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Breathe in Grace

Breathe in Grace ebook ISBN: 1943486921
Publisher: Studio Digital CT,LLC
Author: James LePore
Number of Pages: 96 
File: breathe-in-grace.pdf
Reads: 9728536


The first Zev Evans novella from the national bestselling author of Sons & Princes. “Jim LePore is a great discovery.”—William Landay, New York Times bestselling author Meet Zev Evans, the ex-cop, ex-war hero turned anxiety-ridden fixer with a plate in his head, a pharmacopeia in his pocket, a chaotic but keenly observant mind, and a fearsome set of skills. Given to reciting mantras to calm the wild horses in his head, the half-Jewish, half-Sicilian Zev debuts in a story that starts at a piano recital and ends on the floor of his kitchen with a feral cat and a seizure dog watching over him. To say more would be to spoil the fun of reading this fast-paced novella, and of getting to know Zev, to whom the motto of the 1st Marine Division—no better friend, no worse enemy—applies in spades. Illustrated with the author’s original photographs Praise for James LePore and his thrillers “A tense and concise thriller . . . the action was non-stop.”—CMash Reads “Thrilling read for all crime and mystery lovers!”—Crystal Book Reviews “James LePore really knows his stuff.”—Confessions of a Real Librarian “I enjoyed this yarn enough that I immediately went and bought the first one . . . a good, modern-day thriller.”—Rough Edges “If you have not read a book from Mr. LePore you are missing out . . . hard-hitting characters, a strong story line, and a craving for more!”—Cheryl’s Book Nook

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe In, Breathe Out ebook ISBN: 1534160655
Publisher: Cherry Lake
Author: Virginia Loh-Hagan
Number of Pages: 32 
File: breathe-in-breathe-out.pdf
Reads: 7914258


Books in the Just Breathe series provide readers with tools on how to practice mindfulness throughout their day. In Breathe In, Breathe Out: Practicing Movement, students will learn breathing exercises and mindful movements. Readers are provided with helpful exercises, tips, and activities to better manage their thoughts and feelings. The book is written with a high-interest level to appeal to a more mature audience and with a lower level of complexity and considerate text to help struggling readers. Includes table of contents, glossary, and index.

You Breathe In, You Breathe Out

You Breathe In, You Breathe Out ebook ISBN: 1623340780
Publisher: StarWalk Kids Media
Author: David A Adler
Number of Pages: 32 
File: you-breathe-in-you-breathe-out.pdf
Reads: 6382873


Discusses respiration and the lungs, introducing various parts of the respiratory system and explaining how they relate to each other.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe In, Breathe Out ebook ISBN: 9781404805057
Publisher: Capstone
Author: Pamela Hill Nettleton
Number of Pages: 24 
File: breathe-in-breathe-out.pdf
Reads: 2393607


An introduction to the lungs and how they function. The concepts of blood and oxygen are discussed, as well as asthma.

Breathe in Jesus and Other Poems

Breathe in Jesus and Other Poems ebook ISBN: 1514413957
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Dr. Victoria Z. Veloria
Number of Pages: 122 
File: breathe-in-jesus-and-other-poems.pdf
Reads: 7963433


Breathe in Jesus and Other Poems is a collection of stories in poetry form that revolves within and around the writers life and those near herher family and circle of friends. It is the reflection of life itselfits beauty and bliss, wounds and scars brought by trials, and Gods own way of revealing Himself, lighting the path and directing those who seek Him. It is in the spirit of sharing and witnessing to the Lords glory and grace that events are unfolded and not on personal note to conceal what the general public may consider private. For it is said, Whoever boasts should boast in the Lord (2 Corinthians 10:17). Breathe in Jesus is meant to inspire the broken-hearted and those who suffer or are still undergoing persecution and loss in different degrees or measure. Not until one sees others suffering or loss could he understand himself and his situation, not until he is shown the manifestation of Gods intervention would enable him to reflect too and be able to see what the Lord has in store for him, and not until he calls on Him could he find God and be blessed by Him! It is on this motive that this book is written, for indeed, the Word of the Living God rules the human heart and makes it breathe in Jesus!

