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Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire ebook ISBN: 1492626058
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Author: Amanda Bouchet
Number of Pages: 448 
File: breath-of-fire.pdf
Reads: 3907325


A USA Today bestseller! "Breath of Fire is a heart-pounding and joyous romantic adventure. Amanda Bouchet's talent is striking."—NALINI SINGH, New York Times bestselling author I AM CATALIA FISA, AND I DO NOT BREAK Deep breath in. Long breath out. The Gods are telling me I'm some sort of new Origin, which apparently means it's my job to give Thalyria a fresh start. Griffin crowned me with the symbols of the three realms. If I'm supposed to be not just a queen but the Queen, I'd better start acting like it. The Kingmaker Chronicles: A Promise of Fire (Book 1) Breath of Fire (Book 2) Heart on Fire (Book 3) More praise for Breath of Fire: "Bouchet sets the bar for high-concept fantasy romance. Simply brilliant."—Kirkus STARRED Review "[Bouchet's] world-building reaches new heights ... [a] page-turning addition to the series."—Booklist, STARRED Review Readers are raving about the Kingmaker Chronicles "Give this to your Game of Thrones fans."—Booklist STARRED Review "Loved it!"—ELOISA JAMES, New York Times bestselling author "Utterly breathtaking!"—DARYNDA JONES, New York Times bestselling author "Masterful worldbuilding."—Kirkus STARRED Review "Absolutely fabulous."—C.L. WILSON, New York Times bestselling author of The Winter King "Easily my favorite book of 2016!"—Bookriot "I think you all should just go read it now."—Smexy Books "Simply awesome!"—The Romance Reviews

Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire ebook ISBN: 9780505528162
Publisher: Love Spell
Author: Tammy Kane
Number of Pages: 291 
File: breath-of-fire.pdf
Reads: 3914278


"When the dragon came to claim him, Karl knew his great plan had gone horribly wrong. If he had known the creature was real, he wouldn't have scoffed at the villagers ... and he certainly wouldn't have been so quick to let them chain him to a rock. Mattaen Initiates trained as warriors, but no man could defeat a dragon. She had vanquished the beast and named her price: one night with the virgin sacrifice she'd saved. He'd taken a vow of chastity, but Karl still had a man's needs--and Elera's sultry curves made him ache to taste his first woman. With a scorching kiss she shattered his defenses ... and led him into a world of deception and seduction, where he'd be forced to choose between the brotherhood that had raised him and the woman whose courage set his heart on fire."--p. [4] of cover.

Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire ebook ISBN: 9781927925201
Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Author: Capcom
Number of Pages: 191 
File: breath-of-fire.pdf
Reads: 3998216


The classic Breath of Fire series stands out as Capcom's most acclaimed foray into the fantasy RPG genre. Now, gamers can revisit the many worlds and characters of this beloved franchise through it's wonderful characters and visuals. Breath of Fire: Official Complete Works collects the artwork of all five games in the the series, including character designs, rough sketches, game covers, pinups, character profiles, creator commentary, and more!

Breath of Fire: Dragons of the Hundred Worlds #1

Breath of Fire: Dragons of the Hundred Worlds #1 ebook ISBN: 1481080431
Publisher: RP Books & Audio
Author: Robert Stanek
Number of Pages: 150 
File: breath-of-fire-dragons-of-the-hundred-worlds-1.pdf
Reads: 7780331


For thousands of years the ageless dragons have ruled the hundred worlds, conquering all who oppose them while raising those who bring them glory. But in remote Karthold, Rastín struggles to keep alive the memories of his fallen people and fulfill the wishes of his ailing father. For an Alv, Rastín is young. He has no great power to help him, no true magic to light his way and keep him safe. Yet as his life turns increasingly grim, Rastín must find the courage and resourcefulness to befriend his most savage enemies if there is to be hope for him and his people. To restore the honor of his people, Rastín will rise from slave to gladiator and from gladiator to emperor. This is where his story begins. Don't miss the other Ruin Mist books... Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches #1, 2, 3, 4: Winds of Change Seeds of Dissent Pawn of Dragons Tower of Destiny In the Service of Dragons #1, 2, 3, 4: A Clash of Heroes A Dance of Swords A Storm of Shields A Reign of Dragons Guardians of the Dragon Realms #1, 2: The Dragon, the Wizard & the Great Door A Legacy of Dragons Dragons of the Hundred Worlds #1,2: Breath of Fire Living Fire A Daughter of Kings #1, 2, 3, 4: Betrayal Deliverance Rebirth Discord Magic Lands Journey Beyond the Beyond Into the Stone Land

