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Three Boys Like You

Three Boys Like You ebook ISBN: 9781450284219
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: William M. Gould
Number of Pages: 356 
File: three-boys-like-you.pdf
Reads: 2787385


Robert, Tony, and Philip thought their friendships would last forever; they were tragically wrong. In 1949, the three high school boys engaged in a harmless prank that unexpectedly deteriorated into a crime. An innocent man was blamed for their indiscretions, and the boys’ various moral qualms tore their relationships apart. It would be over twenty years before the teens would cross paths again—this time above the backdrop of Guatemala’s civil war. In 1983, Robert is a successful physician. Tony has become a war correspondent and novelist, and Philip thrives as an expatriate art dealer in the heart of Guatemala. The three are drawn together as the small country begins to experience the most dangerous year of its civil war. The three old friends cannot avoid one another in the midst of the conflict. Relationships are reformed, each man working toward his own agenda. The past inevitably intrudes upon the present as their personal values—and wills to live—clash amid the violence of uprising. The past cannot be changed, the present is what we make it, and the future has yet to be written. But will Robert, Tony, and Philip move beyond their haunted memories? And will they live through the present long enough to have futures at all?

It's because of boys like you...

It's because of boys like you... ebook ISBN: 1365636496
Author: Kelly Cazzetto
Number of Pages: 170 
File: it-s-because-of-boys-like-you.pdf
Reads: 7466822


This book was written over the course of several years. Read to follow the author's thought processes regarding the boys she encounters, and see how they develop over time. The conclusion she draws by the story's end is much different than that of a typical tale of teenage love. The author reflects upon herself. There is also a progression in the style of writing throughout the book which only strengthens with each boy. The author begins by simply telling a story, and then starts to experiment with poetry. This book is a collection of short stories, excerpts, and poetry. Read to immerse yourself in a new perspective on the boys of today's generation.

Boys Like You

Boys Like You ebook ISBN: 1402291485
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Author: Juliana Stone
Number of Pages: 304 
File: boys-like-you.pdf
Reads: 6191903


"A story of family, first love and forgiveness. I couldn't stop reading. I loved it!"—Miranda Kenneally, author of Catching Jordan Two shattered hearts are about to collide in this achingly poignant young adult novel. Monroe and Nathan are two lost souls each struggling with grief and guilt from a mistake that changed their lives looking for acceptance, so they can find forgiveness. For Monroe Blackwell, one small mistake has torn her family apart—leaving her empty and broken. There's a hole in her heart that nothing can fill. That no one can fill. And a summer in Louisiana with her grandma isn't going to change that... Nathan Everets knows heartache firsthand when a car accident leaves his best friend in a coma. And it's all his fault. He should be the one lying in the hospital. The one who will never play guitar again. He doesn't deserve forgiveness, and a court-appointed job at the Blackwell B&B isn't going to change that... There's No Going Back Captivating and hopeful, this achingly poignant novel brings together two lost souls struggling with grief and guilt—looking for acceptance, so they can find forgiveness.

Boys Like That

Boys Like That ebook ISBN: 1940838002
Publisher: Shebooks
Author: Hope Edelman
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: boys-like-that.pdf
Reads: 7987128


Hope Edelman’s iconic book, Motherless Daughters—in print for nearly twenty years—told the story of losing her mother to cancer at age seventeen. Now, in her first original e-book, Edelman chronicles the events leading up to and immediately following that crucial event. Set against the backdrop of suburban New York in the early 1980s, “The Sweetest Sex I Never Had” and “Bruce Springsteen and the Story of Us” tell the stories of a good girl gone raw and the two “bad” boys she turned to for escape. Part coming-of-age story and part cultural critique, Boys Like That weaves together the angst of adolescence, the discovery of sex, and the solace of rock and roll to create two unforgettable short memoirs about the exquisite pain of young love and the life-altering nature of loss.

