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While No One Was Watching

While No One Was Watching ebook ISBN: 9780606187282
Publisher: Turtleback
Author: Jane Leslie Conly
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: while-no-one-was-watching.pdf
Reads: 2914825


When two brothers steal a rabbit from a back yard in the rich part of town, the incident brings about their collision with other children from a background very different from their own.

While No One Was Watching

While No One Was Watching ebook ISBN: 1909844020
Publisher: Parthian Books
Author: Debz Hobbs-Wyatt
Number of Pages: 421 
File: while-no-one-was-watching.pdf
Reads: 164454


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND, 1963, DALLAS, TEXAS, 12.30PM. The US President, John F Kennedy, is assassinated as his motorcade hits town, watched by crowds of spectators and the world s media. Watching too from the grassy knoll nearby is a young mother who, in the confusion, lets go of her daughter's hand. When she turns around the little girl has vanished. Fifty years later, when everyone remembers what they were doing at that moment in history, she is still missing. Who will remember her? Local hack Gary Blanchet, inspired by the mother's story, joins forces with former police psychic Lydia Collins to seek answers. Risking ridicule for their controversial theories and with a classroom shooting close to home to deal with, they re-examine the evidence from that day, study footage and look at the official report for details of witnesses in the JFK case. But this time they re not looking for a man in a crowd with a gun; they are looking for little Eleanor Boone. Gone, while no one was watching? Maybe someone was.

Une femme noire

Une femme noire ebook ISBN: 9782876782730
Publisher: Editions de l\'Aube
Author: Zora Neale Hurston
Number of Pages: 341 
File: une-femme-noire.pdf
Reads: 2192983


" Née en Floride en 1901, première anthropologue noire, Zora Neale Hurston ne voulait pas, disait-elle, faire partie de "l'école sanglotante de la négritude". Quand elle meurt en 1960, elle est complètement oubliée. C'est dans les années soixante-dix que les romancières noires américaines reconnaissent leur dette envers elle ; Alice Walker lui offrira même une pierre tombale posthume... " Gérard Meudal, Libération. " Un regard sans émois qui n'est pas sans rappeler celui de Chester Himes." A.E., Le Quotidien de Paris. " On dit d'Une femme noire qu'il s'agit du premier livre explicitement féministe de la littérature afro-américaine. C'est beaucoup mieux que cela : plus fin et pas du tout vindicatif-revanchard... Bravo à la traductrice qui a su adapter ce roman en respectant toutes les subtilités de la langue. Un beau voyage. " Valérie Le Du, Charlie Hebdo " C'est comme un accent chantant, un livre qu'il fait presque bon lire à voix haute. C'est un, livre qui sonne juste. Un livre qui vit. " Christophe Henning, La Voix du Nord.

Wittgenstein, Empiricism, and Language

Wittgenstein, Empiricism, and Language ebook ISBN: 019513298X
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
Author: John Webber Cook
Number of Pages: 224 
File: wittgenstein-empiricism-and-language.pdf
Reads: 8242217


"Cook provides well-documented proof that Wittgenstein did not hold views commonly attributed to him, arguing that Wittgenstein's later work was mistakenly seen as a development of G. E. Moore's philosophy - which Wittgenstein in fact vigorously attacked. Wittgenstein, Empiricism, and Language will be of interest to philosophers of language and to epistemologists, and is an excellent text for courses on Wittgenstein, analytic philosophy, and philosophical method."--BOOK JACKET.

Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1995-1999

Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1995-1999 ebook ISBN: 9780313303890
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Author: Alethea Helbig,Agnes Perkins
Number of Pages: 614 
File: dictionary-of-american-children-s-fiction-1995-1999.pdf
Reads: 6583349


Contains author, title, and character entries for various award winning books.

Family Squeeze

Family Squeeze ebook ISBN: 030756150X
Publisher: Multnomah
Author: Phil Callaway
Number of Pages: 208 
File: family-squeeze.pdf
Reads: 4035435


You’ve been warned about middle-age spread. But no one told you about the squeeze. You’re in the “Middle Ages”–sandwiched between the “greatest generation” and the “gimme” generations, busily juggling both with no relief in sight. Children are driving, and parents are not. Money is tight and so are your favorite jeans. And things that never ached before are beginning to give you trouble! For every baby boomer who wonders if it’s possible to navigate the Middle Ages with grace and style, Phil Callaway offers plenty of hope and a little hilarity, too. Because there’s nothing like a smile to make wrinkles less noticeable. The author of Who Put My Life on Fast Forward? and Laughing Matters offers this lighthearted look at the challenges of the middle years — and promises that while we can’t slow down the aging process, we can ease the worries it brings by focusing on what really matters most.