Senses Breathe In; Meditations on the path

Senses Breathe In; Meditations on the path ebook ISBN: 1291747796
Author: Andrew Marshall
Number of Pages: 60 
File: senses-breathe-in-meditations-on-the-path.pdf
Reads: 5082379


A first collection of poems and meditations from a young Farmer/poet/social care worker, currently based in Northern Ireland.

Breathe In, Cash Out

Breathe In, Cash Out ebook ISBN: 1982114541
Publisher: Atria Books
Author: Madeleine Henry
Number of Pages: 320 
File: breathe-in-cash-out.pdf
Reads: 2873887


“The Devil Wears Prada meets Wall Street” (TheSkimm) in this sizzling debut about a banking analyst who plans to finally pursue her yoga career full-time after her bonus hits, but until then she’ll have to keep her sanity intact (and her chakras aligned). Allegra Cobb’s resume: straight-A Princeton grad, second-year analyst at a top-tier bank, one-time American Yoga National Competition Champion. Allegra Cobb’s reality: Spending twenty-four hours a day changing the colors on bar charts, overusing the word “team,” and daydreaming about quitting the minute her year-end bonus hits her account. She no longer has no interest in the cutthroat banking world—she’s determined to launch her very own yoga practice. But her plan isn’t quite as perfect as the beachfront yoga pictures she double-taps on Instagram. On top of the 100 emails an hour and coworkers already suspicious of her escape plan, Allegra’s hard-driving single father has always fiercely valued high achievement above all else. That his daughter works on Wall Street means everything to him. But after a) unknowingly sleeping with the man now leading her banking cohort on one of their biggest deals to date and b) meeting the #blessed yoga guru who might just be her ticket to the life she’s always wanted, she realizes her happy-ever-after might be harder to manifest than she thought. Fast-paced, laugh-out-loud funny, and totally irresistible, Breathe In, Cash Out “is a modern fairytale, a romance that’s not about finding the right guy, but finding yourself” (Eliza Kennedy, author of I Take You).

I Breathe in

I Breathe in ebook ISBN: 9781838049416
Publisher: Julie Salt, Salted Press
Author: Julie Salt
Number of Pages: 142 
File: i-breathe-in.pdf
Reads: 4993876


A remedy for heartbreak, 'I breathe in' is an uplifting book of poems in which strength and acceptance overcome sorrow. A baby is born. Her brother dies soon after. Loss rumbles along unseen until it generates 'earthquakes' that shake her adult life. Passionate poetry erupts of pain, lost love and anger, yet the poet ultimately discovers - and shares with the reader - an enhanced appreciation for life's beauty within human connections, nature and the body. A book of two parts: the first, 'Earthquakes', leads us through loss and its impacts, from fear and loneliness to relationship breakdowns and despair. By contrast, 'Mountains' lifts our spirits to offer us solace through profoundly life-affirming themes of love, sex, family and kindness.It's a restorative mix of 76 relatable and poignant poems. Read them aloud to release their might, quietly to feel their tenderness, or share them as tokens of love and hope.'A thought-provoking collection of poems that feels both fresh and appropriate for our times.' Dr Tom Masters, Bournemouth University 'Gut-wrenching. It's a deep family wound, you can feel it.' Sian Griffiths, Journalist

Breathe into Being

Breathe into Being ebook ISBN: 083563048X
Publisher: Quest Books
Author: Dennis Lewis
Number of Pages: 115 
File: breathe-into-being.pdf
Reads: 237748


Following up on author Dennis Lewis’ previous books on breathing, this represents his most straightforward, nurturing approach to the subject. Divided into brief, accessible chapters, the book features short, simple breathing exercises that lead readers to a profound awareness of their essential being through the miracle of the breath as it manifests in the body. Lewis presents breathing as an ever-present gateway to awakening to the true self. Based on his extensive teachings and workshops as well as his engagement with various traditions including Taoism, Advaita, and the Gurdjieff Work, Breathe into Being helps readers awaken to a larger perspective to receive new, direct impressions of the truth of their lives. Readers also become conscious of their bodies as a sacred temples that can lead to the source of all being; release constricting physical and emotional tensions; and enhance breathing itself in new self-created conditions of comfort, openness, and ease of being.