Dragons of the Hundred Worlds Omnibus (Breath of Fire, Living Fire): 2 Epic Fantasy Adventure Novels in 1 Book

Dragons of the Hundred Worlds Omnibus (Breath of Fire, Living Fire): 2 Epic Fantasy Adventure Novels in 1 Book ebook ISBN: 1627161295
Publisher: RP Books & Audio
Author: Robert Stanek
Number of Pages: 330 
File: dragons-of-the-hundred-worlds-omnibus-breath-of-fire-living-fire-2-epic-fantasy-adventure-novels-in-1-book.pdf
Reads: 4499842


"Riveting. Well-written. A must read. Reminds me of the best of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Christopher Paolini, and George R.R. Martin." -- Emily Asimov, author of Torn. An epic adventure in the grand tradition of "The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches" and "In The Service of Dragons". Enter an age of titans, dragons, and heroes. For thousands of years the ageless dragons have ruled the hundred worlds, conquering all who oppose them while raising those who bring them glory. But in remote Karthold, Rastín struggles to keep alive the memories of his fallen people and fulfill the wishes of his ailing father. For an Alv, Rastín is young. He has no great power to help him, no true magic to light his way and keep him safe. Yet as his life turns increasingly grim, Rastín must find the courage and resourcefulness to befriend his most savage enemies if there is to be hope for him and his people. To restore the honor of his people, Rastín will rise from slave to gladiator and from gladiator to emperor. This is his story. Don't miss the other Ruin Mist books: The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches #1, 2, 3, and 4. In the Service of Dragons #1, 2, 3, and 4. Guardians of the Dragon Realms #1 and 2. Dragons of the Hundred Worlds #1 and 2.

Attaque Magique

Attaque Magique ebook ISBN: 2375743199
Publisher: Collection Infinity
Author: Ilona Andrews
Number of Pages: 356 
File: attaque-magique.pdf
Reads: 4659575


La magie frappe et Atlanta menace de s'écrouler : c'est un boulot pour Kate Daniels. Engagée par l'Ordre des Chevaliers de l'Aide Miséricordieuse, Kate a tant de problèmes paranormaux à régler ces derniers temps qu'elle ne sait plus où donner de la tête. Pourtant lorsque Derek, son ami loup-garou, est retrouvé presque mort, elle est confrontée à son défi le plus crucial : trouver l'auteur du crime et déjouer un sombre complot qui implique la communauté des Métamorphes... Voilà qui n'arrange pas son planning !

Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire ebook ISBN: 9781542985956
Author: C D Samuda
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: breath-of-fire.pdf
Reads: 560939


Waking a sleeping lion may be to your detriment. A pity that some people don't know this. After Chase and Maggie settles down to nice quiet life, he goes missing. Maggie is beside herself and faces off with Herman, her one true enemy. However, things aren't always the way they seem when Chase shows up unscratched, suddenly leaving Maggie without an explanation. What happened while he was away? That answer he refuses to give as he returns to Florida where he and Brittany plans to get married. Maggie is left to pick up the broken pieces of Chase's betrayal until she gets a call that will give her the means to fight for her love. Breath of Fire is the sequel to His Sacrifice for Love - Book 2 in the Love's Abandon series. Get ready to help Maggie as she now proves that love is more than sweet talk.

A Woman's Book of Yoga

A Woman's Book of Yoga ebook ISBN: 9781583331378
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Machelle M. Seibel,Hari Kaur Khalsa
Number of Pages: 276 
File: a-woman-s-book-of-yoga.pdf
Reads: 404091


Explains how to perform yoga exercises and meditations dealing with such issues as menstruation, pregnancy, and self-healing; provides information on women's health; and contains recipes for nutritional foods.

The Dragon Who Couldn't Breathe Fire

The Dragon Who Couldn't Breathe Fire ebook ISBN: 9780783513041
Publisher: Time Life Education
Author: Time-Life Books,Nicoletta Costa
Number of Pages: 30 
File: the-dragon-who-couldn-t-breathe-fire.pdf
Reads: 3901253


A little dragon feels sad because he can't breathe fire like other dragons. He runs away from home in search of the secret of breathing fire. A friendly witch tries to help him with her magic spells, but somehow they never turn out quite right. In the end, the dragon finds out that being different can be fun.

