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Breaking a Legend

Breaking a Legend ebook ISBN: 1101885580
Publisher: Loveswept
Author: Sarah Robinson
Number of Pages: 273 
File: breaking-a-legend.pdf
Reads: 6316579


Hailed by Rachel Van Dyken as “equal parts sexy, intense, and emotional,” Sarah Robinson’s blistering-hot series debut introduces the Kavanagh brothers—mixed martial arts fighters who work hard, play hard, and love with all their hearts. As one of the big names at his family’s gym, Legends, MMA star Rory Kavanagh is used to being in the spotlight—until a gruesome leg injury knocks him out of the cage. Rory is left feeling sidelined in more ways than one, battling the inner demons that come with losing the one shot at his dreams. Then Clare walks into his life and gives him a new dream: winning her heart. There aren’t many new faces in Woodlawn these days, but this tough, beautiful stranger makes Rory want to get his life back into fighting shape. Clare Ivers doesn’t think she’ll be able to tell anyone what really brought her to the close-knit Bronx neighborhood where she just started bartending. But her life’s on pause and her past is catching up fast, try as she might to move on—with new friends, steady work, and a chiseled alpha male trying to get her attention. Even though Rory’s more than a little intense, she can’t deny that her heart beats faster when he looks at her with those soulful silver eyes. Clare thought she was done with love, but Rory might just be man enough to show her she thought wrong. Praise for Breaking a Legend “I loved this book. The romance gave me butterflies, the intimacy between the characters made me blush, and the drama made me hungry for more.”—Jamie Otis, reality television star, FYI’s Married at First Sight and ABC’s The Bachelor “Breaking a Legend will suck you in from the very first page and refuse to let go until long after you’ve finished. It’s one of my favorite MMA books to date.”—#1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken “Rory Kavanagh will have your Irish blood warming, even if you aren’t Irish. Sarah Robinson does an amazing job with this sexy, sweet, edge-of-your-seat romance.”—New York Times bestselling author Kelly Elliott “Breaking a Legend is a steamy, white-hot romance that will leave you wanting more!”—New York Times bestselling author Lauren Hawkeye Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


Prodigy ebook ISBN: 2820512569
Publisher: Bragelonne
Author: Marie Lu
Number of Pages: 288 
File: prodigy.pdf
Reads: 6820226


Quand deux ennemis jurés forment la plus improbable des alliances... June et Day ont échappé à leurs poursuivants. Réfugiés à Vegas, ils rencontrent un groupe de rebelles, les Patriotes, qui consentent à les aider à s’enfuir. Mais il y a une condition. Prêts à tout, les deux adolescents acceptent : ils savent que, sans les rebelles, leurs heures sont comptées. Pourtant, June doute: et s’ils s’apprêtaient à plonger le pays dans la guerre civile ? Déchirée entre son sens du devoir, ses intuitions et ses sentiments, elle devra prendre la décision la plus difficile de son existence. Et Day aura-t-il suffisamment confiance en sa nouvelle complice pour remettre sa vie et celle des siens entre ses mains ? « Un deuxième tome qui ne joue pas les seconds violons: il apporte à la série son lot d’intrigues et de plaisir de lecture. » - Los Angeles Times « Un thriller romantique dans un monde post-apocalyptique où les apparences sont trompeuses: inoubliable. » - KAMI GARCIA, auteure de 16 Lunes « Un scénario réglé au millimètre, des personnages fouillés et de l’émotion: Legend mérite tous les éloges. » - The New York Times Book Review

Breaking Summer

Breaking Summer ebook ISBN: 1491859962
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Lani Kauten
Number of Pages: 56 
File: breaking-summer.pdf
Reads: 4598217