Le Grand lexique des verbes composés à particule

Le Grand lexique des verbes composés à particule ebook ISBN: 2342024371
Publisher: Editions Publibook
Author: Serge Bouttier
Number of Pages: 1280 
File: le-grand-lexique-des-verbes-composés-à-particule.pdf
Reads: 5046919


La langue anglaise possède une grande spécificité : celle des verbes à particule(s). La littérature et la presse en regorgent et la langue parlée en emploie constamment. Ils présentent une réelle difficulté par leur grand nombre, leurs possibilités de construction, leur caractère polysémique pour bon nombre d'entre eux, leurs différences d'emplois entre l'anglais britannique et l'anglais américain. Ce grand lexique permet de trouver aisément un équivalent français d'un quelconque verbe à particule, sans avoir à faire des recherches longues et fastidieuses. Un inventaire complet et mis à jour des verbes à particule en anglais britannique et américain, soit un total de 11 000 entrées. Définitions, exemples, traductions, précisions sur le registre de langage, indication de l'emplacement de l'accent tonique principal, des sujets et/ou des compléments possibles ainsi que de l'ordre syntaxique préférentiel pour les verbes à particule séparable... Autant d'améliorations majeures qui viennent faire la différence avec les lexiques spécialisés, imposant cette nouvelle édition comme un outil incontournable.

Mindfulness with Breathing

Mindfulness with Breathing ebook ISBN: 0861711114
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Santikaro
Number of Pages: 158 
File: mindfulness-with-breathing.pdf
Reads: 4117563


Any practitioner, after meditating for some time, inevitably wonders what meditation method the historical Buddha Shakyamuni himself used while beneath the Bodhi Tree. Many people understand that prior to his realization, Shakyamuni Buddha studied with many of the great yogis of his time, but most do not know what method he ultimately found leads most directly to nirvana. In Ajahn Buddhadasa Bhikkhu's book, Mindfulness With Breathing, the Thai meditation master provides practitioners with penetrating insights into the Anapanasati Sutta, the canonical text which many believe is the most direct transmission of Shakyamuni Buddha's breath meditation methods. Combined with a concise translation of the sutta itself, Mindfulness with Breathing is one of the best guides to Buddhist meditation practice available in the English language.

The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha

The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha ebook ISBN: 161429044X
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 1944 
File: the-numerical-discourses-of-the-buddha.pdf
Reads: 6100481


Like the River Ganges flowing down from the Himalayas, the entire Buddhist tradition flows down to us from the teachings and deeds of the historical Buddha, who lived and taught in India during the fifth century B.C.E. To ensure that his legacy would survive the ravages of time, his direct disciples compiled records of the Buddha's teachings soon after his passing. In the Theravada Buddhist tradition, which prevails in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, these records are regarded as the definitive "word of the Buddha." Preserved in Pali, an ancient Indian language closely related to the language that the Buddha spoke, this full compilation of texts is known as the Pali Canon. At the heart of the Buddha's teaching were the suttas (Sanskrit sutras), his discourses and dialogues. If we want to find out what the Buddha himself actually said, these are the most ancient sources available to us. The suttas were compiled into collections called "Nikayas," of which there are four, each organized according to a different principle. The Digha Nikaya consists of longer discourses; the Majjhima Nikaya of middle-length discourses; the Samyutta Nikaya of thematically connected discourses; and the Anguttara Nikaya of numerically patterned discourses. The present volume, which continues Wisdom's famous Teachings of the Buddha series, contains a full translation of the Anguttara Nikaya. The Anguttara arranges the Buddha's discourses in accordance with a numerical scheme intended to promote retention and easy comprehension. In an age when writing was still in its infancy, this proved to be the most effective way to ensure that the disciples could grasp and replicate the structure of a teaching.

