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Breakfast Is Severed

Breakfast Is Severed ebook ISBN: 9781501027215
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author: TyCobbsTeeth
Number of Pages: 24 
File: breakfast-is-severed.pdf
Reads: 8897712


The short story 'Breakfast is Severed' follows a man through a changing world after the life he knows is torn from him. America is in upheaval in the wake of a global food shortage. He learns how quickly desperation can tear away the fabric of society. Come follow David Cameron as he tries to find his way in this new hell.

Never Change What Is Natural

Never Change What Is Natural ebook ISBN: 1479718297
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Prague Raja
Number of Pages: 107 
File: never-change-what-is-natural.pdf
Reads: 7568451


This book is a fiction tale of the impact that nature would have, when unwarranted changes are done at an extraordinary pace for obsessive reasons. There are clear boundaries which man and the government wish to cross as a showdown of power and ambition; however nature in a subtle way is proving them wrong. In a bigger picture we all experience it by Global warming. This story is at a personal level of a Billionaire Sir Louis, his passionate dream of changing his natural self and the implications he faces due to this action. Is there any remedies, should he live with the curse he bestowed himself with, will all the billions help, can the action be undone.

River God

River God ebook ISBN: 146686821X
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Griffin
Author: Wilbur Smith
Number of Pages: 532 
File: river-god.pdf
Reads: 5411831


Tanus is the fair-haired young lion of a warrior whom the gods have decreed will lead Egypt's army in a bold attempt to reunite the Kingdom's shattered halves. But Tanus will have to defy the same gods to attain the reward they have forbidden him, an object more prized than battle's glory: possession of the Lady Lostris, a rare beauty with skin the color of oiled cedar--destined for the adoration of a nation, and the love of one extraordinary man. International bestselling author Wilbur Smith, creator of over two dozen highly acclaimed novels, draws readers into a magnificent, richly imagined Egyptian saga. Exploding with all the drama, mystery, and rage of ancient Egypt, River God is a masterpiece from a storyteller at the height of his powers.

The Severed Realm

The Severed Realm ebook ISBN: 194348127X
Publisher: Michael G. Manning
Author: Michael G. Manning
Number of Pages: 357 
File: the-severed-realm.pdf
Reads: 5869082


Only a fool threatens those a Thornbear protects. Mordecai’s shattered family is in chaos, but the world won’t wait for them to recover. Trapped by a fiendish plot he didn’t foresee, Mordecai finds himself powerless to redeem himself or defend his family. Alone and surrounded by enemies, Lady Rose has only her wits to protect those she loves. Though every hand turns against her, Rose Thornbear refuses to give up, and she will sacrifice whatever is necessary to save Penny’s family, whether the price is her rank, dignity, or even her life.


Severed ebook ISBN: 0749023260
Publisher: Allison & Busby Ltd
Author: Peter Laws
Number of Pages: 384 
File: severed.pdf
Reads: 2627321


'Dark and delicious with plenty of edge-of-the-seat moments' LIZ LOVES BOOKS During a Communion service, the teenage son of the vicar brutally attacks his father with an axe in full view of the congregation. A frantic police search for the boy follows as rumours circulate that he was involved in devil worship. Atheist ex-minister Professor Matt Hunter is brought in to advise, yet he soon suspects the cause is far more complex than first thought. Elsewhere, a ten-year-old boy, Ever, grows up in a small cult who believe they are the only true humans left and that the world is filled with demons. Harnessing the powers of a bizarre ritual they hope to bring peace and paradise to the world. Soon the worlds of Matt and Ever will collide in one terrifying and murderous night...


Severed ebook ISBN:
Publisher: 80 Pages, Inc
Author: Megg Jensen
Number of Pages: 200 
File: severed.pdf
Reads: 285867


The Severed Key

The Severed Key ebook ISBN: 1440541329
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Helen Nielsen
Number of Pages: 100 
File: the-severed-key.pdf
Reads: 8582896


Was the crash deliberately contrived, a diabolical piece of sabotage, or was it cruelly fortuitous? Simon Drake—Miss Nielsen’s very personable and popular lawyer-detective—happens to be at the airport at the time of the crash, and notices that some surprising people have been awaiting the ill-fated plane: among them, a gangster boss and a millionaire playboy. He hastens to take his boat out into the bay, to help search for possible survivors, but all he manages to pick up is one piece of hand luggage—a cosmetics case which is identified as belonging to Sigrid Thorsen, a young starlet who was joining her fiancé at Los Angeles. And the severed key concealed in the case is the first of many clues in the extremely dangerous and complex adventure which invades Drake’s life. The mystery develops in many directions, and Drake finds himself and his friens more and more involved. In the background there is the hovering, enigmatic presence of the gangster boss. And from time to time a trio of utterly amoral hippies erupt into the narrative. As we approach the very tense climax, the plot grows darker and more deadly: Miss Nielsen has many surprises in reserve.