California, 1972 There was so much arguing going on that June between Rox, Mom and Dad that even with my bedroom door closed, I had very little solitude. During that stormy time, the rink was my only source of tranquility. You see, in my family we were all skaters—ice skaters. Each of us had been competing since we were eight, respectively. It was the last week of school—sis and I had just gotten home when I first heard the news flash. I had just plopped down on my bed worn out from ice skating practice when I flipped the radio on and heard the disc-jockey announce, “Local teen found dead this morning up at Rose Hill Cemetery—more after this commercial break.” I ran out of my room when the disc-jockey said it was a teen from Rox’s school. Heading toward Rox’s bedroom, barely meeting up, she nervously hollered out, “Jilli, did you just hear the news over the radio about the boy up at Rose Hill?” “Yes,” I answered. We both stood there in the living room, stunned! Later that night my family tuned into the local news, as I’m sure many other families did in our town of Cowell in Northern California. They said it had been thirty years since the last murder—where the boy was found. “Oh my God, he’s that girl’s brother!” Rox blurted out, pointing at the TV set. Earlier that year, we’d all been overjoyed when my brother Luke accomplished his goal in skating, and won a Silver Medal in the 1972 Winter Olympic Games held in Sapporo, Japan. Upon his return we celebrated his success with a party. One of the girls who had a crush on Luke introduced her brother to him. “Are you saying the boy in the news was here at Luke’s party?” Mom said in a surprised hush. “Yup,” Rox confirmed. “Weird, huh?” Mom just shook her head indicating she had no words to express how bad she felt for the boy and his family. We all stared into the TV set. “. . . while the police search for possible suspects.” The newscaster broke-in, “Coming up next—more protests on the Vietnam War.”

Trail Breaking

Trail Breaking ebook ISBN:
Author: Henry Garland Bennett
Number of Pages: 620 
File: trail-breaking.pdf
Reads: 8295322


The Legend of Sergius Baḥīrā

The Legend of Sergius Baḥīrā ebook ISBN: 9004167307
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Barbara Roggema
Number of Pages: 579 
File: the-legend-of-sergius-bahĚŁiĚ-raĚ.pdf
Reads: 525102


This book offers editions and translations of the Syriac and Christian Arabic versions of the originally ninth-century Legend of Sergius Baa, ArA, which portrays Islama (TM)s political might as predestined but finite and its scripture and religion as derivative of Christianity

The Legend of the Shepherd

The Legend of the Shepherd ebook ISBN: 1466959061
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: Ioannis Night
Number of Pages: 176 
File: the-legend-of-the-shepherd.pdf
Reads: 9537509


When it comes to true stories, you have to be there to verify it yourself. I was there, and I can guarantee you that it was all real. A horror story that not only did I witness but that I also have recorded on video. But me and my friends, we lived that night. A night when everyone started disappearing, one after another, and in the end, only one remained. A night that none of us will never forget.

Legend of Spear

Legend of Spear ebook ISBN: 1649554443
Publisher: Funstory
Author: Zhu SiXi
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: legend-of-spear.pdf
Reads: 3306139


Does the other side of the starry sky really exist? Split souls, strange memories, a strange and bizarre world of immortals, it was a scene from a legend. That year, he had revealed his true strength at the age of the weak crown. He had achieved his goals at a young age, and had smiled as he looked at the world. That year, he returned and looked around. His aura was like a mountain, and no one could compare to him.

The Breaking Jewel

The Breaking Jewel ebook ISBN: 0231518870
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Author: Makoto Oda
Number of Pages: 136 
File: the-breaking-jewel.pdf
Reads: 8222807


Set on an island in the South Pacific during the final days of World War II, when the tide has turned against Japan and the war has unmistakably become one of attrition, The Breaking Jewel offers a rare depiction of the Pacific War from the Japanese side and captures the essence of Japan's doomed imperial aims. The novel opens as a small force of Japanese soldiers prepares to defend a tiny and ultimately insignificant island from a full-scale assault by American forces. Its story centers on squad leader Nakamura, who resists the Americans to the end, as he and his comrades grapple with the idea of gyokusai (translated as "the breaking jewel" or the "pulverization of the gem"), the patriotic act of mass suicide in defense of the homeland. Well known for his antiestablishment and antiwar sentiments, Makuto Oda gradually and subtly develops a powerful critique of the war and the racialist imperial aims that proved Japan's undoing.

The Legend of the Sea

The Legend of the Sea ebook ISBN: 1472914767
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Gilles Martin-Raget
Number of Pages: 240 
File: the-legend-of-the-sea.pdf
Reads: 319000


Gilles Martin-Raget is France's top marine photographer, with a worldwide reputation for spectacular action shots. It is for this reason he was the official photographer for last year's America's Cup competition. This book is a celebration of 30 years of his stunning photography, which is instantly recognisable for its drama, perfect composition and eye-catching angles. Martin-Raget has refined and perfected his unique technique over three decades, and this collection shows precisely why he has made his mark. The book is arranged thematically, including fast-paced racing shots, dramatic photos taken from the end of the bow, spectacular accidents at sea, beautiful classic yachts, incredible superyachts, almost futuristic images from the forefront of modern yacht development and, of course, the America's Cup. A lavish gift for fans of high quality coffee table photographic books or a fine souvenir for those who for who followed the America's Cup, this collection includes some of the best marine photographs ever taken.

