: 566857


The Tantra of Svayambhu or Svayambhuvasutrasamgrah is the thirteenth in the traditional list of the 28 Agamas of Saivasiddhanta. One of the oldest Acaryas of this school of Saivism, Sadyojyoti has composed a commentary on its vidyapada section. The subjects dealt with are pasu, the bound soul; pasa, the bond;p anugraha, God`s grace and adhvan, the way to liberation. sadyojyoti has taken definite and extreme positions on the philosophical problems raised by these concepts. He emphasized their ritualistic foundation which is the true spirit of Tantric literature and the core of the Saiva religion. The text of his commentary is critically edited here and published with an English translation.

Enchantment - Fire in the Mind

Enchantment - Fire in the Mind ebook ISBN: 9781903980491
Publisher: Mongoose Pub
Author: August Hahn
Number of Pages: 64 
File: enchantment-fire-in-the-mind.pdf
Reads: 7091845


This d20 supplement focuses on enchantments. The school of enchantment is a very powerful, but very personal form of magic that allows characters, places, and things to affect the minds of others. With this magic, characters and game masters can make someone fall in love, pledge devotion to a task, or defend a place with his very life.

Exposition of First John 1 & 2

Exposition of First John 1 & 2 ebook ISBN: 1589600703
Publisher: Sovereign Grace Publishers,
Author: Arthur W. Pink
Number of Pages: 208 
File: exposition-of-first-john-1-2.pdf
Reads: 2811667