Severed Yet Whole

Severed Yet Whole ebook ISBN: 1886068593
Publisher: Fruitbearer Publishing LLC
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: severed-yet-whole.pdf
Reads: 7988943


Severed Souls

Severed Souls ebook ISBN: 1429948442
Publisher: Tor Books
Author: Terry Goodkind
Number of Pages: 560 
File: severed-souls.pdf
Reads: 7192841


From the far reaches of the D'Haran Empire, Bishop Hannis Arc and the ancient Emperor Sulachan lead a vast horde of Shun-Tuk and other depraved "half-people" into the Empire's heart, raising an army of the dead in order to threaten the world of the living. Meanwhile, far from home, Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell must defend themselves and their followers from a series of terrifying threats, despite a magical sickness that depletes their strength and which, if not cured, will take their lives...sooner rather than later. "Richard saw the point of a sword blade sticking out from between the man's shoulder blades. He spun back toward Richard after throwing the woman out of the opening, ready to attack. It seemed impossible, but the man looked unaffected by the blade that had impaled him through the chest. It was then, in the weak light from the fire pit off to the side, that Richard got his first good look at the killer. Three knives were buried up to their brass cross-guards in the man's chest. Only the handles were showing. Richard saw, too, the broken end of a sword blade jutting out from the center of the man's chest. The point of that same blade stuck out from the man's back. Richard recognized the knife handles. All three were the style carried by the men of the First File. He looked from those blades that should have killed the big man, up into his face. That was when he realized the true horror of the situation, and the reason for the unbearable stench of death." From Terry Goodkind, author of the Sword of Truth series, comes Severed Souls, a New York Times bestselling novel of Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, and their world. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Blood & Breakfast

Blood & Breakfast ebook ISBN: 1782341064
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
Author: William Stafford
Number of Pages: 174 
File: blood-breakfast.pdf
Reads: 6308531


When American scholar Cassidy Whitlow arrives in a West Midlands town to complete her thesis on the psychology of murder she finds herself caught up in a series of bizarre and grisly deaths. Who is responsible? The proprietors of her Bed & Breakfast hotel seem to know more than they are letting on - and what about the charming but mysterious beer salesman from Norway? Detective Inspector Brough and his sidekick D S Miller are baffled as each killing takes a darker and increasingly inexplicable turn. This comic thriller will keep you guessing and keep you laughing. Skal!

Vodka for Breakfast

Vodka for Breakfast ebook ISBN: 0972832122
Publisher: ENC Press
Author: David Gurevich
Number of Pages: 253 
File: vodka-for-breakfast.pdf
Reads: 7647390


A saga of love, friendship, life, drugs, and opportunities almost lost on an ex-KGB company man who leads a seemingly decent immigrant¿s life of quiet desperation in New York.

A Severed Head

A Severed Head ebook ISBN:
Author: Iris Murdoch
Number of Pages: 251 
File: a-severed-head.pdf
Reads: 282170


Cut Off His Tale

Cut Off His Tale ebook ISBN: 1459712005
Publisher: Dundurn
Author: Joan Boswell
Number of Pages: 256 
File: cut-off-his-tale.pdf
Reads: 4425355


The starter's gun explodes, and Hollis Grant excitedly begins her first marathon, only to stumble over a body lying in the road, the body of the Reverend Paul Robertson, her soon-to-be ex-husband. When the crush of runners passes and the medics arrive, it becomes clear that he has not collapsed but has been brutally stabbed.

The Severed Mantle

The Severed Mantle ebook ISBN:
Author: William Lindsey
Number of Pages: 452 
File: the-severed-mantle.pdf
Reads: 4099427


The Severed Wing

The Severed Wing ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Livingston Press
Author: Martin J. Gidron
Number of Pages: 209 
File: the-severed-wing.pdf
Reads: 5585167


In an imagined world where Teddy Roosevelt was elected to a third term and America entered World War I much sooner, where World War II and the Holocaust never occurred, things start going awry for Janusz Spiegelman--people and places, all of them having Jewish connections, begin disappearing without a trace.

The Severed Snake

The Severed Snake ebook ISBN:
Author: Michael W. Scott
Number of Pages: 379 
File: the-severed-snake.pdf
Reads: 2115705


Part of the Ritual Studies Monograph Series Examining the secretive dynamics of competing land claims among the Arosi of the island of Makira (Solomon Islands), Michael W. Scott demonstrates the explanatory power of ethnographic attention to the nexus between practice and indigenous theories of being. His focus on the ways in which Arosi understand their matrilineages to be the bearers of discrete categorical essences exclusively emplaced in ancestral territories forms the basis for a timely and accessible rethink of current anthropological representations of Melanesian sociality and opens up new lines of inquiry into the transformative relationships among gendered metaphors of descent, processes of place making, and the indigenization of Christianity. Informed by original historical research and newly documented variants of regionally important mythic traditions, The Severed Snake is a work of multidisciplinary scope that proposes critical and methodological shifts relevant to historians, development professionals, folklorists, and scholars of religion as well as anthropologists.

Nearly Severed

Nearly Severed ebook ISBN:
Author: James P. Hurst
Number of Pages: 22 
File: nearly-severed.pdf
Reads: 2530562