Born In Fire

Born In Fire ebook ISBN: 0748111174
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Nora Roberts
Number of Pages: 352 
File: born-in-fire.pdf
Reads: 9728886


Passions are about to flare for the Concannon sisters . . . Maggie and Brianna Concannon are two very different sisters. The calm and gentle Bri seems able to weather any storm, even the constant criticism that rains down on them both from their mother, but Maggie is a passionate and fiery artist whose temper is as bold as her art. Their mother's bitterness is a mystery to Bri and Maggie, until secrets from the past challenge everything they've come to believe. It's Maggie's skill as a glass blower that brings Rogan Sweeney, the international gallery owner, to her small cottage in County Clare. His interest in her is purely professional, until their personalities clash and sparks begin to fly . . . As her career takes off, how will Maggie cope with the heat of the spotlight and feelings for Rogan that she would rather ignore?


MOVED TO CREATE ebook ISBN: 1452579458
Publisher: Balboa Press
Author: Julie Delene
Number of Pages: 140 
File: moved-to-create.pdf
Reads: 9290578


Creation begins with stillness on the brink of movement. MOVED TO CREATE guides you through a simple ─ and powerful ─ system to consciously move energy and create the change you want. It engages all the elements of your body, mind and spirit, to move you into your best life, work and relationships. The beauty of this system is you can use it over and over to meet the challenges of constant life changes. “Julie Delene with her presentation of Moved to Create simultaneously teaches, inspires, and builds real-world problem solving skills. This insightful book offers far more than a metaphor that emerged from her years as a dance instructor and leadership development specialist. Julie’s MOVES process is a rich model for human development. I highly endorse approaching adult development in a way that addresses the whole person—mind, body, emotions, spirit—and Julie brings it all together in a step-by-step system that is immediately practical. It will help you create the life you truly desire to live, with design principles that keep you in harmony with yourself, the earth, and the universe.” —Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., CEO, Scheele Learning Systems, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation. “Julie Delene is a sparkling spirit, and her love of truth and movement comes through in her book. She motivates us to remember how much we can learn from the wisdom of the body. She reminds us to move, and to create.” —Mary Hayes Grieco, Author of The New Kitchen Mystic and Unconditional Forgiveness. “Julie Delene has written this marvelous book on how to envision, create and sustain your authentic life. Her book gives many simple and yet powerful exercises you can use to take control of your life, your joy, your health and your relationships. I highly recommend reading and following her advice.” — Kathryn Harwig, intuitive master and author of 8 books, including her latest Become a Psychic Wanderer.

Tout feu tout flamme

Tout feu tout flamme ebook ISBN: 2897336579
Publisher: Éditions AdA
Author: Kristen Callihan
Number of Pages: 500 
File: tout-feu-tout-flamme.pdf
Reads: 4862988


Lorsque les flammes jaillissent... Miranda Ellis est une jeune femme tourmentée. Affligée depuis sa naissance d’un don étrange et puissant, elle a passé sa vie à tenter de maîtriser ce pouvoir exceptionnel. Une faute, commise en toute innocence mais aux conséquences irréversibles, a provoqué la ruine de sa famille et l’a contrainte à épouser le lord le plus abominable de Londres.Elles brûlent à jamais...Lord Benjamin Archer n’est pas un homme ordinaire. Condamné à dissimuler son visagedéfiguré sous un masque, Archer sait fort bien qu’il est égoïste de sa part d’épouser Miranda. Pourtant, il ne peut faire fi de son attirance pour cette magnifique jeune femme à la chevelure flamboyante qui, en le touchant de la main, a éveillé en lui une passion qu’il n’avait jamais éprouvée. Lorsqu’on l’accuse d’avoir commis une série de meurtres horribles, Archer donne libre cours à la nature bestiale qu’il a tenté de toutes ses forces de réprimer. Mais la malédictionqui pèse sur lui est incontournable. Pour sauver l’âme d’Archer, Miranda devra s’introduiredans un monde dominé par la sorcellerie et des intrigues encore plus dangereuses. Car elleseule connaît l’homme qui se cache derrière le masque.