Un amour interdit

Un amour interdit ebook ISBN: 2290159948
Publisher: J\'ai Lu
Author: Alyssa Cole
Number of Pages: 320 
File: un-amour-interdit.pdf
Reads: 4984774


En pleine guerre de Sécession, Ellen Burns, une affranchie qui sert la cause abolitionniste, accepte une mission d’infiltration dans le Sud. Se faisant passer pour une esclave, elle est envoyée dans une riche plantation de Virginie où elle rencontre Malcolm McCall. Bien qu’il porte l’uniforme confédéré tant haï, Ellen se rend vite compte qu’ils sont du même bord. Peu à peu l’étau se resserre sur les deux espions que lie un amour passionné et interdit. Coûte que coûte, ils défendront leur idéal, même s’ils doivent se séparer à jamais.

Have You No Scar

Have You No Scar ebook ISBN: 1465329803
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Ann Stewart Porter
Number of Pages: 576 
File: have-you-no-scar.pdf
Reads: 2500006


Which do you want us to save, your wife or your son? Your daughter is profoundly retarded. She is blind, deaf and will remain on a three month old infant level all her life...which we give to be two, maybe four years from now. Some days, aspirations, affirmations and one good aspirin is enough. For other days, you may need to know the secret of living in the Joy, of embracing the Grace of knowing how to live out your Faith in the most practical way. Knowing God does not make us exempt from hideous scars, shame, disfigurements or debatable issues. Already muddled with grief, frustration and struggles, I felt The Great Whisperer tug at my spirit. What was it He wanted this time?

Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 ebook ISBN: 2072455146
Publisher: Editions Gallimard
Author: Ray Bradbury
Number of Pages: 240 
File: fahrenheit-451.pdf
Reads: 3353924


451 degrés Fahrenheit représentent la température à laquelle un livre s'enflamme et se consume. Dans cette société future où la lecture, source de questionnement et de réflexion, est considérée comme un acte antisocial, un corps spécial de pompiers est chargé de brûler tous les livres, dont la détention est interdite pour le bien collectif. Montag, le pompier pyromane, se met pourtant à rêver d'un monde différent, qui ne bannirait pas la littérature et l'imaginaire au profit d'un bonheur immédiatement consommable. Il devient dès lors un dangereux criminel, impitoyablement poursuivi par une société qui désavoue son passé.

Haven's Key

Haven's Key ebook ISBN: 1481751123
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Tia Austin
Number of Pages: 318 
File: haven-s-key.pdf
Reads: 4399429


From the moment Ovard woke him early in the morning, Jair knew that the time had come at last for them to run. Things were getting darker, most noticeably the sky itself. The time had come, and the prophecies foretold in Ovard’s books were coming to pass..... Brace knew nothing about any prophecies, and he hardly paid attention to the sky. He was, after all, usually out at night, when no one would notice him sneaking around. But the years he’d spent as a thief had made him careless. He’d been seen - caught in the act - and now he had to make a run for it. His plan was simple. Get out, and get out now! Little did Brace suspect that there was another plan at work, one that would involve him, in one of the greatest endeavors in the whole history of Dunya. The question he would need to ask himself now was, did he believe in any of it? Or did he even care?

Weaponized: A Novella

Weaponized: A Novella ebook ISBN: 1429959134
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Griffin
Author: David Wellington
Number of Pages: 32 
File: weaponized-a-novella.pdf
Reads: 7647295


Previously published as part of The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology. In Weaponized, the frightening and altogether too real story of an undercover reporter sent to investigate a mysterious new branch of the U.S. military. Praise for THE NEW DEAD: "Provocative, haunting, and genuinely unsettling... This powerful anthology shines a bright and unflinching light on the fears of death, decay, and loss that underpin America's longstanding obsession with the undead." - Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Player one

Player one ebook ISBN: 274991938X
Publisher: Michel Lafon
Author: Ernest Cline
Number of Pages: 430 
File: player-one.pdf
Reads: 6119271