What Happens When You Breathe?

What Happens When You Breathe? ebook ISBN: 9781435826182
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
Author: Jacqui Bailey
Number of Pages: 30 
File: what-happens-when-you-breathe.pdf
Reads: 5372580


Presents information about breathing, discussing the main organs of the body's respiratory system, their functions in inhaling and exhaling, the composition of air, and ways in which the lungs can be kept healthy.

Mindfulness of Breathing

Mindfulness of Breathing ebook ISBN: 9552401674
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Author: Bhikkhu Nanamoli
Number of Pages: 142 
File: mindfulness-of-breathing.pdf
Reads: 800877


This book brings together the most important suttas from the Pali Canon and extracts from the commentaries dealing with anapanasati—the meditative practice of mindfulness of breathing Anapanasati or “mindfulness of breathing” was the method of meditation that the Buddha himself used to attain enlightenment, and during his long teaching career he often stressed its importance to his disciples. In the living Buddhist tradition mindfulness of breathing is regarded as the “root” meditation subject, the basis for all other approaches to meditation as well as a self-sufficient system that covers the entire range of practice for gaining calm and insight. The present book is an anthology of all the important source material from the Pali Canon and Commentaries on this core system of meditation. The book includes the famous Anapanasati Sutta, the Discourse on Mindfulness of Breathing (Majjhima Nikaya Sutta 118); the commentary on this sutta (including a substantial passage from the Visuddhimagga); an analytical treatise from the canonical Patisambhidamagga; and a selection of suttas from the Pali Canon. All this material has been rendered into lucid English by Bhikkhu Nyanamoli, one of the foremost translators of Pali Buddhist texts in our age.

The Miracle of Mindfulness

The Miracle of Mindfulness ebook ISBN: 0807012440
Publisher: Beacon Press
Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Number of Pages: 160 
File: the-miracle-of-mindfulness.pdf
Reads: 7798648


In this beautiful and lucid guide, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offers gentle anecdotes and practical exercise as a means of learning the skills of mindfulness--being awake and fully aware. From washing the dishes to answering the phone to peeling an orange, he reminds us that each moment holds within it an opportunity to work toward greater self-understanding and peacefulness.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe In, Breathe Out ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Time Life Education
Author: James E. Loehr,Jeffrey A. Migdow
Number of Pages: 198 
File: breathe-in-breathe-out.pdf
Reads: 7369869


Argues that controlled breathing can help reduce stress, ease childbirth, lose weight, lower blood pressure, control pain, and break habits

The Blooming of a Lotus

The Blooming of a Lotus ebook ISBN: 0807012386
Publisher: Beacon Press
Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Number of Pages: 137 
File: the-blooming-of-a-lotus.pdf
Reads: 5714827


A Buddhist teacher shares his principles and techniques of guided meditation, offering exercises that enhance joy in life, heal loneliness, and provide heightened awareness and insight.


Author: Corinne Stanley
Number of Pages: 98 
File: breathe-into-the-knowing.pdf
Reads: 2783926


Like a "galaxy of stars scintillating through the billowing dust," the lucid and engaging poems in Corinne Stanley's BREATHE INTO THE KNOWING light the way along a path of transcendence. With poems at once delicate and strong, filled with evocative imagery and musical cadences, Stanley has given us a warm companion for the journey. - Marianne Taylor, Ph.D. Original collages by the author accompany the poems making this book a true gem of a buy.

Music and Gesture

Music and Gesture ebook ISBN: 9780754652984
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Author: Anthony Gritten,Elaine King
Number of Pages: 232 
File: music-and-gesture.pdf
Reads: 3139808


This volume showcases key theoretical ideas and practical considerations in the growing area of scholarship on musical gesture. The book constructs and explores the relations between music and gesture from a range of differing perspectives, identifying theoretical approaches and examining the nature of certain types of gesture in musical performance. The twelve chapters in this volume are organized into a heuristic progression from theory to practice, from essay to case study.