Holding Yin, Embracing Yang

Holding Yin, Embracing Yang ebook ISBN: 0834824310
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 192 
File: holding-yin-embracing-yang.pdf
Reads: 538176


In Holding Yin, Embracing Yang, Eva Wong presents translations of three key texts containing the highest teachings of the Eastern and Western schools of Taoist internal alchemy—the discipline of cultivating health, longevity, and immortality by transforming the energetic structures of body and mind. The texts are primarily concerned with meditation, breathing practices, and sexual yoga with a partner—all as means for developing within ourselves the same life-giving energy that sustains and nourishes the universe. The texts in this collection offer a clear view of the physical, mental, and spiritual methods of Taoist practice, showing why they are important and how these methods all can work together in the cultivation of mental peace, radiant health, and longevity. This collection will provide inspiration and the essential foundation necessary to begin Taoist practice under the guidance of a teacher. The three classics translated here are: Treatise on the Mysterious Orifice by Xuanweilun (sixteenth century), Discussion on the Cavity of the Tao by Daojiaotan (nineteenth century), and Secret Teachings on the Three Wheels by Sanjubizhi (nineteenth century). Included is an introduction in which Wong discusses the various schools of internal alchemy, as well as their main practices.

Au rythme de ton souffle

Au rythme de ton souffle ebook ISBN: 274993835X
Publisher: Michel Lafon
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Number of Pages: 232 
File: au-rythme-de-ton-souffle.pdf
Reads: 8622938


Combien de temps un rêve peut-il survivre ? Hope Anderson, 36 ans, vit en couple depuis six ans avec Josh, un chirurgien qui rechigne à s'engager. Au moment où elle apprend que son père adoré est gravement malade, elle décide d'aller se ressourcer dans le cottage familial de Sunset Beach en Caroline du Nord. Tru Walls, jeune quadragénaire divorcé, est guide de safari au Zimbabwe. Le jour où il reçoit une lettre d'un homme prétendant être son père biologique, il décide de rejoindre la Caroline du Nord afin de percer le mystère de sa naissance. Quand ces deux êtres se rencontrent sur la plage, leur attirance est immédiate, inexplicable. Mais comment concilier deux parcours de vie si éloignés, comment choisir un continent aux dépens de l'autre, Hope et True pourront-ils bouleverser leur quotidien pour vivre pleinement leur amour ?

The Yoga Face

The Yoga Face ebook ISBN: 1440629056
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Annelise Hagen
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-yoga-face.pdf
Reads: 3883246


View our feature on Annelise Hagen's The Yoga Face. To keep their faces looking younger, women today try everything from invasive procedures such as plastic surgery and Botox to expensive cosmeceuticals. The Yoga Face is a new and completely natural alternative anti-aging regimen that women can do anytime and anywhere-and in just minutes. The exercises, developed by yoga expert and instructor Annelise Hagen, are based on a simple principle: The muscles of the face are no different from the muscles of the rest of the body. If you don't exercise the muscles below the neck, they become weak and flabby, and the same thing will happen to your face with age. Just as yoga routines work the muscles in the body, the stretches and movements in The Yoga Face tighten and tone the face muscles-and combat wrinkles. "Working out" with fun facial exercises such as the Louis Armstrong "Satchmo," the Marilyn Monroe "kiss," and the "Lion Face," readers will notice changes quickly; and over time, the results are dramatic. Illustrated with more than seventy-five instructive photos throughout, The Yoga Face offers an easy, safe, and effective solution to help women turn back the clock and have beautiful, young-looking skin.

Dragon de glace

Dragon de glace ebook ISBN: 2081380692
Publisher: Flammarion
Author: George R.R. Martin
Number of Pages: 128 
File: dragon-de-glace.pdf
Reads: 9960323


Adara ne se souvient plus de sa première rencontre avec le dragon de glace. Pour la petite fille, il a toujours fait partie de sa vie. Cette créature terrifiante ne laisse dans son sillage que le froid et la désolation. Pourtant, Adara ne le craint pas car elle est née durant l’hiver le plus glacial qui ait jamais existé. Mais l’année de ses sept ans, des dragons de feu venus du nord ravagent le paisible hameau où elle vit. Adara et son dragon de glace sont les seuls à pouvoir ramener la paix et sauver le monde de la destruction.L’histoire de Dragon de glace se déroule dans le même univers que celui de la célèbre saga de George R. R. Martin, Le Trône de fer, qui a inspiré la série télévisée Game of Thrones produite par HBO. Les somptueuses illustrations de Luis Royo, artiste peintre renommé, enrichissent ce récit touchant et captivant des liens unissant une petite fille à son dragon.