Boys and Girls Like You and Me

Boys and Girls Like You and Me ebook ISBN: 9781439109687
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Aryn Kyle
Number of Pages: 240 
File: boys-and-girls-like-you-and-me.pdf
Reads: 1550752


ARYN KYLE, whose award-winning novel The God of Animals was hailed as "reason for readers to rejoice" (USA Today), turns her gift for storytelling to the lives of girls and women in this spectacular collection. These eleven stories showcase Kyle’s keen eye for character, her humor, and her uncanny grasp of the loneliness, selfishness, and longing that underlie female experience. In "Nine," a young girl given to exaggeration escapes a humiliating ninth birthday celebration with the help of her father’s new girlfriend. The dubious benefits of sleeping with one’s boss are revealed when a bookstore manager defends an employee from an irate customer in the hilarious "Sex Scenes from a Chain Bookstore." A raid on a neighbor’s meth lab strengthens the unlikely friendship between a solitary woman and a Goth teenage girl in "Boys and Girls Like You and Me." And in a notable exception to the rule, "Captain’s Club" features a boy whose devotion to a lonely woman transforms his cruise vacation. In moments electric with sudden harmony or ruthless indifference, the girls and women in this collection provoke, beguile, and entertain. Writing with remarkable tenderness and wisdom, Kyle gives us a collection radiant with bittersweet revelations and startling insights, and secures her reputation as a major young talent.

I Love You Boys

I Love You Boys ebook ISBN: 0557734657
Author: Zuri Battle
Number of Pages: 36 
File: i-love-you-boys.pdf
Reads: 7973369


A single parent finds a way to respond positively to her three active children while completing daily activities.

Charlie Goodbear

Charlie Goodbear ebook ISBN: 1469123320
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Tom Thunderhorse
Number of Pages: 421 
File: charlie-goodbear.pdf
Reads: 2975210


Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. (Marie Curie) The nature of people is to shun the unknown, which is what a handful of people in the town of Springdale were doing to Charlie Goodbear. Charlie Goodbear by Tom Thunderhorse is an inspirational tale about the lives of a few small town folks and a good-hearted and misunderstood man named Charlie. The book begins with a detailed explanation of the characters and the town of Springdale. Thunderhorses perfect description of the stereotypical small town life makes you feel close to the characters. It is as if you are part of the gang and not just a silent spectator. The story unfolds only to pull you deeper into the lives of these colorful characters. A wonderful element this book has to offer is humor, and more than one kind. This book will have its reader laughing as well as sitting in silent amusement at some particular quirk. Do not think for one minute that this book is a comedy, however, it will have you near tears at some points too. A word of warning to all the books potential readers: This book is religious! Thats right, Ive said the R word. However, what is more important for those who are sensitive about the aforementioned R word, it is not preachy. This story does not attempt to convert you or convince you of the benefits of believing what these characters do believe. Feel safe, people of all faiths, your beliefs are out of harm's way, so if you can get past the rest of it, just sit back and enjoy the tale. Charlie Goodbear offers an ending that can only be described as bittersweet, but I will not spoil it for any potential readers who may be reading this. You will just have to acquire a copy of this wonderful book for yourself. When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me. ~Erma Bombeck "I have known Tom Thunderhorse for a good amount of time now and knowing him has made this book all the more enjoyable for me. I could hear his voice in my head as I read and his sense of humor and personality comes though in every character. I feel very touched to have been given the opportunity to enjoy his novel before it becomes available to the rest of the world and truly blessed to have met him." ~This Review By, Christina Malley

Boys Like Us

Boys Like Us ebook ISBN:
Author: Patrick Merla
Number of Pages: 365 
File: boys-like-us.pdf
Reads: 7493321


Twenty-eight of the nation's most-admired gay writers, including Edmund White, Alan Gurganus, and Andrew Holleran, along with rising talents, present never-before-published tales of their coming out, spanning the years 1949 to 1995. 25,000 first printing.


Sex ebook ISBN: 9780199111718
Author: Ann McPherson,Aidan Macfarlane
Number of Pages: 128 
File: sex.pdf
Reads: 1278674


With over a million copies sold worldwide and translated into 22 languages, the Health Freak books have been a global publishing phenomenon, bringing both fun and vital health education to teenagers the world over.The latest two Health Freak books focus on the issues that cause the greatest concern to teenagers - Sex and Drugs. Based on real questions emailed to the award-winning Teenage Health Freak website, these books provide the trustworthy health information and advice that today's teenagers are lookingfor.* Real questions drawn from many thousands of emails sent to the award-winning website* The website has received over 7 million hits since its launch in 2000

What's Up with Boys?