Un monde remis en jeu Un prix ultime Êtes-vous prêt ? Nous sommes en 2044, et la Terre n'est pas belle à voir. Les ressources manquent et les conditions climatiques sont catastrophiques. Comme la majeure partie de l'humanité, Wade Watts passe son temps dans l'Oasis, un monde virtuel où chacun peut faire et être tout ce qui lui chante. Pour oublier la réalité. Oublier les coups de sa tante qui l'a adopté et la misère dans laquelle il vit. Et comme la majeure partie de l'humanité, Wade rêve d'être celui qui décrochera le ticket gagnant de la grande loterie. James Halliday, le créateur de l'Oasis, est mort quelques années auparavant sans laisser de successeur. Pour décider du sort de sa fortune, il a créé une véritable chasse au trésor qui guidera les plus rusés vers l'énigme finale. Battre des records à Pac-Man, réciter par cœur des paroles de Devo, ou trouver les failles des jeux vidéo cultes : voilà l'unique moyen d'accéder à son héritage colossal. Des centaines de personnes ont essayé, en vain. Joueurs invétérés ou grands organismes mondiaux corrompus, tous s'y sont cassé les dents. Wade se dit qu'il serait peut-être capable de relever le défi. Et il résout la première énigme. Mais l'aventure ne fait que commencer, car d'autres joueurs se joignent à la partie. Ils ne reculeront devant aucun meurtre ni aucune trahison pour obtenir la victoire. Wade n'a plus d'autre choix s'il veut survivre : il doit gagner.

Une vie comme les autres

Une vie comme les autres ebook ISBN: 2283031362
Publisher: Buchet/Chastel
Author: Hanya Yanagihara
Number of Pages: 816 
File: une-vie-comme-les-autres.pdf
Reads: 6849119


Épopée romanesque d’une incroyable intensité, chronique poignante de l’amitié masculine contemporaine, Une vie comme les autres interroge de manière saisissante nos dispositions à l’empathie et l’endurance de chacun à la souffrance, la sienne propre comme celle d’autrui. On y suit sur quelques dizaines d'années quatre amis de fac venus conquérir New York. Willem, l’acteur à la beauté ravageuse et ami indéfectible, JB, l’artiste peintre aussi ambitieux et talentueux qu’il peut être cruel, Malcolm, l’architecte qui attend son heure dans un prestigieux cabinet new-yorkais, et surtout Jude, le plus mystérieux d’entre eux. Au fil des années, il s’affirme comme le soleil noir de leur quatuor, celui autour duquel les relations s’approfondissent et se compliquent, cependant que leurs vies professionnelles et sociales prennent de l’ampleur. Révélant ici son immense talent de styliste Hanya Yanagihara redonne, avec ce texte, un souffle inattendu au grand roman épique américain. Traduit dans vingt-trois pays, Une vie comme les autres, lauréat du Kirkus Award et sélectionné pour le Man Booker Prize, a déjà conquis plus d’un million de lecteurs. Hanya Yanagihara vit à New York.


Jarrettsville ebook ISBN: 1582436541
Publisher: Catapult
Author: Cornelia Nixon
Number of Pages: 353 
File: jarrettsville.pdf
Reads: 7300178


Based on a true story from the authors family history, Jarrettsville begins in 1869, just after Martha Jane Cairnes has shot and killed her fiance, Nicholas McComas, in front of his Union cavalry militia as they were celebrating the anniversary of the Confederate surrender at Appomattox. To find out why she murdered him, the story steps back to 1865, six days after the surrender, when President Lincoln has just been killed by John Wilkes Booth. Booth belongs to the same Rebel militia as Marthas hot-headed brother Richard, who has gone missing along with Booth. Martha is loyal to her brother but in love with Nicholas McComas, a local hero of the Union cause, and their affair is fraught with echoes of the bloody conflict just ended. The story is set in Northern Maryland, six miles below the Mason-Dixon line, where brothers literally fought on opposing sides, and former slave-owners live next door to abolitionists and freed men. Such tension proves key to Marthas motives in killing the man she loves, and why — astonishingly — she is soon acquitted by a jury of her peers, despite more than fifty eyewitnesses to the crime.