Doris Humphrey

Doris Humphrey ebook ISBN: 9789057550300
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Naomi Mindlin
Number of Pages: 140 
File: doris-humphrey.pdf
Reads: 8191903


The Arthurian legend closes with a promise: On a distant day, when his country calls, the king will return. His lost realm will be regained, and his shattered dream of an ideal world will, at last, be realized. This collection of original essays explores the issue of return in the modern Arthurian legend. With an Introduction by noted scholar Raymond H. Thompson and 13 essays by authors from the fields of literature, art history, film history, and folklore, this collection reveals the flexibility of the legend. Just as the modern legend takes the form current to its generation, the myth of return generates a new legend with each telling. As these authors show, return can come in the form of a noble king or a Caribbean immigrant, with the mystery of an art theft or a dying boy's dream.

Slim Calm Sexy Yoga

Slim Calm Sexy Yoga ebook ISBN: 1605291145
Publisher: Rodale Books
Author: Tara Stiles
Number of Pages: 272 
File: slim-calm-sexy-yoga.pdf
Reads: 1127672


Inside this book is the secret to a new you. A slimmer, calmer, sexier you. The secret? A revolutionary approach to the traditional practice of yoga. Study after study has shown that yoga offers a multitude of benefits for today's stressedout, busy woman, including a trimmer body, stronger immunity, lower blood pressure, improved mood, better sex, and more! In this comprehensive manual, you'll find more than 200 body-shaping and lifechanging yoga poses, meditations, breathing exercises, and unique 15-minute routines crafted by yoga superstar Tara Stiles. In Slim Calm Sexy Yoga you'll discover how just 15 minutes of yoga a day can help you: Sculpt a sexy silhouette Control diet-busting cravings Banish stress for good Amp up your sexual satisfaction Get smooth, glowing skin Sleep better, stay healthy, and have through-the- roof energy This easy-to-follow illustrated guide to the transformative powers of yoga guarantees a total lifestyle makeover. Let Slim Calm Sexy Yoga be your blueprint for a brand-new you!

At the Eleventh Hour

At the Eleventh Hour ebook ISBN: 9780893892128
Publisher: Himalayan Institute Press
Author: Rajmani Tigunait
Number of Pages: 427 
File: at-the-eleventh-hour.pdf
Reads: 6067703


At the Eleventh Hour is more than just a biography about the accomplishments of Himalayan master Swami Rama and an overview of the profound system of yogic knowledge he brought to the West. This book tells the story of Swamiji through the eyes of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, his devoted student and successor as the spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute. As you read Pandit Tigunait's account of life with his master, you will gain insight into the guru-disciple relationships Swami Rama had both with his master and with his own students.This book serves as a guide to some of the more esoteric practices of tantra not commonly known or understood in the West. It brings you to holy places in India, to the source of the Himalayan Tradition, revealing why these sacred sites are important and how to go about visiting them. The wisdom in these stories penetrates beyond the power of words. Discover the legacy of a true Himalayan master and the nature of the yogic wisdom he shared. Purchase your copy of At the Eleventh Hour today!

Harry Potter et la Coupe de Feu

Harry Potter et la Coupe de Feu ebook ISBN: 178110106X
Publisher: Pottermore Publishing
Author: J.K. Rowling
Number of Pages: 779 
File: harry-potter-et-la-coupe-de-feu.pdf
Reads: 6316145


Harry Potter a quatorze ans et entre en quatrième année au collège de Poudlard. Une grande nouvelle attend Harry, Ron et Hermione à leur arrivée : la tenue d’un tournoi de magie exceptionnel entre les plus célèbres écoles de sorcellerie. Déjà les délégations étrangères font leur entrée. Harry se réjouit... Trop vite. Il va se trouver plongé au coeur des événements les plus dramatiques qu’il ait jamais eu à affronter. Dans ce quatrième tome bouleversant, drôle, fascinant, qui révèle la richesse des enjeux en cours, Harry Potter doitfaire face et relever d’immenses défis.