What's Up with Boys? ebook ISBN: 0310874165
Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties
Author: Crystal Kirgiss
Number of Pages: 176 
File: what-s-up-with-boys.pdf
Reads: 4616685


Written in a straightforward, honest manner, What’s Up with Boys? gives you insight into the lives of the male species. Going beyond the stereotypes—even if some are funny—Crystal Kirgiss offers concrete information about guys that will help you understand, appreciate, respect, and accept guys as God created them. Inside, you’ll find answers to questions such as: • What is the gender gap? • What does the Bible say about males and females—and what is God’s purpose for creating each? • How do biological factors affect boys’ behavior, thoughts, and actions? • Why do girls tend to speak thousands of more words a day than guys? • Why do boys sometimes seem immature? From biblical facts to common sense, humor, and thousands of surveys and interviews, What’s Up With Boys? is your practical handbook on how to deal with the guys in your life.

Mr. Bill and Miss Julie

Mr. Bill and Miss Julie ebook ISBN: 1462801935
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Phillip Raworth
Number of Pages: 122 
File: mr-bill-and-miss-julie.pdf
Reads: 4492051


It was the mid 1970's when the African-American couple, Mr. Bill and Miss Julie looked over the neighborhood, decided there were enough ten year old boys for a Little League Baseball team, and with the help of their friend Mr. Pensfeld, recruited enough boys for a team. As the story unfolds, Mr. Bill coaches with the help of his friend Mr. Pensfeld and his wife becomes the self appointed cheer leader. As each reader progresses through this book, the integrity, honesty and love exhibited by Mr. BIll and Miss Julie will be indelibly imprinted upon their memory. Readers will enjoy the little nuances of coaching that are incorporated into the story and which improve the player's skills as the Little League season progresses. Mr. Bill, prior to coaching this team, has had a stroke and his left side doesn't work very well. The bond between the boys and their coach increases as they take turns helping him move around or bring him a folding chair to sit on while they practice. Although the team loses at first, under Mr. Bills tutelage and Miss Julie's encouragement they eventually win more than just games. The story near the end evokes extreme emotion, but ultimately demonstrates the love between Mr. Bill, Miss Julie and the boys. Although based upon the personalities of an actual African-American couple, the story line of the book is fiction. Whether you are nine or ninety, the book MR. BILL AND MISS JULIE will be an inspiring, fun read!

Boys Before Business

Boys Before Business ebook ISBN: 1600377076
Publisher: Wordclay
Author: Jennifer S. Wilkov,Kimberly A. Mylls
Number of Pages: 137 
File: boys-before-business.pdf
Reads: 6563141


Why do some women seem to have it all--the relationship, the career, and the life of their dreams? The authors offer practical and straightforward advice on how to find true love, have a great relationship, flourish in a career, and enjoy life.

The White Woman on the Green Bicycle

The White Woman on the Green Bicycle ebook ISBN: 1847378021
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Monique Roffey
Number of Pages: 448 
File: the-white-woman-on-the-green-bicycle.pdf
Reads: 4120548


When George and Sabine Harwood arrive in Trinidad from England George instantly takes to their new life, but Sabine feels isolated, heat-fatigued, and ill at ease with the racial segregation and the imminent dawning of a new era. Her only solace is her growing fixation with Eric Williams, the charismatic leader of Trinidad's new national party, to whom she pours out all her hopes and fears for the future in letters that she never brings herself to send. As the years progress, George and Sabine's marriage endures for better or worse. When George discovers Sabine's cache of letters, he realises just how many secrets she's kept from him - and he from her - over the decades. And he is seized by an urgent, desperate need to prove his love for her, with tragic consequences…

The Midwife Factor

The Midwife Factor ebook ISBN: 1491743913
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: GiGi Gossett
Number of Pages: 454 
File: the-midwife-factor.pdf
Reads: 5318884


Only a kindly midwife knows that Nicola Moldovan, a fifteen-year-old Romanian teenager living in Cincinnati, gave birth to identical twin girls nineteen years ago. The twins, separated at birth, have grown up on different continents, unwittingly sharing thoughts, feelings, and dreams with each other without any idea they are sisters. But just as the now elderly midwife, Flossie Walker, decides to pen a tell-all letter to the families involved, a sinister plot unfolds in a Budapest prison. Morgan Wellington, the adopted daughter of a Nobel Prize winning physician and his wife, has always secretly yearned to know her true biological identity-even more so after her Hungarian roommate tells her about a look-alike in Budapest and invites her to visit the country to see for herself. Meanwhile, Morgan's parents, curious as to why their daughter has spontaneously traveled to Budapest, hire private investigator Lynn Davis to discover the truth. While Lynn tries to make sense of several perplexing scenarios, a habitual criminal puts the final touches on an evil plan that will change everything. In this international mystery, past secrets are revealed as two girls separated at birth attempt to find their way back to each other, with the help of a private investigator and the midwife who brought them into the world.