Shadow on the Hill

Shadow on the Hill ebook ISBN: 1456614517
Author: Diana Staresinic-Deane
Number of Pages: 320 
File: shadow-on-the-hill.pdf
Reads: 1104550


It was the most brutal murder in the history of Coffey County, Kansas. On May 30, 1925, Florence Knoblock, a farmer's wife and the mother of a young boy, was found slaughtered on her kitchen floor. Several innocent men were taken into custody before the victim's husband, John, was accused of the crime. He would endure two sensational trials before being acquitted. Eighty years later, local historian Diana Staresinic-Deane studied the investigation, which was doomed by destroyed evidence, inexperienced lawmen, disappearing witnesses, and a community more desperate for an arrest than justice. She would also discover a witness who may have seen the murderer that fateful morning.

Confessions of a Passionate Seeker

Confessions of a Passionate Seeker ebook ISBN: 1452517525
Publisher: Balboa Press
Author: Dr. Pamela Gerali
Number of Pages: 194 
File: confessions-of-a-passionate-seeker.pdf
Reads: 2163622


After many years as a dedicated seeker, Dr. Pamela Gerali hit a wall. An energy-sapping virus forced her to examine her priorities and refocus on the Blueprint for the Human Spirit, her holistic model for conscious, compassionate living. She was guided to meditate and journal confessions for forty days. Baffled by the directive from her inner guru, she explored the significance of the number forty and discovered it represents rebirth. Three days later, Pamela arose early, went to her sacred space, lit a candle, and paused in the silence. A word sprang into her awareness: discipline! She picked up her pen and wrote a confession about her negative reaction to the topic. Memories flowed onto the pagepainful experiences, humorous recollections and powerful lessons. Finally, a positive affirmation that encapsulated her journey concluded the journal entry. As Pamelas experiment in radical honesty continued, a new word emerged each day. At the end of the exercise, Pamela realized she had experienced a huge shift in awareness and made the leap of faith across the chasm from ego to essence. In Confessions of a Passionate Seeker, Pamelas personal stories and revelations bring to life the Blueprint with all of its spiritual wisdom and practical guidance. By sharing her journal, she hopes to encourage seekers to experience their own deep soul cleanse and embrace their wholeness and oneness. Pamela Geralis confessions made me want to honestly look at my life and its challenging times. If the book affects everyone this way, it will be a bestseller. Rev. Jim Rosemergy, Author & Unity Minister


Hope ebook ISBN: 1469173093
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Tiyhise Huddleston
Number of Pages: 114 
File: hope.pdf
Reads: 1406434


Jonathan Williams, a straight “A” twelve-year-old, has grown up witnessing his mother be physically abused by her pimp. Seeking to escape the abuse, Joyce Williams moves the two of them from the outskirts of town into the inner city where Jonathan’s life becomes a living hell and he is dismissed as another statistic. But while searching for a job to meet his parole requirements, Jonathan meets a highly educated supervisor that encourages him to pursue an Ivy League education. Here, we follow him on a journey of honorable triumph against the odds.

A Dangerous Fortune

A Dangerous Fortune ebook ISBN: 0330466674
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Ken Follett
Number of Pages: 608 
File: a-dangerous-fortune.pdf
Reads: 8005846


Epic in its scale, A Dangerous Fortune tells of the dramatic highs and lows of the wealthy Pilaster family from the bestselling author of The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett. A Tragic Accident 1866: at an exclusive school in Victorian England, a schoolboy drowns in a mysterious accident. His death and its aftermath will have repercussions for decades to come . . . A Fierce Rivalry There on that fateful day were Hugh Pilaster and his older cousin Edward, heirs of a powerful banking dynasty with connections that reach from London to far-afield colonies. A Lethal Secret The cousins find themselves locked in a vicious competition for the top job at the bank. But the respectable veneer of the family, and even Victorian England itself, looks to shatter as the deadly event from their schooldays threatens everything the Pilasters have built.


Benedictus ebook ISBN: 1465364102
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Anne E. O?Neill
Number of Pages: 244 
File: benedictus.pdf
Reads: 2039897


Benedictus is a love story of both divine and human dimensions. The story of the nun is also the story of Joseph, her psychologist. It was a labyrinthian path that brought the two together in a surprising and courageous love that changed both their lives. Twenty years of conflict over her vocation had taken Sister Anne into a void whose depths of darkness became what she called a place of Nothing. She always believed that someone would come to help her and someone did but not as she had imagined and not in a way that the world would easily accept. It would take someone like Joseph, who was willing to risk all things professionally and personally, to pull her out of that void. Sister Annes risk was no less; she had to hold on and meet him every step of the way. No door would be left unopened, sparing her nothing. She walked through them all, and when the last door closed behind her, Sister Anne knew a choice had to be made.