Legend of Demon Master Kunpeng

Legend of Demon Master Kunpeng ebook ISBN: 1649556713
Publisher: Funstory
Author: Pu ShiDeHuangNiu
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: legend-of-demon-master-kunpeng.pdf
Reads: 1666210


A modern man traversing space and time had arrived at the prehistoric period. Who would have thought that he would actually become a great villain of the demon master, Kun Peng. In order to become a saint, many schemes were carried out, and finally, the story of becoming a saint was told ...

Breaking Through

Breaking Through ebook ISBN: 1557289514
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
Author: Milton S. Katz,Billy Packer,Ian Naismith
Number of Pages: 280 
File: breaking-through.pdf
Reads: 6395502


How a dedicated coach helped initiate integrated basketball


Legend ebook ISBN: 110154595X
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Marie Lu
Number of Pages: 352 
File: legend.pdf
Reads: 332301


"Legend doesn't merely survive the hype, it deserves it." From the New York Times bestselling author of The Young Elites What was once the western United States is now home to the Republic, a nation perpetually at war with its neighbors. Born into an elite family in one of the Republic's wealthiest districts, fifteen-year-old June is a prodigy being groomed for success in the Republic's highest military circles. Born into the slums, fifteen-year-old Day is the country's most wanted criminal. But his motives may not be as malicious as they seem. From very different worlds, June and Day have no reason to cross paths - until the day June's brother, Metias, is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect. Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family's survival, while June seeks to avenge Metias's death. But in a shocking turn of events, the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths their country will go to keep its secrets. Full of nonstop action, suspense, and romance, this novel is sure to move readers as much as it thrills. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Legend of Polaris

The Legend of Polaris ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Write Stuff Enterprises Incorporated
Author: Jeffrey L. Rodengen,Richard F. Hubbard
Number of Pages: 152 
File: the-legend-of-polaris.pdf
Reads: 2075347


"The Legend of Polaris" recounts the remarkable saga of the company that invented the snowmobile. After becoming the number one manufacturer of snowmobiles, Polaris went on to create the first automatic transmission ATV; a line of stable, reliable personal water craft; a sport-boat line; and Victory, the company's celebrated motorcycles.

The Dark Legend of the Foreigner

The Dark Legend of the Foreigner ebook ISBN: 1489701583
Publisher: LifeRich Publishing
Author: Frank Destefano
Number of Pages: 234 
File: the-dark-legend-of-the-foreigner.pdf
Reads: 8764820


In 17th century Japan, a battle between the shoguns and the Lees raged for a lengthy period of time. The shoguns wanted the Lees to come join their elite army, but the Lees remained neutral and peaceful people. After much harassing, the husband and wife became supreme warriors. The Lees began killing whatever shoguns threatened them. After a particularly violent, gruesome battle with the shoguns, the Lees disappeared into the Oakla Mountains for about twenty years . The mastermind, an ancient wizard siding with the shoguns, commanded what was left of the shoguns to patrol the mountains of Oakla trying to find the Lees. Decades would pass. In those twenty long years, the Lees raised a son who would become known as “the Master.” Phenomenal genetics would breed an individual who became a far better warrior and stronger fighter then both of his parents put together. In the Master’s infantile years, the mother and father went up on the mountains of Oakla, similar to Moses’ summoning of God, where they asked their God for a sacrifice. He answered, and in return of this sacrifice, he would give their extraordinary son, the Master, the power of immortality in the form of Five Scrolls of Terror. Their God asked for the skin from their baby’s head, a threatening request, but would ultimately create a child who would grow into that of the Master: the Skulled Warrior. As the Lees returned from Oakla on that twentieth or so year, they got ambushed and killed—an attack decades in the making. When the Master found the bodies of his parents, he naturally flew into a blind rage and killed many shoguns, slaughtering anyone who stood in his way. As he battled on Oakla Mountain, his scrolls disappeared off the mountain and were never seen again. As the Master went to the end of Oakla searching for the ancient wizard for retribution, he came across an ancient hut, and inevitably the wizard and the Master did battle. The Master would ultimately kill the wizard, but he would put a curse on the Master that would remain with the Master for nearly four hundred years. As the Master’s statue, which in reality was the curse turning him to stone, was moved by cult followers and believers, it eventually found its way to New Amsterdam, which as we know, would evolve into present-day New York City. An adventure unfolds as the Master awakens after a four-hundred-year slumber, masked as a mysterious piece of art, to deal with our current world as we know it. And so begins The Dark Legend of The Foreigner.