The Rover Boys MEGAPACK®

The Rover Boys MEGAPACK® ebook ISBN: 1434447049
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
Author: Edward Stratemeyer
Number of Pages: 4173 
File: the-rover-boys-megapack.pdf
Reads: 1930718


The Rover Boys were precursors to the Hardy Boys -- three brothers who solved mysteries and had adventures at boarding school, on vacation, and abroad. Twenty volumes (all included here) were published. A second series, chronicling the adventures of the original Rover Boys' sons, followed. Six volumes of the second series are included. If you enjoy this ebook, don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see more of the 300+ volumes in this series, covering adventure, historical fiction, mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, science fiction -- and much, much more!

Five Short Plays

Five Short Plays ebook ISBN: 1427065144
Author: John Galsworthy
Number of Pages: 140 
File: five-short-plays.pdf
Reads: 6964325


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Boys Cry Too

Boys Cry Too ebook ISBN: 1442100257
Publisher: John Mark Clubb
Author: John Mark Clubb
Number of Pages: 362 
File: boys-cry-too.pdf
Reads: 9246200


As a boy growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, John endured years of sexual abuse by his father, a former Baptist minister. John tried to find refuge in the regimentation of a military career and in multiple marriages, but his efforts to deal with the trauma of his experiences led him on a self-destructive path that left a trail of broken people and dreams. His life continued its downward spiral until he reached the ultimate bottom. . .and began his journey toward forgiveness of his abusers and, finally, himself. This memoir is a groundbreaking account, from a man's perspective, of the effects of sexual abuse on all aspects of the victim's life. John speaks out about the details of his abuse and the family culture that enabled generations of abusers to victimize its children. His searing openness throws a spotlight on the darkly kept secrets of childhood sexual abuse, and his story will serve as an inspiration to everyone who longs to embrace their own healing journeys.

Bulletproof Buddhists and Other Essays

Bulletproof Buddhists and Other Essays ebook ISBN: 9780824819590
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Author: Frank Chin
Number of Pages: 431 
File: bulletproof-buddhists-and-other-essays.pdf
Reads: 2052038


Frank Chin is perhaps the most instantly recognizable voice in Chinese American writing today. A self-proclaimed "transcendent Chinaman pagan heathen barbarian," Chin searches out (or stumbles on) the right people and situations, vividly recording the outcome in distinctively American terms. Here are six of his best essays, spanning the past forty years. Making his way across the U.S. to Cuba, Chin is arrested as an American spy some time between Castro's revolution and the missile crisis. He meets Ben Fee, the man who integrated San Francisco, and is introduced to Southeast Asian gangs and culture in San Diego. He discovers Chinese bachelor society along the California-Mexico border and travels to Singapore, where he speculates on the fear and suppression of Chinese culture among Chinese Singaporeans. Back at the home front, he encounters the new white racism along Interstate 5 during the Gulf War.

A Gift from Nowhere

A Gift from Nowhere ebook ISBN: 1469130912
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Henriette Pruger
Number of Pages: 85 
File: a-gift-from-nowhere.pdf
Reads: 9680085


Coming from an immigrant family, the English language has been a large part of my life. Ever since I wrote my fi rst play where T.H.R.U.S.H. kidnapped the Beatles and U.N.C.L.E. helped fi nd them, Ive always wanted to be a writer. I was nine years old. I love words so much I became an English major in school. Shakespeare became my best friend. Life is full of dramas and words are the actors. I hope this will be the start of my dream.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before ebook ISBN: 1442426721
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Jenny Han
Number of Pages: 368 
File: to-all-the-boys-i-ve-loved-before.pdf
Reads: 2683110


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is now a major motion picture streaming on Netflix! Lara Jean’s love life gets complicated in this New York Times bestselling “lovely, lighthearted romance” (School Library Journal) from the bestselling author of The Summer I Turned Pretty series. What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them…all at once? Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean Song keeps her love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. They aren’t love letters that anyone else wrote for her; these are ones she’s written. One for every boy she’s ever loved—five in all. When she writes, she pours out her heart and soul and says all the things she would never say in real life, because her letters are for her eyes only. Until the day her secret letters are mailed, and suddenly, Lara Jean’s love life goes from imaginary to out of control.