Print the Legend

Print the Legend ebook ISBN: 1451685114
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Scott Eyman
Number of Pages: 656 
File: print-the-legend.pdf
Reads: 4622007


"When the legend becomes fact, print the legend." This line comes from director John Ford's film, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, but it also serves as an epigram for the life of the legendary filmmaker. Through a career that spanned decades and included work on dozens of films -- among them such American masterpieces as The Searchers, The Grapes of Wrath, The Quiet Man, Stagecoach, and How Green Was My Valley -- John Ford managed to leave as his legacy a body of work that few filmmakers will ever equal. Yet as bold as the stamp of his personality was on each film, there was at the same time a marked reticence when it came to revealing anything personal. Basically shy, and intensely private, he was known to enjoy making up stories about himself, some of them based loosely on fact but many of them pure fabrications. Ford preferred instead to let his films speak for him, and the message was always masculine, determined, romantic, yes, but never soft -- and always, always totally "American." If there were other aspects to his personality, moods and subtleties that weren't reflected on the screen, then no one really needed to know. Indeed, what mattered to Ford was always what was up there on the screen. And if it varied from reality, what did it matter? When you are creating legend, fact becomes a secondary matter. Now, in this definitive look at the life and career of one of America's true cinematic giants, noted biographer and critic Scott Eyman, working with the full participation of the Ford estate, has managed to document and delineate both aspects of John Ford's life -- the human being and the legend. Going well beyond the legend, Eyman has explored the many influences that were brought to play on this remarkable and complex man, and the result is a rich and involving story of a great film director and of the world in which he lived, as well as the world of Hollywood legend that he helped to shape. Drawing on more than a hundred interviews and research on three continents, Scott Eyman explains how a saloon-keeper's son from Maine helped to shape America's vision of itself, and how a man with only a high school education came to create a monumental body of work, including films that earned him six Academy Awards -- more than any filmmaker before or since. He also reveals the truth of Ford's turbulent relationship with actress Katharine Hepburn, recounts his stand for freedom of speech during the McCarthy witch-hunt -- including a confrontation with archconservative Cecil B. DeMille -- and discusses his disfiguring alcoholism as well as the heroism he displayed during World War II. Brilliant, stubborn, witty, rebellious, irascible, and contradictory, John Ford remains one of the enduring giants in what is arguably America's greatest contribution to art -- the Hollywood movie. In Print the Legend, Scott Eyman has managed at last to separate fact from legend in writing about this remarkable man, producing what will remain the definitive biography of this film giant.

Je suis une légende

Je suis une légende ebook ISBN: 2072457386
Publisher: Editions Gallimard
Author: Richard Matheson
Number of Pages: 240 
File: je-suis-une-légende.pdf
Reads: 6657543


Traduction nouvelle

Encyclopedia of African American Popular Culture [4 volumes]

Encyclopedia of African American Popular Culture [4 volumes] ebook ISBN: 0313357978
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Jessie Carney Smith
Number of Pages: 1733 
File: encyclopedia-of-african-american-popular-culture-4-volumes.pdf
Reads: 5923263


This four-volume encyclopedia contains compelling and comprehensive information on African American popular culture that will be valuable to high school students and undergraduates, college instructors, researchers, and general readers. • Contains writings from 100 contributing authors, all identified in a separate listing • Includes a chronology placing pivotal events—such as the beginning of black baseball, the modern Civil Rights Movement, and the Harlem Renaissance—in historical context • Depicts key places, events, and people through photographs as well as words • Provides a list of black radio programs and movies

A Legend in His Own Mind

A Legend in His Own Mind ebook ISBN: 1469166518
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: John McDermott
Number of Pages: 168 
File: a-legend-in-his-own-mind.pdf
Reads: 753582



The Golden Legend

The Golden Legend ebook ISBN: 9780691001531
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Author: Jacobo de Vorágine (Beato.),Jacobus
Number of Pages: 416 
File: the-golden-legend.pdf
Reads: 9689086


In the course of reading these stories, which are arranged according to the order of saints' feasts days throughout the liturgical year, readers happen upon many fascinating cultural and historical topics. At the same time, these stories draw abundantly on Holy Scripture to shed light on the mysteries of the Christian faith.